Este gen es conocido en la literatura de especialidad con el nombre de “Alelo ”. De esta manera, los hombres con dos copias de este gen tienen doble. The researchers found that the “” allele of a common AVPR1A variation, the human version of avpr1a studied in voles, seemed to have. In addition, a dose-dependent effect of the number of alleles on the PBS score (Table 3) was found, with carriers of two alleles showing the.

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Aalelo, we report an association between one of the human AVPR1A repeat polymorphisms RS3 and traits reflecting pair-bonding behavior in men, including partner bonding, perceived marital problems, and marital status, and show that the RS3 genotype of the males also affects marital quality as perceived by their spouses.

The correlations between individuals in these groups were calculated by using R -side random effects with an unstructured variance-covariance matrix.

This finding is in line with the observation that unmarried men displayed lower scores on the PBS see Materials and Methods and may tentatively reflect a lower degree of commitment in those being unmarried. Next we investigated whether the genotype of the men influenced marital quality as perceived by their spouses.

Although the functional importance of the RS3 polymorphism of the AVPR1A remains to be clarified, an association between the length of the RS3 repeat and the amount of hippocampal mRNA in human postmortem tissue has been reported Materials and Methods Subjects.

Pair-bond strength and stability and reproductive success.

Six alleles were thereby excluded. However, of some interest in this context is our observation that men that were homozygous for the allele were more likely to be unmarried than other men, despite the fact that the cohabiting individuals in our sample had been in a relationship persisting for at least five years and that in the vast majority of all of these couples, both individuals were biological parents to a adolescent child, ranging in age from to years-old.

One of the most common RS3 alleles, the allelewas associated with perceived partner bonding in men as assessed by using the PBS. As their breed names often attest, dogs are a truly international bunch. Esto hace que se junten alelos de diferentes genes que estaban separados.


“alelo” in English

En el presente estudio el alelo 22 no fue asociado con mastitis. Supporting the theory that the striking difference in pair-bonding between monogamous and nonmonogamous voles is related to the influence of AVP on this behavior, the neuroanatomical distribution of V1aR differs considerably between these vole species 4 and is associated with sexual and social fidelity among prairie voles 5.

Study of V 1 -vascular vasopressin receptor gene microsatellite polymorphisms in human essential hypertension. And other similar questions In English, many things are named after a particular country — but have you ever wondered what those things are called in those countries? Statistical associations between the continuous and categorical predictors on the one hand and continuous and binary criteria on the other were estimated by using Generalized Linear Mixed Effects Models GLMM.

Primate social organization is often characterized by bonded relationships, and recent analyses suggest that it may have been the particular demands for pair-bonding behavior that triggered the evolutionary development of the primate social brain 1. Introduction to Quantitative Genetics. That an association between the studied gene and items reflecting pair-bonding was found only in men is consistent with the fact that the influence of vasopressin on social behavior is more prominent in male than in female voles This association could be detected also by assessing marital problems and marital status in men, and the perception of the quality of the marital relationship expressed by their spouses.

Examination of AVPR1a as an autism susceptibility gene. Genetic and environmental influences on marital relationships. In line with our assumption, carriers of the RS3 allele responded affirmatively more often to this question Table 3. This theory has gained support from studies assessing the possible association between AVPR1A and risk for autism 11 — 13 and other traits related to interpersonal relationships The Social Readjustment Rating Scale.

The intraclass correlation for the scale was 0. El alelo recesivo p produce ceguera a los colores. Kim SJ, et al. Variation in the vasopressin V1a receptor promoter and expression: The neurobiology of pair bonding.

Tentatively, such an association would be even stronger in a population also comprising subjects not involved in any long-term romantic relationships.


Discussion The results 34 the current study suggest an association between a AVPR1A polymorphism and human pair-bonding behavior possibly analogous to that reported for voles 8. It would also be of importance to assess the possible influence of this polymorphism on measures of pair-bonding that are more objective than self-report, such as proneness for cohabiting versus living alone, marriage, and divorce.

Esto introduce nuevos alelos en las poblaciones. By using the fact that the studied population comprised twin pairs, we finally made an assessment of the heritability of this parameter in alwlo studied cohort. Knafo A, et al. Mean, Aleko value for the Partner Bonding Scale standard deviation within brackets. The association between the RS3 polymorphism and the scores of the PBS prompted us to examine to what extent an influence laelo this polymorphism on marital quality could be detected when using other measures than the PBS.

Moreover, a recent study in healthy subjects suggests that the allele is associated with increased activation of amygdala, a brain region known to be of importance for pair-bonding behavior The conclusion of our study that the allele of the RS3 polymorphism influences brain function is well in line with previous observations. Changing views on pair bonding and social organization in hominoids. Footnotes The authors declare no conflict of interest.

The reliability, as measured with Cronbach’s alpha, was 0. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In English, many things are named after a particular country — but have you ever wondered what those things are called in those countries? Why English is hard: Los dos alelos pueden ser iguales o diferentes. Zygosity was determined primarily by genotyping.

alelo | Spanish to English Translation – Oxford Dictionaries

Cada padre puede heredar un mismo alelo o uno diferente, por cada gen. Open in a separate window.

The validity analysis, reported in the Materials and Methods section, showed that unmarried individuals scored significantly lower than married subjects on the PBS.

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