Dryden was a famous English poet, best known for his satirical poetry. His Absalom and Achitophel characters is considered as one of his best political satire. His Absalom and Achitophel is the greatest political satire in our literature, and the rest of his satires are very highly esteemed. Dryden has. Having said this, John Dryden wrote Absalom and Achitophel as a satire to instigate political reform. The era was that during which a faction in England was .

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Absalom and Achitophel stands alone as a complete poem by John Dryden as it was published in Or if you need this sample for free, we can absa,om it to you via email. But how hard to make a man appear a fool, a blockhead, or a knave, without using any of those opprobrious terms? A trial before a jury picked by Whig sheriffs acquitted him.

The complexity, length academic level and time frame are all key factors in determining the charge we apply to each essay. The father’s forgiveness contrasts with the response of David towards Achitophel, but still the story works well for aand theme that deals with problems of ascension, and Dryden uses similarities and differences in the two stories to express the poem’s themes.

Absalom and Achitophel as a Political Satire

But Dryden puts a charitable mantel over his sexual sins. Absalom schitophel Achitophel is “generally acknowledged as finest political satire in the English language”. Sexual licence was the order of the age and as such, it did not deserve condemnation. The James Scott was caught preparing to rebel and this lead to his execution by the orders of James II in John Dryden and His World. Absalom and Achitophel is a celebrated satirical poem by John Drydenwritten in heroic couplets and first published in Satire is a form of literature, the proclaimed purpose of which is the reform of human weaknesses or vices through laughter or disgust.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This poem perfectly depicts the existing crisis and political issues of the contemporary society.

This poem made me see pilitical bond of nationality all over again. Dryden’s poem tells the story of the first foment by making Monmouth into Absalomthe beloved boy, Charles into David who also had some philanderingand Shaftesbury into Achitophel. Of course, Charles had his own weaknesses; he was extremely fond of women.

Absalom and Achitophel as a Politival Satire

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dryden uses the fatherly indulgence of David lines to explore the legitimacy of Absalom’s succession.

Inexpensive and flexible prices our charges are based on your requirements. The King on down to the poorest peasant shares the need to survive.

Absalom and Achitophel remains the greatest political satire in English Literature, partly because of its judicious and moderate satire and partly because of its true depiction of polifical follies and vices that prevails satjre a particular section of the nation. It paints Buckinghaman old enemy of Dryden’s see The Rehearsal for one exampleinto Zimriachitpphel unfaithful servant.

Dryden uses an old story, The Prodigal Son, to create a clear picture of how self-indulgent love creates unfair conflict.

Dryden dreads the fickleness of the mob and he is not sure to what extremes a crowd can go. The earl of Shaftesbury, a highly ambitious man, sought to capitalise on this unrest. Absalom and Achitophel is a landmark political satire by John Dryden.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. The ironical undertone abaslom be missed; Dryden is obviously laughing up his sleeve at Charles himself, who, as a witty patron, could not have missed it, nor failed to enjoy it.

The satire proceeds from leader to the followers: What means he then, to alienate the crown? Polifical, but only registered users have full access.

Downloading text is forbidden on this website. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Apart from the contemporary interest of the poem and its historical value, it appeal to the modern reader lies in its observations on English character and on the weaknesses of man in general.


Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. The James Scott was manipulated by Earl of Shaftesbury to rebel against his father.

Absalom and Achitophel as a Political Satire | Desdemona Literarism

Politics and Government — Dryden chose politiical well known Biblical story of Absalom revolting against his father David, at the wicked instigation of Achitophel, in order to satirise the contemporary political situation. His Absalom and Achitophel characters is considered as one of his best political satire.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can get this essay on your email Topic: The Whigs supported Monmouth while the Tories supported the cause of James in order to ensure stability in the country. In in England, Charles II was in his advanced years and had no legitimate heirs. In the spring ofat the Oxford ParliamentShaftesbury appealed to Charles to legitimise Monmouth. There were two contenders for the succession. He had had a number of mistresses and produced a number of illegitimate children.

He uses numerous moments of humor to make fun of the religious situation between the Catholics and the Protestants and also the political drama after the death of King Xs.

It is the tale of a son who asks for his birthright early, loses it, and returns to his father, who then takes pity on him and shares with him his remaining fortune. Its success led others to encourage Dryden to continue the story, to keep up with current events of the time. One of these was James Scottthe Duke of Monmouthwho was very popular, both for his personal charisma and his fervor for the Protestant cause.

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