angelica marquesa de los angeles. 5 likes. Book. angelica marquesa de los angeles. Book. 5 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. : El Camino De Versalles (Angelica Marquesa De Los Angeles) ( ) by ANNE Y SERGE GOLON and a great selection of similar. Results 1 – 30 of 46 Angélica, marquesa de los ángeles. 23% off Angelique Marquise DES Anges Angelique. Le Chemin de Versailles T.2 – Ed. D’Origine Gf.

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I found an interesting web-site yesterday which can be found here. It shows the Italian order of books first be warned, a very big font is used which includes ‘Demon’ in the listings and then proceeds to use the same list I have used above to show the projected Angelee dates and, like my list taken from the old Archange International site omits ‘Demon’.

Angélique, Marquise des Anges – Wikipedia

It’s a big shame that as ‘Demon ‘ is one of my favourites! To see my receipt for purchasing the first editions of the new published books please click here. And for other snippets of interest that will be added to as they happen please use the same link. Anne’s L’Archipel page here.

La maarquesa del rey. Book 4 – Angelica Supliciul de la Notre-Dame.

Angélique: The book series by Anne Golon

Book 5 – Angelica Lumini si angelws in Paris. Any updates will appear on this page which is subject to change on a regular basis. Over the years, Anne Golons original writing has been tampered with by editors and publishers and in some parts re-written by ghost writers hard as that is to believe.


Because of a variety of circumstances and the eventual death of her husband and co-writer Serge the enormity of the task of restoring the work was not discovered until relatively recently considering this started happening in the s.

It is interesting to see that the the two book titles preceding the announcement differ from the published versions. Recently, I discovered that the German Magazine ‘Der Spiegel’ had in fact quoted Anne Golon in an article as saying in that she was now ready to ‘break the writing hand’ having concluded her 6, page, book epic after 29 years. Der Fall schien ausgestanden.

The unfortunate English translation provided by Google reads “Only inafter 29 years and 14 epic wide-rolled volumes fully tenacious rancor and persistent flaming passion that Trivial tearjerker marqeusa a merciful end. Now she could, she added in an interview, “confidently break the writing hand.

The book covers: The worldwide editions of Angélique L’Intégrale

Proof loa of the original designs autographed by collaborators Iva Garo and Nadine Goloubinoff. This will be all-new material. In at the Salon du Livre in Geneva the first of the books were made available for sale to the general public.

A clever innovation with the original design of the Archange books is that they came with matching bookmarks as seen here:. Two further projected covers, which were work in progress, never saw the light of day.

Read all their promotional material here.

A new publisher and a whole set of new book covers featuring the eyes of famous paintings from the ‘Romantics’ period alternatives covers in different languages will be found here and even a change of book name:.

A change of publisher, a whole new look for the angeliac editions and then another change of imagery in the form of the ‘archi poche’ for these quintessentially eternal books. I’ve only been able to find the first four books in this format – all featuring the same figure with differing backgrounds.


The third printing brought a variation of the original ‘Romantics’ design to ArchiPoche:.


Today, whilst updating this page Mraquesa found yet another variation of the first two books on the Alapage site which is a big internet book site – these covers, I personally find quite unremarkable:. The late Fleya de Ugalde was one of our original international group as formed by the late Harvey Adkins.

Here is Fleya with the three books she completed prior to her death. This is a picture of the receipt provenance for the first editions bought at the Salon du Livre in Geneva in You will see that anteles bought three each of the first two books.

I am sure that my friends Joyce in America and Carol in the UK will not mind me mentioning that they asked me to buy these for them when dde heard Andrew and I were heading off to Geneva.

They, together with ourselves wished to be included and share in this historic moment anelica awaited by Anne Golon’s fans. The publication schedule looks like this: The original Archange designs and titles can be seen below: Back to Top Page updated:

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