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Difference between 54 and 74 family By Greg Smith The specs for 54xx usually show them as being slower than 74xx, although in fact this is probably just a datashwet for the extended temp range.

Power inputs of a chip can normally withstand a power surge, but inputs may not. The different logic families use different technology to implement the transistors, but the principle is probably the same.

Probably not that fast any more. Faster gates will see noise glitches on their inputs that slower gates miss. What may be datsheet acceptable substitute in one case, may be a flop in another. The backplane was connected with wire-wrap.


74LS01 Datasheet

This made them actually short the 5V to the 0V for a very short time. Also the 74ls04 that was often used in an oscillator circuit couldn’t be replaced by the 74HCT04, but they produce a special version, the 74HCU04 that can be used in this special way. With the arrival of the there was absolutely no incentive to build our own computers anymore. I am a student at portsmouth university and I am having trouble understanding this topic.

Input currentin both high and low states.

Hitachi Semiconductor 74LS01 Datasheet.

They were already obsolete in the late 70’s when I started tinkering with this stuff. Chipdir Mailing List Subject: Buy the way early chips were made in a technique whereby both of the transistors would conduct current for a short time during transitions.

I have written a page about it: Can anyone point me to a reference that tells me the difference between all the 74xx series logic families? Probably for portable applications. A digital output is internally usually connected with one transistor to the 5V and one datasheft to the 0V. I think that it isn’t much used nowadays.


74LS01 Datasheet PDF – Hitachi -> Renesas Electronics

Open inputs At This will give a clear indication of how reliable it is. Get as many data books as you can and study them until you familiarize yourself with all these differences. GaAs was also considered or 74sl01 used for datasheett fast chips. Except for the fast versions: But they designed a special version of the 74HCT04 for this: It gives a guite good overview of these logic-IC families, with properties, differences, etc Now they generate their own low current voltage internally by way of a charge pump, if necessary.

This may not only cause highly increased power usage but also other undesired effects. You can get both. Cray’s were made with it. What the optimal solution is depends on all kinds of factors: Xenix was still expensive though.

But civilians may also buy it These can usually be run of supplies from about 3 to 15V.

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