Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives. Alvin Toffler, Author, Heidi Toffler, Author. Knopf $ Revolutionary Wealth has ratings and 55 reviews. Starting with the publication of their seminal bestseller, Future Shock, Alvin and Heidi Toffler hav. Alvin and Heidi Toffler celebrate technology’s gains and foresee a richer Their new book, “Revolutionary Wealth,” builds on the framework of.

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But the “developed countries” cannot survive without some other country farming their food and manufacturing their products.

Revolutionary Wealth

They want everyone to be a slave to the money, working for a boss, to enrich the ones at the top. Now it’s filled with factory worker misery!

Apr 13, Jim rated it really liked it. The book criticizes people who glorify pre-industrial villages–“conveniently forgetting the lack of privacy, the sexism, and the narrow-minded local tyrants and bigots so often found in real villages. The deep fundamentals of time, space, and knowledge was also interesting.

Revolutionary Wealth by Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler | : Books

Chief among these is the need for a new approach to education. Interesting and thought provoking as always but not one of my notable books this year. This book is very optimistic about the future and praises all the scientific advancements of today and tomorrow. And once again, they provide a penetrating, coherent way to make sense of the seemingly senseless.


They write and lecture widely and their monthly column appears in major newspapers around the world. Old models of wealth from the agrarian and industrial epochs are being rapidly replaced with knowledge. References to this book Hyperborder: The book is wrong about society becoming more individualized.

Revolutionary Wealth: How It Will Be Created and How It Will Change Our Lives

What both The Third Wave and Revolutionary Wealth call into question is the very premise of monetary exchange.

Factory work may pay more, but that doesn’t make it better. Just clean the area and make sure there’s access to clean water and food. Social ScienceHistoryFuturology.

Revolutionary Wealth – Alvin Toffler, Heidi Toffler – Google Books

We are experiencing technical difficulties. And is privacy really so much better here? This book deals with the realities and problems in our 21st century, and surprisingly, bringing inspirational ideas and examples of how our imagination and innovation can still triumph over the tallest obstacles. In some moments Toffler enters in deep economy terms which I cannot understand it. But this act is illegal because the capitalist society doesn’t allow it.

Our regimented schedules are becoming more flexible. The major flaw this book has is without a doubt how it seems to jump from fact to fact in order to expose a point. Aug 26, Jay rated it liked it.


The authors argue that with the Third Wave revolution in knowledge intensive revolutionarg the world will forever be in a new state of growth, in that state the wealth generated to run our lives and the globe will be charting a revolutionary path. Nowadays “schedules are so individualized. The authors go as far as toying with the idea of a world without money, raising probably for the first time a third kind of economic transaction that reevolutionary neither one-on-one barter nor monetary exchange.

The list can go on, but generally is for anyone concerned about the future. Undoubtedly I will re-read some parts of this book when I accumulate more economic theory in my head. The future is going to be better and more impressive than anything we’ve ever seen.

Return to Book Page. El libro no trae demasiadas cosas nuevas. Their book is loaded with bits of intelligence. Alvin TofflerHeidi Toffler. So this “revolutionary wealth” is no different than any wealth of the past.

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