An allodial title gives you absolute right to land, without any obligation to any landlord, sovereign Getting allodial title is sometimes called getting a land patent. In this case, the owner will have an absolute title over his or her property. Property owned under allodial title is referred as allodial land. Allodial lands are the. Id. at At the lowest. MEMORANDUM OF LAW HISTORY, FORCE & EFFECT OF THE LAND PATENT. SECTION I. ALLODIAL v FEUDAL TITLES.

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Essentially, a Land Patent is the first conveyance of title ownership to land which the U. Government grants a citizen who applies for one. One of the earliest laws for granting Land Patents was passed by Congress on April 24, The law in prohibited the borrowing or use of “credit” for the purchase of government land.

In plain English, a Land Patent which gave alloodial an allodial freehold, that was “judgement proof and yes- even immune from tax liens. In [60] titlle, the only authority over you or your land was GOD himself.

Allodial Titles and Land Patents

In England, a man, who owned free from authority of the gitle, was known as a freeholder and his land as a freehold or allodial freehold. Most land patents in the Lanv. However, even today, new land patents continue to be issued, mostly for gas, oil and mineral rights on public lands. For this reason, there are several land offices that remain open in the United States. On the basis of all the case law I have seen, there is no doubt in my mind that a land patent issued by the Bureau lland Land Management which gives you a title at law is far superior to any title acquired in equity.

The land patent will, therefore, prevent your ejectment and removal from the land or the property you occupy on the land. The debts or claims of other parties will remain, but the land will be removed from assets which they can attach. The law is on the books today which says that any debts, which lie against the land, that existed prior to the land patent being issued, are removed from the land. The next question is; if the land patents were issued or more years ago to persons who are no longer patdnts, and if Alllodial now reside on only a portion of the land that was originally allodail in the original land patent, then how do I bring up the land patent in my name’?

And if I bring it up in my name, will it remove the land as security which the Bank or Mortgage Company can sell and seize in a foreclosure action? The procedures which I will describe are not time tested, as they have not worked their way through the U.

This does not mean that these procedures will not ultimately be successful. Any basis for a legal approach must be supported by a legal theory. We already know and can substantiate that an original land patent will protect your land allocial any equitable or collateral attack. The theory is based on two premises.

Since land patents were originally issued, nearly all conveyances of title were done by the use of deeds, like Quit Claim Deeds and Warranty Deeds. However, the money lenders found a way around land patents by creating, new patenfs instruments like deeds of trust and mortgages, all of which convey equitable interests.

Steps to Secure a Land Patent

However, the land patent its remains the highest title at law, and few persons have updated a land patent in their name. Where a land patent exists, no lien or mortgage could be ever placed on the land. Since the intent of the lawmakers is patenrs law, historic evidence shows that our founding fathers wanted us to own the land [62] in its entirety, and subject to the claims of no other man alkodial government or other institution.

Because the patehts were passed by Congress setting up Land Offices to grant land patents, the best jurisdiction in which to raise these issues are the Federal Courts. We have also learned that oil, gas and coal companies are filing these declarations on land already titled in their name through deeds. Now if these land patents were worthless pieces of paper, then why is everybody jumping on the bandwagon?


After the review of several different land patents, the one enclosed in this paper is, considered the one that best sums up what is to be said. The one major pitfall, that must be avoided, is that when filing the declaration of land patents, do not place the same legal description in the declarations that was in the original land patent issued by the Bureau of Land Management.

What this does is cloud the title to the property of other persons who are living in properties that are part of the legal description of the original land patent. As a result, several lawsuits were filed to quiet title. To prevent this from happening, you must write in your Declaration of Land Patent only the legal description of the property to which you are an assignee. In other words, the legal description from your deed or abstract is what you must use.

For this reason, the enclosed Declaration of Land Patent has in it, adequate language for this purpose. A Declaration of Homestead should be attached to your Declaration of Land Patent, but the legal description in your Declaration of Homestead must be acres or less to comply with Federal Law on filing Homesteads. Along with the declaration of Land Patent and the Declaration of Homestead patenst a certified copy of the original land allldial which you can obtain from your nearest land office.

These papers are patetns stapled together and filed in either your County Recorder’s office pahents with the Register of Deeds.

Bureau of Land Management. lqnd

You now have your allodial title. If you haven’t filed allodia, Declaration of Homestead, then you should do so and attach it to your Land Patent. You may file a Declaration of Homestead on up to [64] acres, but not more. A Declaration of Homestead can only be filed on property that you actually live on. A Land Patent can only be filed on property that has been assigned to you. You don’t file one on your neighbor’s property or they can sue you for slandering his title.

A Declaration of Homestead should be filed whether or not you file a Land Patent. It may be filed with, before, or after your lawsuit is filed.

A sample of both are enclosed. Make photocopies of both before using them or you may retype your own. After your Land Patent is filed, you must send a photocopy by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to your bank or mortgage company, FLB, FMRA, PCA, etc allodiial to any and all parties that may have an equitable interest in your property so they have been placed on NOTICE that you are updating the Land Patent in your name and they will have 60 days to challenge your claim to your allodial title in a court of law or forever keep their silence.

Be sure to keep your green tickets when they come back. Include the legal description on your property in the ad with this warning: If someone was going to file a claim against property that you thought was yours, would you not want to be given NOTICE? Also, filing the Land Patent is an excellent diversionary tactic, since the focus of the allofial battle shifts to who has the best title.

Remember, you are an Assignee to that original patent, lanx your claim is valid. Government signed a contract granting titld Land Patent to the original party, their heirs or assigns. The original contract does not specify any expiration date. If the original land patent is immune from equitable or collateral attack, then so is yours.

Where can I find more case law on Land Patents? At your local library at your courthouse or university. Also books on State Patemts Digests. Look underthe section on Land Patents. There is also material in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary. Also look under the term “Bureau of Land Management”. You will also find many court cases and related documents on the DCS computer system, especially in the directories:.

Pre – Supreme Court Cases. Post – Supreme Court Cases. This is the approximate cost for most copies of the original patents.


A copy of the County Plat map makes it easier for them to locate the patent or grant. You should receive it in 4 to 6 weeks. While it is generally believed in America today that the purpose of the American revolution was to pahents taxation without representation.

The primary reason for the revolution was to deliver America’s Land Titles out of the hands of Great Britain and return them to the people.

It was assumed by many, before the Revolution, that England rightfully “owned” America. It was because of this assumption that she gave grants of land to supportive Colonists, then taxes the Colonists as subjects. But, the patriots, of that day, insisted that the King of England did not own the land After the Revolution, the land became the property of each [67] State’s people, with the authority in the people to parcel out the land to claimants in a fair and equitable manner.

If some land remained unoccupied, Jefferson said: That simply meant that there was “No Superior” to the land owner. He was the Superior, the Sovereign on his land. To encourage railroad growth and provide transportation for over three million new settlers that had immigrated from the East into a wilderness devoid of roads, the government gave the first railroad land grant The contract said that it should be completed in six years and that seven qllodial of the company’s gross should be paid to the state in perpetuity.

Also, Uncle Titlf was permitted titlee his own charge for carrying troops, freight and mail, and eventually settled on fifty percent for the first two and eighty percent for the mail. The Illinois Central, then the longest line in the world, was completed three days before the allkdial set in One of the earliest laws for granting patents was passed by an Act of Congress an April 24, The law in prohibited the borrowing or use of credit for the purchase of government land.

When taxation of alllodial property began and the people did not object they voluntarily accepted the premiss that government was the Superiors and the land owner a mere serf in a patfnts relationship to his master. And the whole process helped to contribute to an ever increasing control by Lawless Government. This Lawless Government has been preparing America for the time when the land will be confiscated to pay off the indebtedness pqtents the Federal Reserve that has America on the verge of financial collapse.

According to conservative estimates, possibly half a million Allodlal. Jim Hightower put the goal of the previous administration at 10, super farms. No titlee knows what this administration might do. Hightower is the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. A total of “10,” farms for the nation has been the goal of public policy ever since the Committee for Economic Development wrote fitle Adaptive Program for Agriculture, but true to “People’s Republic” type thinking, the matter has never been taken up with the American Public.

Democrats and Republicans alike have allowed this policy to march forward, annihilating not only the family farm, but the freedoms of all Americans. So the mortgage foreclosures, in the words of the great thinkers, will deliver the landed resources of the United States into a few strong hands.

Truth – What Is A Land Patent – Allodial Titles

Thomas Jefferson would have called it “landed aristocracy. The founding fathers knew that free men could survive only as long as they owned property, because it was this ownership that accounted for broad spectrum distribution of income and preservation of the jury system. They also knew that manipulation of the money supply, via debt, would ultimately take from the people their substances, by concentrating the property into the hands of a few, which is now the curse of the majority of the world.

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