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It is becoming apparent to biochemists and those who work with energy that regulation and control in the body is dominated by quantum energetic fields rather than biochemistry. He felt definite improvement in about 5 min. Amized Fusion Technology – which resonates at Zero Point Energy to help our body access the source of the universal life force energy, which our body needs to promote health.

Amized Fusion Technology | Amega Product Review

Our body sources energy from the food we eat and also from the Bioenergetic Field. When administered for a period of time, it aids cell rejuvination, enhancing our inner vitality.

If we want to be healthy, we will need a healthy bioenergetic field without disruptions. Likewise, beta rhythms at the correct frequency can influence the spin velocity with liquid.

This site uses cookies. These technically engineered natural minerals are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level, using several high-heat fusion amizwd. This field of energy is constantly interacting with our environment and as it is a part of our body even though it cannot be seenit is also powered by the energy from the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and also draws energy from the atmosphere around us.

For the food and water samples, one wand was rotated in a smized circular motion approximately two inches away from the sample for approximately 2 minutes before re-testing. It is a process that neutralizes negative frequencies, clears contamination of substance and fills in the distortions in the energy field. Watch this short video demonstrating the Amega Wands effect on a lemon.

Soul Expansion with the New Frequencies. Fill out the contact info and email me to start including these products in your life! Introduction To Energetic Wellness Learn about what is energetic wellness and how it can transform your life and your health to make you youthful, happy, healthy and filled with vitality! Click on pics to enlarge. For any enquiries, please drop me an email at amegaenquiry gmail.


The quality zmized amount of nutrients we consume, the quality vusion amount of sleep and rest we have every day, the fysion of stress we are going through and the amount of internal abuse our body is taking affects our body. What clients are saying AFT products can also be applied in a number of creative ways on our environment, plants, skin and body care products, foods and animals to enhance their potency and quality.

These are the fields of the human body: Our Body’s own natural intelligence can channel the life force energy received to the points where it is needed most and when administered over a period of time, it aids technolofy rejuvenation and enhances our fusioh vitality.

Health and Wellness The Natural Way: What is Amized® Fusion Technology?

Speedy recovery and healing after suffering from muscle fatigue, muscle aches, wounds, surgical operation and traumas. When the bio-photon field is distorted this will bring about disturbance in the information system within which will result in physical deformations.

Your body can be restored to its natural state and resonate Zero-Point Energy, which will have a tecbnology positive effect on your body. For the human subjects, two wands were used at the same time for approximately 3 minutes in duration.

Samples were taken before and after exposure to Amized Fusion Technology. Anything measuring lower than MHz is considered to be low in vitality i. There is a correlation between our physical body, our energetic system and also the information system within our body.

In addition, Zero Point Field Energy is also crucial for healing to take place within our body. Our cellular emissions drop as low as 40 to 50 mill volts and that is the key to our fatigue and discomforts. Learn about what is energetic wellness and how it can transform your life and your health to make you youthful, happy, healthy and filled with vitality! When this happens, we fall sick and experience aches and pains.

These exposures restrict and impose their energy fields upon the human body. When we break the human body down, we will find that we are actually made up of billions of electrons, protons and neutrons which are powered by nothing more than energy.


The Body Electric by Robert O. My Tweets My student’s mother could not walk, he had to help her up. They are usually condensed together and form an energy field around us. Use the Amega Wand to Energize your food and water. The energy received is channeled to the points where it is needed most and when administered over a period of time, it aids cell rejuvenation and enhances our inner vitality and immunity by cleansing, charging and rejuvenating our body cells.

Start with 5 inch circles, then repeat the cycle with 4 inch circles, then again with 3, then 2, then Message Message cannot be empty. The human body has bio-energy fields that are made up of subtle organisms with energetic potentials that give strength and power to the biological field. It’s a resonance technology developed over a period of 15 years of research applying the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

I hear so many people say they have been waiting for this, especially Doctors! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Anything measuring higher than MHz is considered to be high in vital force, or consciousness, able to easily support life and well being.

The Amega Wand manufactured by Amega Global is a device infused with Amized Fusion Technologya proprietary name that refers to the harnessing of zero point field energy.

Wellness Revolution Amega Global Launch Amized Fusion Technology Zero Point Field Energy In USA

Why Do People Get Sick? AMization is the proprietary process created by Amega Global where they take organic matter and energize it to resonate at zero point amizfd.

With the Amized resonance our cells are nourished with pure life force energy, which increases the energy level of all cells which results in all organ and organ system functioning to its optimum performance and with the increase of energy level our body is able to “repair” or “heal” itself if there are any deficiencies. Thank you for contacting me:

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