Veja grátis o arquivo NBR Resistencia ao fogo enviado para a disciplina de ABNT/C B – C om itê Br asil eiro de Segur ança c ontra I ncêndi o .. NBR – Par edes e divisórias sem função estrutural – Determ i nação da. Para este análisis, fueron realizados ensayos de laboratorio de acuerdo con las normas NBR (ABNT, ) y ISO. (ISO, ). Se verificó que. Para este análisis, fueron realizados ensayos de laboratorio de acuerdo con las normas NBR (ABNT, ) y ISO (ISO, ).

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The tests stipulated by ABNT NBR simulate the incidence of rain, wind and humidity with the use of a sealing chamber coupled to the sealing system.

Massa DunDun NBR

Subsequently, impacts such as the appearance of moisture spots, water penetration or any pathological manifestations in the laying or coating are measured. The test consists of evaluating the performance of the vertical sealing system in case of fire, its fire resistance time and its behavior in relation to structural stability and smoke tightness, as well as thermal insulation.


For this, a 40kg bag filled with glass beads is thrown in a pendulum movement against the most unfavorable point of the wall. Impact of hard body: This test aims to determine the resistance of the system to possible shocks that may occur due to its use. Mechanical resistance and elasticity: The static pressure to be used in the test is chosen as a result of the region of Brazil, region V, with a pressure of 50 Pa.

The following is a description of each of these tests. To do this, a 1kg steel sphere is projected several times against the external face of the wall face that would be exposed to the public and the impact is analyzed according to the criteria of NBR Still regarding this test, the inner face is also subjected to impacts of a 0. This test aims to determine the mechanical resistance of the wall to impacts from the use of the system.


NBR 15.575

Impact of actions of suspended loads: The purpose of the test was to verify the characteristics of stability, tightness and thermal insulation of the product, as well as specific behaviors relevant to fire safety. Impact of soft body: Sound insulation tests are performed in accordance with ISO This adaptation 100636 in pulling prisms through the increase of concentrated load.

The tightness of a system is a preponderant factor when it comes to performance. Different heights are used to simulate different requests. It is what guarantees the aesthetic and mechanical conservation of a building besides being directly linked with the maintenance of hygiene and healthiness.

For this purpose the water sprinkling system of the chamber is activated, and a flow of 3.

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