Food habits of Anilius scytale (Serpentes: Aniliidae) in the Brazilian Amazonia. Gleomar F. Maschio; Ana Lúcia da C. Prudente; Francílio da S. Rodrigues. PDF | Information on the diet of Anilius scytale is provided based on the analysis of specimens from the Brazilian Amazonia. Deep in the Amazon rain forest there lives a fairly small, fairly obscure, red and black snake called Anilius scytale. It is banded, like many red.

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She was one of the first trained artists to conduct detailed, long-term studies of living organisms, and the first published female naturalist.

ADW: Anilius scytale: PICTURES

This snake possesses a vestigial pelvic girdle that is visible as a pair of cloacal spurs. Women of Art and Science”. Coral Cylinder Snakes G: Snake Species of the World: Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. Amphibien und Reptilien in Peru. Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

External links National Center for Biotechnology Information http: Global Ecol Biogeogr MacCulloch, and Amy Lathrop Morphologically, it has a mixture of characteristics that place it somewhere in the no-man’s-land we call ” henophidia “—it has pelvic vestiges like many boas and pythons, but it has a small gape and is not capable of eating large bulky prey.


It is banded, like many red and black snakes, but it has no venom, so it may be a coralsnake mimic. Anklius de Souza The Pipesnake that Wasn’t.

Liste preliminaire des Serpents de la Guyane francaise.

Saturday, February 28, Anilius: She was the first to document that caterpillars turned into butterflies, and she described the life cycles of hundreds of insects, amassing evidence that contradicted the then-widespread notion that insects were “born of mud” by spontaneous generation although others were credited with this discovery for a long time because her work was largely ignored, because it was written in Dutch rather than Latin. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Amphibians and reptiles of Guyana, South America: Natural history of snakes in forests of the Manaus region, Central Amazonia, Brazil. Reptarium The Reptile Database. Snakes of the Anilisu Check List 7 3: The snakes of Trinidad and Tobago.

Aniliidae StejnegerGenus: Figures and Representations — 17th century to present. Anilius scytale Red Pipe Snake Diet.

The amphibians and reptiles of Manu National Park and its buffer zone, Amazon basin and eastern slopes of the Andes, Peru. ScyaleMerian and her fifteen year-old daughter traveled to Surinam, where they spent the next two years studying and drawing the indigenous animals and plants, including several snakes.


Linnaean Names in South American Herpetology. Out of it came 2 beautiful publications which can be found at this website.

Anilius scytale | reptile |

Bibliotheca Herpetologica 9 Can you confirm these amateur observations of Anilius scytale? It has a cylindrical body of uniform diameter and a very short tail; it is brightly banded in red and black but without yellow bands ; reduced eyes lie beneath large head scales.

Posted by Andrew Durso at 8: Resultados zoologicos de la expedicion de la Universidad Central de Venezuela a la region del Auyante’pui en la Scyytale Venezolana, Abril de It is reported to be ovoviviparous and feeds on beetlescaecilians burrowing amphibiansamphisbaenids legless lizardssmall fossorial snakesfishand frogs. The defensive tail display of Anilius scytale Serpentes: Venezuela Bolivar ; Type locality: Anilius Scientific classification Kingdom:

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