A Short Textbook of Psychiatry has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. Table of Contents Diagnosis and Classification in Psychiatry Psychiatric History and Examinat. A Short Textbook of PSYCHIATRY Seventh Edition Niraj Ahuja MBBS MD MRCPsych Consultant Psychiatrist Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Formerly Associate. A Short Textbook of Psychiatry 6th Revised edition Edition. by Ahuja (Author) This is a comprehensible and concise text on psychiatric disorders and their.

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Earlier, it was believed that y-alcoholism was more common in America, while 5-alcoholism was com- moner in the wine-drinking countries such as France.

Treatment of the underlying cause, e. Establish- ing the time of onset is really important as it provides clarity about the duration of illness and symptoms. A Short Textbook of Psychiatry. The depressed patients often complain of memory impairment, difficulty in sustaining attention and concentration, and reduced intellectual capacity.

Systemic Diseases Extracranial neoplasms e.

I hope you enjoy reading the book and I warmly welcome critical comments and constructive suggestions. Those in whose causation an organic factor has not yet been found or proven. In psychiatric assessment, history taking interview and mental status examination need not always be shodt separately though they must be recorded individually.

Salicylates, Steroids, Penicillin, Insulin vi. Ability to abstain present. Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders Although detoxification can be achieved on an outpatient OPD basis, some patients do require hospitalisation.

Provides topographic imaging of EEG data. Alcohol or drug dependence 5. In cases where a cause is not obvious or other contributory causes are suspecteda battery of investigations should be done which can include complete blood count, urinalysis, blood psychiattry, blood urea, serum electrolytes, liver and renal function tests, thyroid function tests, semm B 12 and folate levels, Niran chest, ECG, CSF examination, urine for porphyrins, drug screens, VDRL, HIV testing, arterial p0 2 and pC0 2EEG, and brain imaging such as cranial CT scan or MRI scan.


This pscyhiatry the psychiarty disulfiram-ethanol reaction DER characterised by flushing, tachycardia, hypotension, tachypnoea, palpitations, headache, sweating, nausea, vomiting, giddiness and a sense of impending doom associated with severe anxiety. These include impairment of consciousness and attention on a continuum from clouding to coma; reduced ability to direct, focus, sustain, and shift attentionglobal disturbance of cognition, psychomotor disturbances, disturbance of sleep-wake cycle, and emotional dis- turbances.

Excessive doses can lead to respira- tory depression, coma and death while chronic use has been reported to cause amnestic syndrome. Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism iii.

Through the course of this book, the author throws light on a number of psychological disorders, and related concepts. Drug Le vels Drug levels are indicated to test for therapeutic blood levels, for toxic blood levels, and for testing drug compliance. Severe psychological symptoms such as fear 9. Puberty The age at menarche, and reaction to menarche in femalesthe age at appearance of secondary sexual characteristics in both females and malesnocturnal emissions in malesmasturbation and any anxiety related to changes in puberty should be asked.

Immediate Retention and Recall IR and R Use the digit span test to assess the immediate memory; digit forwards and digit backwards subtests also used for testing attention; are described under attention.

A Short Textbook of Psychiatry by Niraj Ahuja

Hextbook of urine with oral NH 4 C1; mg every 4 hours facilitates the elimina- tion of amphetamines. The usual dose of naltrexone is mg orally, administered on alternate days. However, in more severe dependence, higher doses are needed for longer periods up to 10 days. As little as pg of LSD is sufficient to produce behavioural effects in man. Some Common Causes of Dementia A.


Parkinsonism, degeneration of globus pallidus, peripheral neuropathy, amblyopia, transverse myelitis. Barbiturates produce marked physical and psy- chological dependence. There is also a cross tolerance with alcohol. This defini- tion is similar in many ways to the medical model.

Aetiological Factors in Substance Use Disorders 1. Harmful use is not diagnosed, if a dependence syndrome is present. Please send your comments by email to STBPsy gmail.

A Short Textbook of Psychiatry

Psychological Investigations Objective Tests These are pen-and-paper objective tests, which are employed to test the various aspects of personality and intelligence in a person. As the AIDS virus a lenti-virus, a type of retro- virus is highly neurotropic and the virus crosses the blood-brain barrier early in the course of the disease cognitive impairment is zhuja ubiquitous in AIDS.

Withdrawal Syndrome Cocaine use produces a very mild physical, s a very strong psychological, dependence. Lucky added it Jun 18, Have you ever had to Cut down on alcohol amount? Diagnostic Standardized Interviews The use of these instruments makes the diagnostic assessment more standardized. This should be combined with general care and supportive treatment.

Later, delayed reflexes, thready pulse and coma may occur in case of a large overdose.

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