An Approach to the Book of Mormon has ratings and 26 reviews. Pam said: Very interesting historical, linguistic, and cultural background thoughts abo. An Approach to the Book of Mormon by Hugh Nibley The World and the Prophets by Hugh Nibley Lehi in the Desert, The World of the Jaredites, There Were Ja. AN APPROACH TO THEBOOK OF MORMON by Hugh Nibley Third Edition John W. Welch General Editor (c) by Deseret Book.

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It makes sense don’t have time to finish the book though too long. I so enjoy having information confirmed that I had always felt was true but never had the background documentation to validate it. But the theological part of the argument depends on the rather historical part.

Nibley passed away in February, Free books by Hugh Nibley Sat Nov 15, One orchard yields many more. To date, with only one exception, no fault has been found with Nephi on technical grounds. Free books by Hugh Nibley Sat Aug 01, 3: Mar 26, Terry Earley rated it liked it. To Brother Nibley in these early years, the real payoff for his research came in the form of the ammunition it provided against the critics of the Book of Mormon.

He never wearies of telling how the Arab students, to whom he taught the Book of Mormon at Brigham Young University, reacted favorably to cultural elements contained in this book of scripture. Who can recommend the next one, the introductory one for me dc. On the contrary, it is thanks to all the work on the Book of Mormon that has already been done that a book like this was allowed to think in precisely niblej fashion.

Not reading it as a book, and not trying to understand the said and the implied, does damage to morkon narrative, imo.


My dream was paproach have a big business and not worry about money, play every weekend, etc. Free books by Hugh Nibley Fri May 10, 7: My adventurous and maybe reckless prediction only time will tell is that this particular earthquake whose initial effects may be only a distant rumbling for some time is the future of Mormon scriptural scholarship.

The Collected Works of Hugh Nibley. See all 10 reviews. They are always already dead; we give them life or consign them to the grave. Hugh Nibley was my neighbor while I was a teenager and young adult.

A New Nibley: An(Other) Approach to the Book of Mormon – By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

They were purged long ago, burned, banned, all in the interest of “tolerance” I was looking at Amazon. And I may have said that people have a hard time getting past angels and plates, though I doubt. Here are ten things which stand out to me: Hugh Winder Nibley was one of Mormonism’s most celebrated scholars.

Nov 05, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. While I understand that many will disagree with my thoughts on this book, there are two really, really important things that we can agree on: Indeed, I desperately want to see more and more! Time after time he remarks how perfectly obvious something should have been to him long before it was—it was there right under our noses and nobody saw it.

One tree yields an orchard. They would not, we could not make of the Book of Abraham an object of serious study. I enjoyed this just as I enjoy most of what Nibley wrote.

Hugh Nibley and the Book of Mormon

Brad Jenkins rated it it was amazing Jun 28, In the year A. This is an older work as most of Nibley’s are The letter is fully reproduced in Appendix D of the book “Hugh Nibley: August 7, ti 8: And the world is fed.


Free books by Hugh Nibley Wed Feb hhe, 9: Jun 21, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: Used to be a melchisedek priesthood manual for good reason. Off Christians ignorant of its origins, the evidence that supports its provenance, etc, read the Bible theologically in precisely this way.

Haftom Gebremariam rated it really liked it May 14, Although Nibley has a great sense of humor, and is extremely well-read in a number of languages, when he starts talking about proof for Mormon scripture he uses shoddy scholarship.

Many of the specific topics treated in Since Cumorah either already were or soon became the subject of individual articles.

A New Nibley: An(Other) Approach to the Book of Mormon

Nibley is notable for his extensive research and publication on ancient languages and culture, his vigorous defense of doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and for frankly discussing what he saw as the shortcomings of the LDS people and culture. Free books by Hugh Nibley Sun Mar 31, 8: He still rates these discoveries as his most important contributions to Book of Mormon research.

See An Approach, p. Whether the book and approach can do all the work that they apparently have cut out for them, I am not so certain. It is the only explanation that made sense mofmon me as I considered the actual geographic descriptions in the book.

The end result is to show how the Book of Mormon itself suggests that it be read typologically—the theologies of the prophets consist in elaborations of new ways of reading those who have come before:

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