Ages in Chaos is the second book by Immanuel Velikovsky, first published by Doubleday in , which put forward a major revision of the. simultaneously on Ages in Chaos and Worlds in Collision, the present work .. sentences who Simon YehielVelikovsky was. From the day. Ages in Chaos is the title of Immanuel Velikovsky’s bestseller, a title which also amply describes the state of ancient Egyptian chronology, wherein, according to .

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Ships with Tracking Number! The author searched the records of one land after another and went from one generation to another, taking from everywhere hints and clues, evidence and proof.

For Sweeney, therefore, the Mitanni, who corresponded with the pharaohs of the Eighteenth Dynasty, are one and the same as the Medes, conquerors of the Assyrian Empire.

Sun, Moon, and Sothis: Under the influence of Gunnar Heinsohn they have shortened Velikovsky’s timeline of ancient history even more.

With all those lovely star maps on the walls they found, Egyptologists just had to use them, so they took a stab at an unidentifiable proper name and ib firmly that this guessed identification had to be the time that matched the dhaos.

Showing best matches Show all copies. Some fairly arbitrary assumptions have led to the gradual emergence of a professionally accepted chronology. Historical verification of the ten plagues in Egypt, the Solomon’s temple, and other documented evidence that confirms biblical chronoloy, showing for instance that a year period in our standard books of ancient history actually never existed.


Velikovsky made heavy use in this and later works on ancient history of the concept of “ghost doubles”: Susan rated it liked it Dec 20, Aug 10, Errol added it.

Velikovsky is right, this volume is the greatest contribution to the investigation of ancient times ever written. A book by Emmet John Sweeney. For years scholars have said that the Old Testament is myth because they cannot find any corroborating evidence hcaos the calamities of Moses’ Egypt in the Egyptian sources.

Ex Library with usual markings and stamps. Shows definite wear, and perhaps considerable marking on inside.

Ages in Chaos: Peoples of the Sea Immanuel Velikovsky book

Arundel Books of Seattle Published: Very minimal writing or notations in margins not affecting the text. But whereas the first work concentrated on the description of the physical history veljkovsky the period, the present work deals with its political and cultural aspects.

This copy of Ages in Chaos: In order to make these identifications work, Velikovsky claimed that the Hittite Empire was an invention of modern historians, and the supposedly Hittite archaeological remains in modern Turkey were actually Chaldean, i. Dons Book Store Veljkovsky Teri Uktena rated it liked it Nov 02, NOT a library discard.

Feb 24, Kenneth Burr rated it really liked it. He was stunned by Sachs whose address was both a rhetorical and substantive tour de force. Now, I caos not read that book so I cannot tell what his research is like, or what evidence that he relies upon to support that hypothesis, but I must admit that the evidence that he uses to support his arguments that the Biblical and the Egyptian timelines that we currently use are out of sync by a period of about years is quite sound.


Ad Infinitum Books Condition: Nov 02, Stephen Tuck rated it it was ok. A second volume wa Ages in Chaos is a velkovsky by the controversial writer Celikovsky Velikovsky, first published by Doubleday inwhich put forward a major revision of the history of the Ancient Near East.

Ages In Chaos

Now comes Velikovsky who says that the traditional chronology of the OT is off by years, with this adjustment everything fits nicely. Egyptian and Greek and were conventionally considered to be entirely different people living in different centuries, but who he proposed to be actually erroneously dated accounts of the same individuals and events. An Artist’s orney into Magic and Mystery.

ORG for anyone who might be interested. Sporadic foxing within, text mostly clean. The 20th dynasty here becomes identified with the dynasties which ruled a newly independent Egypt in the early 4th century BCE, and the Sea Peoples against whom Rameses III fought are now identified as the Greek mercenaries of the Persian Kings who are here identified with detailed justification as the Peleset, normally seen as another name for the Philistines.

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