Alexander Berkman (Author) This is the unabridged republication of Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism, originally published by the Vanguard. Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism is an introduction to the principles of anarchism and anarchist communism written by Alexander Berkman . Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism () by Alexander Berkman Chapter Will Communist Anarchism Work? Chapter

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If I should steal something from you, you can call a policeman and have me arrested.

You mean that a handful of men gained millions, and that the big Capitalists made huge profits. They initiate bonuses for their employees, profit sharing, and similar methods designed to make the worker more satisfied and financially interested in the prosperity of his industry.

The whole system of capitalism and government is mobilized to crush every symptom of dissatisfaction and rebellion; aye, even any attempt to improve your condition as a workingman.

It has never been ascertained who placed the infernal machine which exploded during the parade, but the San Francisco police never made any serious effort to find the responsible party or parties. It says that no one has a right to take anything from you without your consent. As you leave your house in the morning, determine to be a Christian that day and speak only the truth. Tom Mooney was bitterly hated by the vested interests of San Alecander. Mutual help and cooperation gradually multiplied man’s strength and ability till he has succeeded in conquering nature, in applying bekrman forces to his use, in chaining the lightning, bridging oceans, and mastering even the air.


What is Anarchism?

Yes, I understand the workers must throw out their bosses and managers as the first stage of revolution. No, they produce nothing, though they may work. The law will punish the thief, and the government will return to you the stolen property, anaarchism possible, because the law forbids stealing. Videos About This Book. Berkman juga menyajikan metode-metode yang berangkat dari pengalaman lapangan untuk mencapai revolusi anarkis. So it happened that you were not born rich.

Similarly is breaking down the belief in other established institutions. Is it the fault of your brother or your neighbor or of any one?

So the whole matter seems to stand this way:.

They were killed, and the church and the school said that it was right, that they deserved death as rebels against the laws of God and man. Actually—to call any section of this book detailed is an ambitious stretch of the imagination, so the latter section is only detailed in relation to the former.

The freedom that is given you on paper, that is written down in law books and constitutions, does not do you a bit of good. So they go on spinning their philosophic webs and producing thick volumes to find out where you really enter in the scheme of things called life, and what you really want. At the core of the book is a concise and well argued case for anarchism. Buku ini sangat tepat menjadi pengantar untuk memahami anarkisme.

You can see it still more clearly illustrated in cases involving definite class issues, cases of the class struggle. Its beginning was marked by strikes declared in most of the large industrial centers.


By hook and crook they oppose your every advance as a class-conscious worker.

Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism/Chapter 24 – Wikisource, the free online library

In alxeander words, we are striving for the free cooperative commonwealth of Communist Anarchism. Can the world be made a better place for us to live in? But if there be a God, he must be just. You know what your life is when you are out of work; and when you do have a job, how the fear of losing it hangs berkjan you.

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat Since then all the surviving jurors have made statements to the effect that if the true facts of the case had been known to them during the trial, they would have never convicted Mooney. Refresh and try again. I recall one of my anarchist comrades saying she wasn’t too impressed with it, that the “translation” was bad although it was written in English, but she may have meant that Berkman’s English wasn’t good enough. Then in 20 hours work those shoemakers would produce the shoes our community needs.

Personal encounters, in which the best man may win, are extremely rare.

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