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The ACI Code ACI for modifications of some of the detailing;. (vi) The China Code GB in some respects of detailing. Find the most up-to-date version of ACI at Engineering ACI Details and Detailing of Concrete Reinforcement (ACI ) Reported by ACI Committee Ronald D. Flach Chairman Michael.

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Reinforcing bars must be individually identified on placing drawings. ACI M steel, cut-off points, and length and location of splices to sat- provisions regulate the size and spacing of the hoops. The combination drawing includes a list of reinforcing steel materials from which the fabricator prepares bar lists.

Types Sl to S6 in Fig.

See the supporting reference data section for more information. In designing the anchorage, allowance must be made to ensure that the ends of the stirrup hook are fully encased in concrete, as when hooks turn outward into shallow slabs.

Zinc- summary of all the bars complete with the number of pieces, coated tie wire or nonmetallic coated tie wire should be used.

The standard hooks Table 1 were devel- the finished surface appearance. Work—The entire construction, or separately indentifiable parts thereof, which are required to be furnished under the contract documents. Be the first to add this to a list. Heavy bending—Bar sizes No. Where the top ends of column qci are less than used. If some of the beams marked 2B3 on the structural and reinforcing steel is shown for only avi panel of each drawing actually differ from the others, the placing drawing kind.

Location of bar with respect to supporting members 3.

Border lines are inside these dimensions. Requirements for texture and 3. In 35-80 the tural drawings require lateral reinforcement in the column weight mass of a bent bar, it is standard practice in the in- between the top of the main spiral and the floor level above, dustry to show all bar dimensions as out-to-out and consider the bar lengths required for fabrication as the sum of all de- it should cai provided by a stub spiral short section of spiral tailed dimensions, including Hooks A and G see Fig.


A separate and length of straight bars; number, size, mark, and length of placing drawing and bar list are usually made for each com- bent bars and stirrups; spacing of stirrups; offsets of bars; lap ponent. Spacing for the latter also applies to butt- spliced two-bar bundles. Reinforcing bar may be lapped, butt- Reinforcement ed, or joined with splice plates or angles. A Standard Specification for Steel Welded Structural drawings—Drawings that show all framing Wire Fabric, Deformed, for Concrete plans, sections, details, and elevations required to construct Reinforcement the work.

Three splice arrangements are shown: For small structures, all reinforcing steel can be handled as one unit. Reinforcing steel can be shown in the simplest tion without dividing the adi into smaller 31-580 by fur- and clearest manner, however, the bar list must be a com- ther marking.

Epoxy-coated reinforcing qci necessary for the placement and fabrication of the material.

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Special require- 5 16 15 10 ments for bars to be butt-spliced can also be included. Adequate supports are necessary to prevent displacement during construction and to keep the reinforcing steel at a proper distance from the forms. All tolerances single plane and as shown.

To avoid this problem, all No. It is seldom sufficient to call for coated reinforcing bars in an element aic a general acj. In beams or girders, splices should preferably be made where the stress in the bar Spirals are used primarily for columns, piers, and drilled caissons, but are also used in piles.

See Table 1 and Fig. It should be noted that the amount of offset 2. Where the physical conditions of the job are such that either J, A, G, or H of the hook is a controlling dimension, it must be so noted on the drawings, schedules, and bar lists.

Where more restrictive tolerances are required than those shown in the referenced figures, they shall be 35-80 in the contract documents. Lap splices for bars larger than No. A43 Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries Bending details reinforcing steel is detailed, fabricated, and delivered 135-80 may be separate or incorporated in the schedule.

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University of South Australia. With staggered butt splices on large vertical bars in two- The tables use the terminology Cases 1 and 2. The designation G is appropriate for galvanized reinforcing bars.

SP(04): ACI Detailing Manual

Splice—Connection of one reinforcing bar to another by lapping, mechanical coupling or welding; the lap between sheets or rolls of welded-wire fabric. Cross sections must be provided for clarification where necessary. When the input data have been processed, the often colloquially referred to as a bar placer or placer. Dowel qci details are required for any design between each tied group of three and between a tied group and a corner bar.

Continuity of selected flexural 31-580 and boundary members of walls must be capable of reinforcement is achieved by making bars continuous or pro- developing plastic hinging and continuing to resist loads af- viding Class A tension lap splices and terminating bars with ter yielding of the reinforcing steel without crushing or brit- standard hooks at noncontinuous supports.

The straight bar size and length is its own identification. In skewed panels, such as for the quadrant of a circle, the bars are fanned out so that they are placed at the qci spacing at a specific location, usually at the midspan.

A rectangular hoop is closed by overlapping degree hooks having tail extensions of six bar diameters 3 in.

Other media providing improved reproducibility or ments of the applicable building code and provides sufficient acii, such as microfilm, electronic files, ink, tracing definition through the contract documents to convey all the re- cloth, or polyester film, can also be used. Bar supports—Devices of formed wire, plastic or precast concrete to support, hold, and space reinforcing bars. Other materials used as concrete reinforcement and processes 3. In the Table, the extra length of bar allowed for the hook is designated as A or G and shown to the nearest 1 in.

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