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Diagonal tension capacity for out-of-plane bending of reinforced masonry walls can be assessed using ACI strength design procedures. Direct. Revisions made to ACI since then will be assembled The main committee Letter Ballot on the proposed revision of did. Prior to , flexural crack control requirements in ACI were based on the so- called z-factor method developed be Gergely and Lutz [8]. Their work was based .

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He also had to tip toe around the subject of current standards. Secondly, by using older methods you are acj from the standard of care practiced by other engineers providing the same services in your locale. New PE Needs Advice Aic, I agree, that’s why I will not seal a design that does not meet the minimum standards of 305-08 latest code being used. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis acl is forbidden.

My interpretation of ACI — 54 I am sure everyone has a copy is that the 2. Students Click Here Join Us! Further, let him know that you will continue to seek such, but that you have a need to achieve some independence in your practice approach and ask him to respect that as long as you don’t ask him to compromise his own judgment and principles.

I agree with Beej67, if he wants it his way he stamps it. On drawings, do you 530-08 submit the applicable codes being used? I have worked in various offices from a small start up to multi office civil firms. Have an honest and open discussion of why you might do it differently if your own name was on the hook, but 305-08 the end it’s their call how to do it, because it’s their stamp. First, designs are not only tested by time. Then you are right to use the current standard, or at the very least use the Working Stress code with the correct interpretation.


Let him know that you still consider him 350–08 mentor and that you appreciate the guidance and assistance he has given you. Through my experience, I have come to find out that regardless of engineering experience and ability, many engineers lack a little in the communication skill.

New PE Needs Advice You have to be a little bit careful with how you approach him so that he doesn’t just dismiss your approach as being a “newbie” who thinks he knows too much.

New PE Needs Advice – Civil/Environmental engineering other topics – Eng-Tips

If the codes have been updated, why are they being ignored or not used? Certainly the dynamics of communication changes from the size of the company you work for to the individual you are trying to communicate with amongst other factors.

Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! He agreed, end of discussion. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. His response was “I have done it that way for years and nothing has failed”. This is a free-flow forum. What I meant to say is that I would be more concerned if this were a high rise building and public safety was an immediate concern.

It could also mean the loading assumptions were overly conservative, or have not yet occurred. Emphasize the word “we It also works as “Your call?

New PE Needs Advice beej Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. If they are using current codes and standards, the standard of care requires that you do that as well.

I used these methods for the past five years in analyzing and designing structures. If they were underdesigned, there’s a good chance that acci never come to light. You can always quote him some recent rules from the current Ethics Test you just took and passed. The check may have been wrong, but the answer was probably unaffected, as bending and deflection are the main criteria.


Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. I thought about going ahead and pushing the project through drafting and simply handing him the design; however, I know it won’t pass his smell test.

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It’s easy to join and it’s free. I would definitely approach the mentor as more concerned for your license and liability than 35008 to be the new know it all. Ron, I agree, I should have thought about that before I said it.

That’s just one criterion. I believe this would be the equivalent to applying the shear requirements ACI Well guys, thanks for your help.

If there is a problem 10 years from now, is he going to come out of retirement and defend your design? Maybe even mention that you used the new standards while studying for your test and now that you passed feel you should bring it to his attention. As true as that is, that’s stepping on some toes. My response was “yes and it probably won’t, but from this point forward we have an obligation to meet the minimum code requirements”. Dealing with a job right now that is a complete disaster because of this.

I saw how an old Project Manager treated those types of guys, it was not pretty at all. If you do not, you risk being adjudged negligent in your practice Are you an Engineering professional? If he doesn’t want to you the most current code you can refuse to stamp it on basis of Engineering Ethics. This was a great thread guys. Hokie66, Shear controls in this case. So did it turn out that you get to design the current way and stamp your own plans?

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