2N 2N 2N DESCRIPTION. ·With TO package. ·Excellent safe operating area. ·Complement to type 2N 2N 2N respectively. 2N Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2N Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2N datasheet, 2N circuit, 2N data sheet: MOSPEC – POWER TRANSISTORS(15A,75W),alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for.

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2N6489 Datasheet

If this supply were to fail due to component failure or other accidental shorting of higher voltage supply busses to the low voltage bus, several hundred dollars worth of circuitry could literally go up in smoke. As the output current increases, the voltage drop across Rsc increases, propor- tionately.

Vin — Vout min d. Less output current is now required to keep Va and Vr2 at a level sufficient to bias Q3 on since the voltage at its emitter has the tendency to decrease faster than that at its base. For these applications the core should be chosen to be large enough so that the resulting LI product insures that I M at operating voltages is less than I sat. However, the flyback is an excellent choice when multiple output voltages are required and does tend to provide better cross regulation than the other types.

Transformer T2, Q9 and CR2 form a simple Practical solutions to this problem include limiting the minimum load and using the right amount of filter capacitance to give the regulator time to respond to this change. The ac line inrush current, during power-up, is limited by resistor Rl. Primary Inductance Is 4. Although any of these regulators may be used, usually it is most economical to use the 1 ampere MCC in this configuration.

Large capacitors that were not needed for performance were used just to reduce this heating. This makes it less cost effective at the lower power levels. This function can be implemented using a positive output regulator together with an op amp or negative output regulator.

Discontinuous Mode Continuous Mode Figure Output voltage adjustable to zero volts. In comparing the two, note that the watt design is a half-bridge, while the 1, watt is a full bridge. The performance or ef- ficiency tradeoffs are best analyzed using Figure The hysteresis voltage V H at the comparator input can be calculated using the equation: In addition, the MCL has several features which are not available elsewhere: Three Terminal, Adjustable Output Regulators Like the three terminal fixed regulators, the three terminal adjustable reg- ulators are easy and inexpensive to use.


If more than two supplies were to be protected, a similar arrangement could be used to cause all of the supplies to be crowbarred if any fault occurred.

Constant current-zener method 2. The designer should take these factors into account when designing his input supply. Other switching-regulator schemes place the control IC at the primary side of the transformer, where the transistor emitter current is sensed for overcurrent protection. Refer to the timing diagram shown in Figure Another variation of the half bridge is the split winding circuit shown in Figure D.

It takes quite a bit of time to develop a “feel” for this craft and be able to use both experience and intuition to find solutions to second and third order problems.

A diode clamp can protect the lower transistor but a snubber or zener clamp must still be used to protect the top transistor from switching tran- sients. They lead to what is termed a “load dump” problem. Because the switcher’s passive components such as transformers and filters are smaller, they are almost always lower in cost than the high power W linear regulators. This problem can be avoided by proper placement and connection of the filter capacitor return load as shown in Figure The basic regulating function is performed in the pulse width modulator PWM section.

If no other common supplies or system components operate off the input supply to the regulator, the circuits of Figures 2- 1 c and 2- 1 d may be used to regulate positive voltages with a negative regulator and vice versa.

GESS 2N Series Datasheets. 2N, 2N, 2N, 2N, 2N, 2N Datasheet.

This is generally an advantage for the transistor in that it needs to switch only half as much peak current in order to deliver the same power to the load. An example of this technique is shown in Section 3. Each transistor is protected from inductive turn-off voltage transients by an R-C snubber and a fast recovery clamp rectifier. General Layout and Component Placement Considerations As mentioned previously, modern integrated circuit regulators are necessarily high bandwidth devices in order to obtain good transient response characteristics.

Referring back to Figure l-3a, it can be seen that the reference voltage temperature stability is equal to that of the zener diode, VR 1. The classic approach is to consult manufacturers charts like the one shown in Figure and then pick a core with the required power handling ability. Because the designer and component manufacturer must work as a team to bring this about, companies like Motorola that are looking to the future will continue a dialogue with designers to keep abreast with their current and future product needs.


Its early use was in low voltage inverters such as the 12 Vdc to Vdc power source for recreational vehicles and in dc to dc converters.

All of these devices utilize the same basic circuit configuration as shown in Figure A.

Another more subtle advantage of this circuit is that the input filter capacitors are placed in series across the rectified Vac line which allows them to be used as the voltage doubler elements on a Vac line. The bridge must be able to withstand the surge currents that exist from repetitive starts at peak line. Inductance is datadheet using.

In order to describe the operation of Q2, consider that Q6 and Q3 are turned on. Relation of applied alternating peak voltage to direct output voltage in half- wave capacitor-input circuits. Instead of storing energy in the transformer and then datasheef it to the load, this circuit uses the transformer in the active or forward mode and delivers power to the load while the transistor is on. Input supply filter capacitor ground loop 5 If, after carefully rechecking the circuit, the designer is not successful in resolving the problem, seek assistance from the factory by contacting the nearest Motorola Sales office.

The latter figure is the same configuration as Figurewith amplifier input offset voltage and output impedance deleted for clarity and common-mode voltage effects added.

Pulse width is increased until the start of saturation is observed I sat. Obtaining Extended Output Voltage Range As mentioned in the previous section, the output voltage capability of an IC regulator can be increased by using 2n66489 level shifting technique. Foldback Current Limiting A disadvantage of the constant current limit technique is that in order to obtain sufficient SOA the pass element must have a much greater collector current capability than is actually needed.

This is desirable when the output transformer has a ringback winding with a catch diode used for snubbing. Most windings can be separated with 3 mil mylar usually yellow tape, but for good isolation, cloth is recommended between datashedt and secondary.

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