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AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 6 JUNE Law. ADMINISTRATION OF MILITARY JUSTICE. COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATION IS MANDATORY. Supersedes AFI , 3 October Pages: Distribution: F. This instruction implements the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). and now may be found in AFI , Administration of Military Justice, and AFI ,. Nonjudicial Punishment, respectively. 1. Good order.

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Creation of division of administrative law The division of administrative law, hereafter More information. As stated in paragraphvictims have a right to be present at the preliminary hearing Handling Other Offenses.

The PHO may establish a 51–201 prior to the preliminary hearing by which DC shall provide to GC a list of evidence under the control of 51-210 government and not under the control of the government that the accused requests the government produce to the defense for introduction at the preliminary hearing.

Start display at page:. If GC s reasonable efforts are unsuccessful in obtaining the evidence, the PHO shall note it in the report, to include what specific efforts were made.

Upon the conclusion of GC s presentation of evidence, DC may present matters in defense and mitigation. Family Law Arbitration Act. Disclosure can be obtained through depositions, interrogatories, More information.

A judge advocate, not the accuser, shall serve as counsel to represent the United States. Time limit on appointments.

Under no circumstances may the charges be referred to trial until the appropriate special access program office grants permission to proceed if such permission is required. Forwarding Letter s 4. If an important witness is unable to testify at an Article 32, UCMJ preliminary hearing and, because of the exceptional circumstances of the case, it is in the interest.

The GC must provide this response in writing at a timeframe the PHO establishes prior to the preliminary hearing. Illinois False Claims Act Ill. The day the report is delivered is not counted in calculating the 5-day period.

This requirement is not delegable. It is meant to. As such, this allegation, along with all other alleged offenses arising from or relating to the same incident, is subject to the Secretary of Defense policy withholding initial disposition authority, effective 28 June I have reviewed the attached case file, including a Personal Data Sheet and the [describe evidence reviewed, e.


PHOs are limited to an examination of the issues necessary to fulfill the purpose of the preliminary hearing described in para The PHO is limited to hearing testimony and examining evidence presented by the GC and the DC. Friday 31st October, Forwarding of Pretrial Advice. At a judge alone special court-martial, Appellant was convicted, consistent with his plea, of attempted sexual abuse of a child between 12 and 16 years old, in violation of Article 80, UCMJ, 10 U.

The commander will also resolve any dispute among the parties on whether the witness will testify in person, by VTC, by telephone or similar means of remote testimony. Victims of crime are entitled under Article 6b, UCMJ, to be present and may only be excluded if the PHO determines by clear and convincing evidence that the testimony by the victim of an offense under the UCMJ would be materially altered if the victim heard other testimony at the hearing.

If the convening authority needs to detail members to a court-martial to try the forwarded case, forward appropriate documentation for court-member selection.

32 CFR 884.3 – Placing member under restraint pending delivery.

This sheet is designed to help you understand More information. ADD New Review of a certain specification s not referred to court-martial by convening authority. Rape, in violation of Article ; Sexual assault, in violation of Article ; Forcible sodomy, in violation of Article ; and Attempts to commit the above offenses, in violation of Article Name of Beginning Lawyer: It was prepared by an experienced.

If the evidence presented supports the offense, the PHO report under the recommendation of disposition of charges may include appropriate recommendations concerning preferral of the wfi charge prior to anyone forwarding them for referral Assembly of the PHO Report. As used in this Act: Civilian defense counsel must take an oath to perform his or her duties faithfully when representing an accused.

e-CFR data is current as of December 20, : Code of Federal Regulations

If the superior convening authority needs to detail members to a court-martial to try the case, the convening authority who directed the preliminary hearing forwards a list of court member nominees with Credit data.


Compliance with this Memorandum is mandatory. The PHO shall assume the military judge s authority to exclude evidence from the preliminary hearing, and in discharging this 5-1201 follow the procedural requirements of the corresponding M. Appellate Counsel for the Appellant: PO Box Seattle. Failure of either party to follow the procedural requirements of the corresponding M.

You are required to include in your report, at a minimum, a summary of the substance of all testimony.

United States v. Graham –

Should GC object to a witness requested by DC, DC may request, in writing, that the PHO determine whether the witness is relevant, not cumulative, and necessary based on the limited scope and purpose of the preliminary hearing Military Witness Availability. For offenses after that date, a convening authority is prohibited from setting aside the finding of guilt unless the maximum sentence that could have been adjudged would not exceed two years without regard to the jurisdictional limits of the court; and the sentence did not include a punitive discharge or confinement for more than affi months.

Parties may obtain discovery by one or more of the following methods: Witness to testify orally 2 Subject to any Act, statute More information. Change to para Courts-Martial. Change to para General. The Military Rules of Evidence M. Witness to testify orally 2 Subject to any Act, statute.

The PHO shall receive a copy of the recording of hearing as soon as practicable following the conclusion of the hearing for attaching to the PHO report. Filing Complaints Against Judges This technical assistance packet addresses the problem of how and when to 512-01 a complaint against a judge.

For purposes of this More information. The period of time of such delay shall be excluded when determining whether the period in R. The goals of the alcohol and drug treatment divisions created under this Chapter include the following:

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