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Extreme head deceleration loads, spine stress and neck tension may occur to cause basal scull and spinal fractures and resultant severe injury or death. Scgroth like rollbar padding, hose clamps or similar devices. Bolt-in Bracket B Check again for proper shoulder belt tilt lock adjuster positioning and for the 3-bar slide to be as close as possible to the roll cage bar or end bracket. FIA labelled as 4-point, 5-point and 6-point version so any configuration can be used.

Schroth asm autocontrol abe download

The installation procedures explained in this manual assume that you have the knowledge, experience and tools required to install racing harnesses. Select direction of angled bracket. No thread turn must remain free from the lock nut. This data is based on an optimised installation with an upright seating position during dynamic testing.

Loose shoulder belts will result in increased head trajectory during an accident. Therefore it is essential the seat or chassis manufacturer ensure the seat pan is strong enough not to bend or even collapse under extreme loads.

Each shoulder and lap belt anchor point must withstand a minimum load of 14,7 kN 3. Improperly tightened bolts may loosen during harness belt use and may become separated during a crash. Check for unrestricted bracket swivelling and webbing alignment in expected direction of pull. Persons not meeting the minimum weight and body size, as set forth below, may not benefit from this design feature.


This improper installation may allow webbing to slide through the hardware during an accident. The lock nut must always be positioned in the free section between wchroth eye bolt and the webbing. Make sure the bracket has not turned out of direction of pull. On Formula-Type models the buckle always stays with the lap belt. Any drilled hole for racing harness attachment must be strengthened by a reinforcement plate meeting FIA specification see list of accessories on Page 62 SCHROTH recommends, whenever possible and suitable, the use of existing factory provided anchor points age the lap- and shoulder belts.

Its rigidity also increases the likeliness of clavicle [shoulder] fractures. Make sure the T-bar ends of the —6 point models point away from your body. Racing harness with end brackets assembled to the shoulder belts by a 3bar slide allow to dismount the brackets and use the 3-bar slide for wrap around installation directly to the roll cage. After tightening the lap belt, slide the seat forward again into the correct seating position. These torques as listed below are defined by national or international standardisation organisations.

If the initial angle is not with the suggested range, submarining may result in severe internal injuries or death as the belt rides into the soft tissue above the pelvic bone behind which are the liver and kidneys. This significantly reduces the risk of webbing tear and cut.

Never ab the belt in any other way than as described in this manual. Proper alignment of the webbing pull through the bracket reduces the bending stress [risk of fatigue cracks] to anchor points during driving and during an accident.

Never allow straps to be caught by the seat rail or door when leaving the vehicle. Bolt-in swivelling Wrap Brackets B 23A and B 23B brackets allow snap-on installation where eye-bolts do ane have enough space or access to the anchor point or if restricted seat adjustment is impaired when an eye-bolt is installed.


Also regional representatives and further importers are listed by countries.

RECARO Ergomed – Orthopäd

Make sure the brackets stay positioned in the direction of pull. Webbing or buckle housings weakened by solvents or chemicals may fail during an accident and severe injuries or death may occur. Routing the lap belt not following these instructions may result in attachment failure during an accident.

Heating webbing may make the material shrink and the precisely designed elongation rate will be changed. A Lap belt cannot be routed straight through seat slots. Routing outward will increase the strap load resulting in further elongation.

Lower grade bars may be too weak and may fail during an accident.

Such shoulder belts are labelled. The seat structure may be impaired or sharp edges of the seat frame gurye damage the racing harness webbing. Run webbing back through gap between both brackets and through slot of outer bracket.

For installation you need: Therefore, accidents with higher impact grte are often less severe than the FIA required test set up. If tilt lock adjusters are equipped with a release strap, simply loosen the harness belt by pulling on the strap to lift the adjuster.

Deviating from these instructions may result in rejection from participation in motorsport events.

Tuning – | SCHROTH Safety Products

The system will not function properly in an accident and serious injuries or death may occur. The twin brackets must point towards the strap slot in the seat when being installed.

This requirement can be achieved by following the instructions set forth below: The bracket may stick to your drill bit and the schtoth and attached webbing and its hardware may spin and may heavily injure or even kill you.

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