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AE Regulation /CNE-CNA-C6F Instruction X/USAFE Instruction , Driver and. Vehicle Requirements and the Installation. Army in Europe Regulation – IMCOM-Europe – U.S. Read more about army , europe, regulation and Wiesbaden, Germany – AER There has been a revision to AER , Driver and Vehicle Requirements and the Installation Traffic Code for the US.

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A class 1 license permits the operator to operate all the other two-wheel vehicle classes 1a, 1b, 4, and 5. Posted only on autobahns, this sign recommends that drivers not exceed the speed limit on the sign, if the driver has favorable road, traffic, visibility, and awr conditions. The driver may proceed as long as the police officer continues to wave traffic through. What does the driver of vehicle 3 have to do?

Only vehicles with the appropriate emissions sticker as shown in sign A driver on the right-hand side of the road who wants to turn left should do which of the following? Indicates historical sights or scenic views.

German Police Signals Attention. Forces are bound by agreement to revoke a USAREUR license for as long as the German government requires, but they may also extend the period of punishment. However, he still struggled to be accepted back into his unit.

Directional signals are not required when entering, but must be used when exiting the circle. Directional arrows on the pavement must be followed once the driver has entered a lane that is so marked.


Aed bumper-to-bumper traffic on two-lane autobahns, or other multilane roads, move on slowly, driving to the extreme right in the right-hand lane aaer to the extreme left in the left-hand lane to form a passageway in the middle.

Which vehicle must wait? Wherever official signs expressly forbid it.

Two-wheeled vehicles are particularly dangerous to pass and should be passed only with side clearance of at least 1. Turn the steering wheel in the ar that the rear of the vehicle is skidding and pump the brakes lightly.

Army in Europe Pamphlet

End of Priority Road. Downshift and take foot off gas pedal. Posted where the next stretch of road is damaged.

The basic rule in observing hand signals given by German police officers is that traffic parallel to the outstretched arms of the officer may proceed. Indicates that there is a hour operated aerr area off the autobahn. German Police Signals Go 5. Indicates that cyclists may be crossing the road. Calling the nearest autobahn gas station. Posted at the end of one-way streets to prevent entry of vehicles from the wrong direction.

How a DUI forever changed a local Soldier’s career –

Stay off this road if driving a vehicle that can move only at a speed of less than 30 kph 20 mph. Tents and Trailer Authorized Area. Sections de cette Page. When the flashing green light goes on. We did not join the military to become criminals. Since then, he has limited his drinking and never drives himself to a bar. When this sign is posted, drivers must use alternate routes.


Leave a traffic circle. Distance to the Next Exit. What must a driver do when approaching a railroad crossing without a warning cross?

Drivers Handbook and Examination Manual for Germany

If you have one earbud in, with the in-line microphone, you may use that for the cell phone. The driver may be cited for passengers with an open container.

Indicates a single curve and its direction. Passing a vehicle at a railroad crossing is illegal. Posted on routes where traffic is detoured off the autobahn. If necessary, come to a complete stop to allow traffic on the priority road to clear before proceeding. This supplemental sign indicates that the right-of-way has changed from what is posted. Keep moving, because the pedestrians must wait.

At intersections and junctions. Shows the direction to the nearest autobahn entrance and the name of the nearest city at which point the autobahn ends. Warns motorists that the shoulder of the road is not reinforced and may not be used.

Urge the pedestrians to hurry by honking the horn.

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