The Antalya rock climbing guidebook has recently been unavailable, but it is now back in stock. Antalya is the best and most extensive rock climbing area. Rock climbing. The JoSiTo guesthouse camp is situated directly in heart of the climbing area of Geyikbairi. Depending on the sector all of the crags are between . A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya cover photo, 70 kb. Author Öztürk Other editions of this guidebook. A Rock Antalya crags, # climbs, Rocktype, Faces.

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See all contributors Karma. The camping ground at Masal Refuge is equipped with a kitchen-lounge and hot showers can be reached by car.

UKC Logbook – A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya

The crags are quite accessible and largest number of bolted routes on the European continent draws approximately 10, visitors from across Europe and the world per year.

All places have toilets and showers with varying degrees of hot water and typically offer breakfast or dinner for an added fee. Plus there is a new El Chorro climbing guidebook available that has just been published by Rockfax. Caroline Sanders 16 May, The climbing area is very compact so it is common to climb in more than 1 sector during the day.

Accommodation for Rock Climbers.

A Rock Climbing Guidebook for Antalya

The east-facing slope gets morning sun and afternoon shade can more details can be found again in A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya. Registered in England and Wales no. All approaches are free antaly as it is all part of a national park with no rigid rules and no supervision. Email to a Friend.

General information

Are there special versions of this “simit”? The new El Chorro rock climbing guidebook details over routes at El Chorro, plus a further routes at other crags within a short drive of El Chorro such antalys Desplomilandia. Login Forgot your login details? Whilst the content of the web site is believed to be accurate, no responsibility is accepted for any error, omissions, or mis-statement.


Geyikbayiri offers a full range of routes ranging from the easy 5a to the difficult 8c in one of the most pristine and scenic areas of Turkey. Both offer restaurant service as well as DIY.

Return to rock climbing in Turkey. All the routes are shown on colour photo topos along with a short description.

The different sectors face East, South and West, so it is possible to climb all day long, changing sectors and chasing the sun or the shade.

The best time to climb at Ceuse is from late spring through to the autumn, and with cheap flights from Grenoble, Nimes, Marseille and Turin airports via several low cost airlines, now is the time to book that climbing holiday to Ceuse!

Should the mining for precious marble in the region proceed, the goat grazing grounds and local agriculture would be severely compromised and the local water source that feeds the surrounding villages and Antalya would also be endangered. It has since grown very fast and is widely considered to be one of the best areas in the world for all levels and ages.

Sections of this page. The style of climbing at Ceuse is all about pockets on blue and orange streaked limestone rock.

A Rock Climbing Guide to Antalya

Other options closest to the crags include: Photos Browse all photos Upload a photo of area. Its position, charm and high standard quality routes make this area one of the most popular rock climbing destinations in Europe.

As of December 4, late this last year, Departments of Energy and Natural Resources and Mining Affairs issued a mining permit that would allow irreparable damage to the most of the main sectors that lie on the specified 67 hectares of land. Written by Ozturk Kasyikci and published in September 6th Editionthis guidebook is in Turkish and English text throughout. Ethic There are no restrictions aside from respecting the environment as the local government has been very tolerant and we don’t want that to change.


The guidebook also covers all the new access information on getting into the gorge, either by using the refurbished Caminito del Ray walkway or via an alternative walk. The fabled ibex- like endangered climbing animal, with curling horns that lives only in farther away undeveloped and uninhabited crags also gives credence to this name. History View historical timeline This area was discovered in by one of Turkey’s top climbers.

Locals and long-term travelers still climb during the winter months, although a rainy week can make most routes slippery and wet. It has been fully revised and is now nearly double the size of the previous edition that was published in Joanna Um 31 March, There are many sectors that also offer a good range of routes between F6a and F6c, along with some routes in the F5s.

The fifth edition of the book just came out inwith new and improved maps, pictures and updated routes and grades. The domain name www. From slab climbing, featuring delicate and balance-y moves, to massive overhanging tufa columns, mega-columns and roofs. Petzl RocTrip chose Rido Camping as their base camp, which like other places offers either campsite or accommodation in a bungalow.

Most accommodations also offer airport transfers directly to the camp for approximately 40 euro per person if arranged ahead of time.

Number of pages is Fortunately, there is a growing grassroots resistance among the climbing community.

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