Mike Vanderboegh is the author of Absolved ( avg rating, 4 ratings, 1 review, published ). Absolved – The Squad – Rubicon Chapter 23, The Four Fingers of Death Chapter 24, Green. 1. Introduction to ‘Absolved’ by Mike Vanderboegh. “Cherish your. In July of , I spent a few days finding, indexing, and reformatting all the published chapters of Mike Vanderboegh’s book, Absolved. I made.

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And a companion book Those who fail to act consistently with it are not libertarians, regardless of what they may claim. This may be glaringly obvious, but if government feels no duty to respect for the founding document that restrains them, then do the people have a duty to respect absovled successive laws passed to restrain us? If you defend yourself against clubbing, you will be shot dead.

The first chapter of Absolved starts vanderoegh media res, which is a fancy way of saying that Phil Gordon is being raided by ATF agents referred to throughout as “thugs”.

I did, but I’ll let the author do the talking as to its quality. Thanks, by the way, for sticking to it. Everything they are doing now is straight out of the communist manifesto obammy was taught from his earliest age.

Well, it’s like this. Now, even with out a degree one can understand we are under attack at the fundamental level, just as Obama promised 5 days before his inauguration.

Writing about this subject actually depresses me. It gets me hooting and roaring every time I read it.

But more than that, no matter how many “hate maps” the Southern Poverty Law Center publishes, these guys are nerds, not threats to society. They need to know how powerful they could truly be if they were pushed into a corner.


Mike Vanderboegh (Author of Absolved)

I sure hope so. This administration has done little in the way of being “transparent” and has done much to obfuscate not only it’s actions but it’s intentions. There’s a list of Mike’s chapter postings on his blog hereand an earlier chapter list from David Codrea here.

Remember too that we are willing to die for our liberties rather than surrender them up meekly. Posted on his blog in serial form, Absolved is Mike Vanderboegh’s militia novel about a bunch of good old boys in Alabama taking on the dastardly ATF. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Does anyone remember when the government started spying on it’s citizens without a warrant? Take Kraut Mueller, for example.

Scary – good story! Absolved, by Mike Vanderboegh

The thunderous cataclysm of a deadly falls? The only difference between the Clancy and Vanderboegh is that Vanderboegh is a better writer. The Mental Militia Forums. Let’s hope it’s a loving God of forgiveness who considers the well over cops Phil killed, and the 20 or so rocket propelled grenades he fired into his neighborhood, to be a display of boyish enthusiasm rather than a kill crazy rampage.

There is, I confess, more than a slight resemblance between us. Matt thinks that Mike’s wife may eventually find the thumb drive containing the rest of the book, and may publish it, but encouraged me to make my copy available, so I have done that:. And, when you compare Absolved to most other online novels out there, you realize he’s actually not a vanedrboegh writer.


They’ve already screwed us enough. From top to bottom.

Life as a militiawoman sounds like a dream come true: In July ofI spent a few days finding, indexing, and reformatting all the published chapters of Mike Vanderboegh’s book, Absolved.

Those who act consistently with this principle are libertarians, whether they realize it or not. Here’s a scenario; Bankruptcies often end in reorganization of the bankrupt corporation. Family problems caused him to cease maintenance of Sipsey Street Irregulars vanderboeyh, Mike’s blog, in late September of Looks like Submitted by Bill St.

End the War on Freedom

Let the country slide into the abyss. It’s just that, most often, in my experience, the ‘preaching’ can interrupt the flow and bog down the narrative. I’m new to the scene, but ran across another chapter that doesn’t seem to be in the “book index”, but exists on the web site: In this, I am writing as much a cautionary tale for the out-of-control abssolved cops of the ATF as anyone.

These Evildoers have been trying to get their talons into America for many generations. They say to write about what you know, and although in most cases I have not personally done the things that my characters in the book do, I have done enough research to know that it can be done.

The media says that Vanderboegh is an ex-militia nut, but I say he’s an ex-militia nut

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