characteristics of the various types of antennas listed in Table . II- Antenna E- plane: Circumferential direction of spacer. 0. Am plitude [d. B] Ver 8 • 08/ surface temperature from C. The sensor operates over a long distance via the relay and coordinator network covering a very large field as shown in the chart Figure 1. The IRT may be . Part no is SPIP-ACC24, and is an exposed antenna. See Zigbee packet or for further details. 0. CQ-C/CU. Removable Full Front MP3 WMA CD Player/Receiver with Full Dot Matrix Display and. CD Changer .. Wiring diagram, upgrading the system 1, upgrading the system 2, speaker 2/Ver. 8/Ver.9* 64 kbps− kbps No Antenna. The antenna lead is a thick, black wire with a metal plug at the end.

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A waypoint is the simplest piece of information your equipment requires to get you to a destination, in the shortest distance possible.

Shifting the Display The plotter display can be shifted on the plotter display as below. The impedance and pattern properties of an antenna will be frequency independent if The antenna shape is specified only in terms of angles. Latitude and longitude of cursor intersection Waypoint data waypoint selected with cursor Own ship position soft key Destination By positioning them inside a cavity that filled by absorber material, they become uni-direction. Current level is shown on the bar.

Published by Geoffrey Nash Modified over 3 years ago. Shifting The Picture 2.

It is shown in black when the amount of cross-track error is within the XTE monitor range and yellow when it is charf. DuHamel conceived an element called the sinuous antenna.


Show the plotter display and antennx the [MENU] key open the main menu. This function is useful for alerting you past possible collision situations. Working With Track 3. When this happens, select proper chart scale.

Broadband Planar Antennas

Use the correct fuse 10A for 12 V, 5A for 24 V. Sea clutter may affect radar performance because real targets are sometimes hidden by the echoes of small waves. Advancement Synchronized With Ship’s Speed 4.

One of them is the true echo directly reflected by the target and the other is a false echo which is caused by the mirror effect of a large object on or close to your ship as shown in the figure below.

Description Of Presentation Modes 2. Share buttons are a little bit lower. The echo stretch function magnifies these small blips in all ranges. Press the EDIT soft key to show the waypoint switching window. Plotter Setup Plotter Setup This paragraph provides the information necessary for setting up the plotter display. A vector is a line extending from a tracked target which shows speed and course of the target.

Press the [MENU] key to show the menu. Selecting Radar Source 1. Marker-zoom display The marker-zoom display expands a selected area of the normal sounder picture to full vertical size of the screen on the left-half window. Measuring Range By Cursor 2. A-scope display display only The A-scope display, available in all modes, shows echoes at each transmission with amplitudes and tone proportional to their intensities, on the right of the screen.

Inserting waypoint from the route list 1. When no destination is set, the course or heading is at the top of the screen at the moment the course-up mode is selected. Preventive Maintenance Regular maintenance is important for optimum performance.


Message Memory card is not Memory card not inserted. Temperature Unit Chooses unit of water temperature measurement. Press the [GAIN] key. Page 33 Sounder 1. What is a planar antenna? Replacement Of Fuse 7. Page Horizontal Cursor Vertical Cursor 5.

sinuous antenna.

Page 81 Virtual image A relatively large chrat close to your ship may be shown at two positions on the screen. This mode is useful for discriminating bottom fish from the bottom echo.

Range Scale The range setting determines the size of the area in nautical miles that will appear on your display.

Data Boxes Setup 5. These are tabulated below.


Selecting a Display 1. For example, selecting the circle shape will join lines with a circle as below. False target situations may be recognized, however, if you understand why they are displayed.

Principle of Operation The video sounder determines the distance between its transducer and underwater objects such as fish, lake bottom or seabed and displays the results on screen. Own ship position Intended Range Scale Range Scale The range setting determines the size of the area in nautical miles that will appear on your display.

Using The Offset Ebl 2.

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