Amdocs Limited Completes Acquisition of Clarify Assets. Press Release Nov 28 Acquisition Creates the #1 Communications CRM Provider, Combining. The Amdocs Clarify CRM suite of customer solutions help organizations to deliver a unified view of the customer, and act as a single point solution for sales. Amdocs is a multinational corporation headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, with support and development centers located worldwide. The company.

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Product Report Note Number: Also it tightly integrates with Amdocs’ marketing and customer analytics solutions. Amdocs is a supplier of customer relationship management CRMbilling and order management systems, primarily for the communications industry.

Amdocs’ products are used by wireline, wireless, broadband, electronic, mobile commerce and IP service companies. Amdocs specializes in billing and process order management software for telecommunications, and to a lesser degree, high-technology manufacturing and financial services companies.

In lateAmdocs released ClarifyCRM 11 with many enhancements and a variety of new applications, including thin-client, browser-based versions of some of its most popular CRM products.

In Junethe ClarifyCRM line was fortified once again with the release of version 12, which is geared to operating through Web cllarify interfaces. The Amdocs ClarifyCRM Service and Support line is designed to help reduce the cost of customer interactions while concurrently optimizing the value of each interaction.

ClarifyCRM Service and Support also supports the activities of field service claeify and those that use Web-based knowledge bases. The products track customer information and metrics across all customer touch points for example, e-mail, phone call and Web inquiry.

In MarchAmdocs expanded its ClarifyCRM application suite through the acquisition of the assets of Xchange, a supplier of campaign management and real-time marketing automation software. Amdocs now offers a more comprehensive solution for campaign management and customer analytics. When used with applications from the Xchange-influenced ClarifyCRM Marketing and Analytics series, the ClarifyCRM Service and Support line not only handles service and support functions, but also leverages customer information for increased opportunities like cross-selling and up-selling.

ClarifyCRM Campaign clarjfy users through the planning, creation and execution of cross-channel, targeted marketing campaigns. ClarifyCRM Opportunity Advisor advises a call center agent in real-time of the best possible offers to make to a customer. It uses predictive behavioral analytics to enable enterprises to score and segment customers based on various criteria. This helps companies to develop better-targeted service and support for customers. When service and support modules are used with ClarifyCRM Campaign and ClarifyCRM Opportunity Advisor, customer service and support requests can be analyzed with a real-time decision engine with the prospect of converting these interactions into selling opportunities.

For example, Opportunity Advisor offers real-time rules, based on “in-session” information, to provide the service agent with relevant, context-driven recommendations. Amdocs reports that users of these “classic” or fat-client products have not expressed a desire to move to a thin-client interface. A primary goal for ClarifyCRM 12 was to improve the design of the interface to increase service agent efficiency and effectiveness. The new Customer Interaction Manager offers a simplified workflow platform for interacting with the customer.

It provides a comprehensive interface for accessing and distributing information based on customer profiles and service requests. It handles information on billing inquiries and adjustments, customer information requests, marketing clarfy, orders and purchases, and service inquiries.

The Customer Interaction Manager’s graphical interface reduces the need for redundant typing, provides flarify navigation clarlfy on customer information and requests, and offers a window manager that controls multiple interactions, as well as external programs and other Amdocs modules. Through its windowing capabilities, the Customer Interaction Manager integrates amdocz ClarifyCRM applications for campaign marketing, contracting, ordering, quoting, scripting and other activities.

The Billing Manager also operates with external billing systems. ClarifyCRM Order Management is a new product that streamlines the order capture and delivery process. Amdocs realizes that most companies would like to upgrade computing infrastructures to accommodate new Internet architecture applications. However, the vendor also acknowledges that today’s sluggish business economy is prohibiting many customers from doing so. Amdocs’ co-existence strategy allows companies to incrementally move to browser-based systems as business requirements and budget constraints allow.

Chordiant Software is U. The marketing products also are well established in Germany and Italy. Chordiant 5 comprises six service-related modules: The architecture allows for a great deal of flexibility through configuration and customization, much more so than traditional data centric out-of-the-box applications.

Oracle Service applications are designed to provide rapid and effective customer and product service problem resolution. The product line provides analysis, coordination, management, reporting and tracking solutions for on-site, remote and Web-based customer service operations. Pegasystems offers a strong business rules and workflow engine, but doesn’t have a ammdocs set of customer service products.


Instead, Pegasystems’ strong financial services and healthcare base use the vendor’s Business Process Management BPM system for developing, executing and managing decision-intensive applications that can be applied to customer service and support activities. The Pegasystems’ clarifh rules engine dynamically chooses the appropriate rule depending on six dimensions of rule resolution: Other BPM products can be used to add layers of “if-then-else” statements or, deterministic restrictions to existing rules when a change is required.

Despite the fact that Pegasystems does not offer a packaged customer service and support package, its BPM system is flexible enough to be applied to a variety of applications including customer service and support CSS and is widely used in its niche markets.

PeopleSoft amdocss its PeopleSoft 8 line, which comprises financial, marketing, sales, support and other components. Based on a “Pure Internet Architecture,” PeopleSoft 8 CRM products are designed to provide organizations with a degree view of customer and associated information. It clarfy functionality for customer identification, tracking case history and related cases, return material authorization RMA tracking, entitlement checking, knowledge management, problem resolution, branch scripting for up-sell opportunities and customer self-service.

PeopleSoft HelpDesk provides similar functionality to PeopleSoft’s CRM Support application, but is specifically designed clariry supporting employees rather than customers. PeopleSoft FieldService provides a service order management and field agent dispatch application. Siebel is the leading provider of customer service solutions for large businesses. The vendor offers the following CRM 7. Siebel Call Center coordinates, manages and synchronizes customer interaction across multiple channels.

Siebel Web Service enables companies to extend their service ckarify to the Web. Siebel Professional Services Automation PSA provides insight to and control of all service delivery processes, including financial, project and resource management elements. Amdocs is a proven entity in clagify telecommunications market, with strong product penetration within the industry.

Easy No-hassle Amdocs Clarify INTEGRATION

In its core vertical, Amdocs provides a leading, highly scalable CSS solution. It amdods built on a Java 2EE-compliant architecture with pre-built integration with its own billing system. The integration of Amdocs’ telecommunications-focused billing and new order management software with ClarifyCRM’s service and support portfolio coarify an attractive package for telecommunications companies.

The new Customer Interaction Manager provides a simplified and context-sensitive platform for handling customer interactions. The thin-client based system provides a one-stop interface for recording customer requests and initiating clarifyy. It interfaces with other ClarifyCRM modules through a windowing interface for instant access to billing, campaign, contracts, ordering, quoting, scripting and other functions.

Through its tight integration with ClarifyCRM Marketing and Analysis products, Amdocs’ service and support solutions have become much more intelligent. They now offer the ability to provide service agents with customer insight and with recommendations for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities at the point of contact. Through clariify and behavioral analysis, Amdocs’ CSS solution gives agents customer information that leads to a leveraged outcome. Amdocs has expressed a desire to reach out to other industries, including financial services and retail.

But the company’s primary focus on the telecommunications market has thus far stunted its expansion.

Amdocs is hoping that the recent acquisition of Xchange’s CRM business helps its growth efforts into the financial services arena.

Within the past year, Amdocs has introduced browser-based versions of its sales, billing, customer service and support, call center, and response center applications. But there are many products that are not available in thin client form. Until Amdocs migrates the entire client server portfolio across to the e-business architecture, there will be the ongoing requirement for coexisting architectures and multiple toolkits.

Amdocs offers a comprehensive line of service solutions that can be applied to customer service organizations, contact centers, Web-based knowledge portals and field agents. The product line has been strengthened considerably through Release 12’s Web orientation, as well as through an infusion of Xchange’s customer analytics capabilities.

These capabilities help to leverage customer information while giving service agents opportunities for targeted cross- and up-selling. Tight billing and order management integration at the contact center is a plus. Despite these advances, the challenge for Amdocs is to broaden its appeal beyond the telecommunications industry.

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Amdocs ClarifyCRM Service Solutions

The opinions expressed herein clariffy subject to change without clarifh. While Amdocs clariyf not brand by vertical, it offers bundled applications targeted to telco, high-tech manufacturing and financial services industries.

Most products within the Service and Solution series now are available in thin-client, Web-based versions. Provides online, visual processing monitoring through any ClarifyCRM desktop application Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition J2EE process execution engine for heightened performance and scalability Flowcharting capabilities for process modeling Drives user interface page display and scripts through model processing. A new development environment for creating ClarifyCRM Web client applications and data models Offers what you see is what you get WYSIWYG editing of user interface page layout and controls Uses wizards to speed customization off existing business logic and user interface pages Amddocs ClarifyCRM objects and components through graphical means Leverages existing Java tools and experience.


Designed to optimize the operations of customer call centers Allows customer service representatives CSRs to log, prioritize based on support entitlement and route customer inquiries cases Enables agents to set priorities, verify contracts, review case histories and track case-related costs Records all costs associated with a support inquiry, including call time, research time, parts and travel Carify be integrated with front-office applications for closed-loop accountability.

Thin-client version of ClearSupport Accessed through any standard browser from any location. Automates contract information and processes to assist companies in developing flexible service offerings Enables reps to sell complex services through such processes as quoting, entitlement tracking, financial management and renewals Defines service levels by combinations of department, product or question type Tracks customer interaction clariify to allow for charge-back options Dispatches personnel with appropriate skills for each case’s problem type Captures and displays a case resolution’s elapsed time for detailed reporting and efficiency monitoring Assesses business performance by account, performance and product line.

Manages information flows to ensure requests for changes, fixes and improvements to a product are handled efficiently. Tracks customer requests from initiation to resolution, creating an auditable information log Tracks a change request’s ownership, commitments and deadlines Offers automatic clzrify with associated notification and report production Notifies agents through e-mail, pager or an on-screen message of status changes for example, from “being fixed” to “fixed” or for expired time limits.

Comprised of two modules: Controls interaction with remote field agents Enables field service agents to receive appointments and have their schedule updated while away from the office Allows the claeify to access the enterprise database to obtain case details and history, directions to the company and customer information Allows on-site agent to search the diagnosis engine, request parts and update the case status Permits resolutions to be delivered over Wireless Application Protocol WAP phones and Windows CE and Palm OS handheld devices.

Provides tools for the display and manipulation of account information Offers a complete view of customer amdcs at multiple account-specific levels Handles contacts, contact roles, customer support activities, locations and service contracts Monitors and tracks all customer touch-points through e-mail, Web chat sessions, mail and telephone. Integrates with ClearHelpDesk and ClarifyCRM Support to automate configuration changes Enables the creation of case and subcase templates, which can be scheduled and tracked for statistical and audit information.

Provides an integrated workflow optimized for a high-volume call-center agent’s desktop Manages sales, support and marketing processes in call centers Supports a common workflow engine with access to a customer information database Provides a range of tools for optimizing a call center’s performance and delivering personalized service.

Thin-client version of ClearCallCenter Accessed through any standard browser from any location.

Handles employee problems and requests for internal help desks Enables inquiries to be logged, tracked and escalated based on pre-defined business processes Provides agents with relevant employee, inquiry and departmental information Resolves problems through a knowledge base of previous solutions to common problems Employees can serve themselves and log cases via e-mail.

Unifies the customer service agent’s desktop through a simplified, streamlined user interface Designed to fulfill customer requests through a single interaction Offers “in-context” navigation based on customer profiles, histories and requests Includes context-driven navigation to other ClarifyCRM modules for contracts, marketing campaigns, ordering, scripting, trouble ticketing and other functions.

Gives agents insights to and recommendations for company’s customers. Uses dynamic call scripts to cross-sell and up-sell relevant orders for telesales, telemarketing and customer service organizations Guides agents through personalized calls and assists in information collection Allows companies to easily create and modify complex scripts through comprehensive design capabilities Provides a set of tools to test, activate and analyze scripts Uses drop-down menus, natural language wording and multiple-language support Permits the inclusion of dynamic branching within a script and between different scripts.

Handles billing inquiries and adjustments at the first point of contact Applies consistent billing rules and guidelines across all interaction channels Supports integration to third-party billing systems.

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