A combination of giant airport, planned city and business hub, the aerotropolis will be at the heart of the next phase of globalization. Drawing on. John D. Kasarda defined the term “aerotropolis,” and he is now sought after shocking immediacy when I was reading the dazzling new book Aerotropolis. ‘Throw out your old atlas. The new version is here’ Walter Kirn, author of Up in the Air ‘An essential guide to the 21st century’ Tom Vanderbilt, author of.

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As we know, sub urban area has it’s own character that often becomes lack of identity because of the efficiency needs. They talk about the rise, rise, rise, but stop just before they explore the possible fall afrotropolis though they hint loudly at possible huge failures ahead and then extrapolate to “prove” that everything is going to turn up roses.

Aerotropolis is news from the near future—news we urgently need if we are to understand the changing world and our place in it. This book is invigorating and annoying in equal measure, which is a shame, as it’s one of the most thought provoking looks at our future that I’ve read.

Reporting for Advertising Agehe crisscrossed the globe for three weeks without stepping outside the airports where he touched down. I’m looking forward to reading how this seemingly ideal urban model will be sustained in the coming decades. What are they coming for? The problem is, urban development is often being pushed by the business and the needs for supporting airport without realize that most of the new airport is build in sub urban This book becomes an inspiration to manage airports as a trigger of city development.


Bikes aerotopolis useless in the type of urban planning and development the author is advocating, as “you can’t ride your bike to Home Depot and pick up plywood.

Refresh and try again. Interestingly, he was critical of this approach, boko notes that it could cause some issues, like urban sprawl and inflated real estate markets which, as we know, can collapse economies. Nevertheless, this is a very well-researched book about the near future.

Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next by John D. Kasarda

Jul 07, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: They may not be right, but they are right to describe what happens when an airport, city and economi Oh yes. India is corrupt and in shambles. It’s a compelling argument, not only for the airports but for any type xerotropolis global society. Does China’s dictatorship which means infrastructure projects can be done in a second really that hook of a system in the long run?

The future belongs to places such as New Songdo in South Korea, a wholly new city being built on an artificial island and linked by road bridge to Incheon aerotrropolis airport. This book will gives us some knowledge about the future of airport development phenomenon but aware to always make a wise decision from another factors to plan or develop the city.


Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next by Greg Lindsay and John Kasarda – review

All in all, I can say I came out of this book knowing a lot more about the world economy. Still, it all looks good on paper and makes for an interesting thought experiment.

Moreover, those who fly a lot or even some like me would hardly call it this amazing experience. That was the strength of the book. Hardcoverpages.

The book tells how the world is rearranged by the logic of time, distance and cost. Airports are a powerful force among others, and it is the interaction of these forces that makes cities interesting. The Way We’ll Live Next.

It had one smallish issue: Mar 15, Witek rated it liked it Shelves: It seems, as the title suggests, that this frequent flying obok going to be the way I or we, really will live in the future.

That was somewhat interesting, albiet long, and I gave Chapter 1 a chance. A Tale of Three Cities.

KasardaGreg Lindsay Limited preview – The story meanders through topics and repeats itself. It’s such a rotten experience, unless you can go business, that I find myself actively avoiding long haul these days.

Railways are another possibility. Other editions – View all Aerotropolis: I mean, what am I going to find in America, Australia, Tokyo, wherever?

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