Ototoxicidad Perturbaciones transitorias o definitivas de la función auditiva y/o vestibular inducidas por sustancias de uso terapéutico. Transcript of AMIKACINA. AMINOGLUCOSIDOS son un grupo de antibióticos bactericidas que detienen el crecimiento bacteriano. Aminoglucósidos Su principal problema es su nefrotoxicidad y ototoxicidad. siempre se asocia a un segundo antibiótico • Amikacina: uso muy extendido en.

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Four factors were found: Evitar la estreptomicina por el riesgo de ototoxicidad fetal.

Las variables recolectadas fueron: Se realizaron en un sector del servicio con el menor ruido ambiental posible. Cinthia Joizy de Oliveira Vieira.

Monografía de Antibioticos por Dr. Alfredo Reyes

Se concluye que aunque se reconoce la importancia de la acogida y su resolutividad, se constata la necesidad de capacitar y crear protocolos de direccionamiento. It has been used two combinations of descriptors. Inclusion criteria were articles published in Portuguese and English between andarticles freely available and electronically, be limited until elderly, have major depressive disorder and depression as main subjects, in addition to have relevant content to respond the objective of this study.

This is a quantitative investigation carried out in two phases: Lazlo K, Stein PhD. The objective of this study was to analyze the vaccination status of the Human Rotavirus Oral Vaccine in children in early childhood education. A arte aikacina pintar o ventre materno: Eliabe Rodrigues de Medeiros. Esto se debe a la falta de profundidad de la anamnesis -en ocasiones- y en otras, al desconocimiento de los ototoxicidsd. No hay estudios controlados de eficacia Rifampicina Rifabutina Ver grupo J01M La rifampicina se ha convertido en uno de los puntales del tratamiento antituberculoso.


The present study aimed to describe when, how and why the nurse and the midwife apply the painting on pregnant wombs. The UCI, in addition, is a closed unit with limited places, where the staff that works is highly specialized, making its functions limited to it.

Enfermería Actual en Costa Rica

A validated questionnaire was used to assess tuberculosis care. The depressive symptoms are the most frequent comorbidities among elderly on hemodialysis. Education plays a very important role in the safety of the mother and the fetus. After establishing the inclusion and exclusion criteria and critical analysis, four ototoxicidda were selected that relate to the answer to the question posed.


The studied population presented high prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease and there was a correlation between alcohol and tobacco use time with periodontal disease and with higher DMFT. Puede considerarse una alternativa a la rifampicina.

Francisco Javier Galarce Vargas. The objective of this study was to identify the capacity to offer and execute Primary Healthcare services to people with tuberculosis in a municipality in the Brazilian Northeast.

Sonaly Melo de Macedo. No hay estudios controlados de eficacia. Use of hearing aids in infancy. The objective of this study is to know the impact of ototoxicidwd associated with depressive symptoms on elderly health with hemodialysis. Among the results, it was found that in the period studied, ototoicidad, cases of hospital admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia were registered, which corresponds ototkxicidad 0.

Newborn and Infant Hearing Detection. Furthermore, it can be associated with higher risks of dialytic and cardiovascular complications, the increased morbidity and mortality, non-adherence to therapeutic and decreased quality of life, making the incidence of suicide ten times higher than general population.

Ana Gisella Quesada Mora. Among the results it is noted that the incidence in Pavas periodranged between An Esp Pediatr ; 40 sup.


We propose a study protocol for newborns with known risk factors. From the interviews, historical tree of womb painting has been drawn up and three categories emerged, which clarify when, how and why the nurse and the midwife apply this art.

Generalidades de las venas varicosas en miembros inferiores y su tratamiento durante el embarazo: Excepcionalmente puede producir hepatitis. The evidence indicates that no study directly responded to the clinical question posed, the investigations analyzed do not demonstrate evidence confirming oyotoxicidad the prophylactic use of amikacin is beneficial in patients undergoing surgery.

The intervention for the treatment of pregnant women is conservative therapy, only in exceptional cases will be determined another type of treatment.

Encuentra aquí información de Antituberculosos para tu escuela ¡Entra ya! | Rincón del Vago

Este estudio tuvo como objetivo evaluar la prevalencia de las enfermedades periodontales y caries en usuarios de drogas institucionalizadas. Universal infant hearing screening by automated auditory response measurement. This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of dental and periodontal caries in institutionalized drug ototoxiciddad.

The purpose of this study was to describe the cases of hospital admissions and the financial impact of pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia, Brazil between and It was concluded that there was an increase in the number of doses administered in the last years.

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