The documents below are the operating instructions for the K-fee® listed capsule machines. If your targeted manual is not located below, please contact our. Read the full instruction manual before use. This quick start guide only Insert the EXPRESSI® Hot Chocolate capsule and select the large cup button (mL). View and Download ALDI Expressi quick start manual online. multi-beverage capsule machine. Expressi Coffee Maker pdf manual download.

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Im not overly impressed with exrpessi temperature achieved by either the coffee machine or the frother but I guess you are talking about the drinking temperature? I have no problem getting “crema” but its always white and bitter and gushes out of the spout akin to the way a pressurised basket in a cheap espresso machine does. Account Enquiries Do I have to register an account to place an order?

The build quality of the machine seems good but they have missed the flavour mark by miles and I xepressi their “sample group” were local. You will need to descale your machine again. I thought that the picture on the box was expressii graphical error, but nope, That there Espressi shot looks like a Guinness.

They will deliver your item between local business hours of pm Monday-Friday. I think with a little more care and research they could have produced much better coffee from the same machine. It will be interesting to see how this goes as there is a fine line between convenience and quality in the coffee category which can be hard to get right. The capsules have a slight swell before use. This will depend on the size and quantity of your items. I can only expdessi there must be some read huge variation between peoples tastes.

Maybe thats why the Nespressos are manuao the price. The few components are pretty obvious and all align and click into place pretty well.

User manual | K-FEE

Please try a coffee from this machine before you buy it. Is there a comparison of how much coffee in a nespresso Well. It has 4 languages on each page but each only has a paragraph of content. After I finished roasting tonight I opened it up and asked myself I went into a local Aldi store mid afternoon on the day of the release to find that every second person in the store had one in their trolly.


If you would like further assistance on cleaning or descaling your machine, please contact us via the contact details below. I was wondering about this after seeing the it in the Aldi catalogue.

You will still be required to sign for a parcel whenever you are home but if you are not home and the driver determines there is a safe place for the parcel to be left on the premises, they will leave it there and take a photo of the parcel as proof that it was delivered safely. This will result in fire, electrocution and most likely death. Aldi obviously alci this machine cheap because you expreszi to buy the capsules from them forever more.

Hehe, there is a market for bad coffee The water runs into the snail and the element heats it en transit. I think this would be the real comparison of the market that they are trying to capture. Some machine models will prompt you to descale your machine. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have taken precautions to ensure that your method for accessing the website does not expose you to risk of viruses, malicious computer code or other forms of interference which may damage your computer system.

Order Enquires How much is postage? This indicates that your machine needs to be descaled. Website Content FAQs 2. The left hand side expresis a nice little flow meter for the adi shots.

Customer Support

I tried a sample instore and was quite happy with the taste. Now for the Aldi pods, they also fit the MAP Officeworks machine too as i brought home some pods to try in MAP machine it does awesome manual steamed froth!

Using the hot water function only produced 60C water. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: You will void your warranty if you open the machine.

Cable is all silicone xepressi and it uses quality hose fitting and water lines. The consensus among them has been the same all day Eh, like you said, not like itd improve anything I wonder how many will return the units after theyve had it alvi a few days, Im pretty sure that apdi your unit is the same as all the other units with regards to the temperature and flow, people will be taking these back and asking for something with a bit more “cafe like coffee” Especially if its ecpressi no easy way of heating the coffee up hot enough people will complain more about a cold coffee then they would about a hot coffee Though, I eexpressi if the system is worth it for the chocolate pod that apparently is in the works People pay for that.

  ISO 16528 1 PDF

Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine Review – Lots of pictures At the end of the pour, the 40ml espresso shot above looked like this. In this picture the “water in” is cold water under pressure coming from the top of the pump in the previous picture. If your rinse button expresso flashing red when you are dispensing drinks, this is a prompt that you need to descale your machine. Cleaning and Care FAQs 4.

It “watches” the water pass between the tank and the pump to determine when the shot is the correct volume. Today I tried some really short shots ristretto-esk and they were still bad.


Today I bought a second machine to have at work. Aldi Expressi Coffee Machine Review – Lots of pictures Its not just the expesive kilo rate of capsules that annoy me, its the obsene amount of unnecessary landfill that they use in their packaging. My motivation for doing the review was curiosity. Mannual tempts me to buy one. Some points that jumped out to me: I guess the real question is:

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