The Work performed under this Contract has been reviewed and found, to the Construction Manager’s and Architect’s best knowledge, information and belief. ~AIA Document G~ — Certificate of Substantial Completion. PROJECT: (Name and address). PROJECT NUMBER: OWNER l~. RURAL DEVELOPMENT ATTACHMENT TO. AIA DOCUMENT G “ CERTIFICATION OF SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION”. CURRENT EDITION. Project.

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Discuss with owner the need for appropriate site observations for determining work conformance and project completion. One such qualification is listed below as a guideline, but the architect should consult with legal counsel for assistance in determining the desired wording since project conditions vary.

Site visits can be costly, and some owners seek to limit or avoid them altogether.

CCA Services Activities

Since owner and contractors may not fully understand this separation of responsibility, it is appropriate to address it early in the project. The architect should insist on detailed minutes of all such meetings held by the contractor, especially meetings where the architect is not in attendance. Click here to take a test for One Learning Unit.

It is important that the architect only certifies payment for work that is required under its services contract.

Use an enclosure letter or letter of transmittal when sending certification to owner. Check to be sure the designated portion g04 the project is clearly indicated.

Although this form also contains the following exculpatory language. By the early s the Request for Information came into use. This can be supported by adding a notation on the Certificate or on the letter of transmittal when the certification for payment is sent to the owner.

The architect may choose to conduct the Preconstruction Conference. However, it is important to note that the RFI process is used fairly and with integrity on most projects with beneficial results. Since much of the information exchanged during the construction phase is time driven, it is reasonable to have a usable tracking document for the needs of all parties.


Also, the form docuemnt. List all known owner documeht nonconforming work.

Since the pricing for changed work already under contract is in most cases not competitively bid, documment can arise alleging the changed work was excessively priced. Provide site visits as required in the services agreement. Owner Accepted Nonconforming Work —Another housekeeping item that deserves attention is the list of owner accepted nonconforming work. Certify is defined as, …to authenticate or verify in writing.

Contractors have always had questions and required clarifications of the design intent expressed in the contract documents. In some cases, the process has been manipulated to show an excessive amount of required RFIs, such as 16 identical RFIs for a reoccurring condition on each floor of a multi-story building, and this exaggerated and inaccurate data is used in contractor claims against the architect.

Moreover, when an engineer contracts directly with an owner, it becomes the Engineer of Docunent for its portion of the work, and accordingly it should issue a separate certificate of substantial completion independently for its record services.

The number and frequency of site visits agreed upon should be conducted docuent accordance with the requirements of the services contract.

Substantial and Final Completion. Send RFIs to the owner and contractor for contract required information that is not provided. A frank discussion should be held with the owner to discuss an appropriate number of visits, and should the owner refuse to allow the number of visits aa architect feels is necessary, the owner should be advised that critical activities such as the determination of work conformance and the determination of substantial and final completion may not be achievable unless site visits are allowed.

The form indicates that the aua of issuance and the date of substantial completion are the same. Do not certify payment for changes until the change documents are fully executed. Provide a Site Observation Report with each site visit. It is also important to clearly indicate the portion of the project that is being addressed by the certificate.


Definition of Certificate of Substantial Completion

Untimely or negligent change order management by the contractor presents an opportunity for the use of a Request for Information submitted by the owner or the architect. Site visits are typically necessary for determining conformance of the completed work to the requirements of the contract documents, and the AIA General Conditions require. Since information is required by the owner, architect and contractor during the construction process, the AIA document G.

Review only specified submittals. This notice should be given to the owner in writing. When the architect issues a certificate of substantial completion for work contracted to others, the architect can take on unnecessary and inappropriate risks.

Since the contractor is solely responsible for the work, it is the ultimate authority on work completion, and therefore the architect is entitled to rely on its representations, especially under a notarized certification. Check state regulatory requirements for required submittal review.

4specs Discussion Forum: AIA DOCUMENT G

The areas discussed below may or may not be required on a particular project, and services and activities in addition to those addressed below may be required. Any other production or use is strictly prohibited. If the owner is seeking approval of the change order pricing, it should retain a job cost consultant for that purpose. Certificate s of Substantial Completion —Certifications for substantial and final completion were addressed in The Handbook of Architectural Practice in the early 20th century with no form or prescribed format published.

Owners sometimes resist the preparation of mock-ups due to the additional cost.

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