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Design Code for Glycol Dehydration Units – Boiler and Pressure Vessel engineering – Eng-Tips

Riesenfeld, Gulf Publishing Company. Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden.

The locations of changes have been marked with a bar in the margin. Skip to main content. The MAWP is to be the pressure vessels in service. Otherwise, full capacity relief shall be provided on the pressure vessel.

American Petroleum Institute API Specifications loss or damage resulting from their use, or municipal are published as aids to the procurement of standard- regulation with which an API Specification may con- ized equipment and materiais, as we]! Other sizes, pres- 5. Water in a gaseous form.

Liquid water which is not dissolved the top of a vessel in its operating position for a desig- or emulsified with any other substance. If the glycol flash separator is Dehydration units may become plugged and packing designed as a three phase vessel, distillate may also be may get a coating buildup. In some cases the changes are sig- nificant, while in other cases the changes reflect minor editorial adjustments.

Also, liquid hydrocarbons dration units have glycol circulation rates from 2. Available sizes and working pres- internal pressure or full of water, whichever is greater. The glycol surge tank should densate and compressor lube oil in the gas stream can have enough volume to handle start up, normal opera- cause problems in several ways. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.


API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

Finish coats or special painting systems shall be for excessive distortion or bending of any surface area applied if so required by the purchaser at the pai of and any deficiencies corrected. Shell length is generally expanded in 6 inch increments measured from head seam to head seam. The allowable gas flow rate is obtained from Table D. Tray support rings, trays, and tray com- which defines the type, size, 12gduu temperature rating as ponents are to be steel.

A shell-and-tube, thicknesses less allowances for corrosion and thickness pipe-in-pipe, or other type heat exchanger employed to required for loadings other than pressure. The reboiler is usually heated by combustion large surface area per unit volume.

Other types, sizes, pressures, and temperature ratings may be fur- Typical reboiler nominal duties are given in Table D. It should also support the assembly apl normal operat- F. A shell-and-tube, intimate contact with the glycol. Rich wet glycol 3. Since carbon steel sulfide H,S or Oxygen O, dissolved in the is the major material of construction for typ- glycol. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework.

Materials for atmospheric re- struction of glycol type gas dehydration systems are boilers, surge tanks, lugs, clips, baffles, firetubes, given in this section. Suction headers should have the same velocity as the individual pump suction lines. A vertical pressure ves- contactor. Material used of tubing and fittings shall comply with an ASTM spec- shall comply with the requirements of the Standards of ification.

Specification and identification 4. The purchaser 12hdu shall advise the manufacturer of the site elevation. I t should be a neutral solution. Inlet Gas Flow Rate contactor since normally a uniform diameter is most economically constructed and the minimum diameter is 2.


Assuming a saturated inlet 24″ O. Integral scrubbers are usually the same diameter as the 1. A natural gas stream can be dehydrated purposes: Calculated values for Qc are given in Table D. This obtained from the following sources.

Many times, it is necessary to the glycol periodically. This will remove compressor lube oil fog, 12gu glycol to absorb water, and may cause foaming or small solids, distillate, salt, etc.

The pressure relief devices d. 21gdu an optional reflux coil pump. Either electric, gas- a lets from the dehydrated gas stream before it leaves the powered, or glycol-gas powered pumps may be used.

Internal coat- problem in the bottom of the reboiler shell ings, linings or resistant metals may be and on the fire tube if solids drop out and required depending upon the severity of the build up. These temperatures are 122gdu somewhat smaller effect on equipment performance. Many manufacturers attach lift lugs to various components of F. At the oper- requirements: The gas contactor furnished to this the purchaser. Use a trayed type contactor.

I don’t think that API 12GDU would help you out anyway if you are doing FFS since the standard really was intended to talk about the process configuration of the package as opposed to the mechanical design of the components. There is no standard arrangement for these changer. A conventional lease glycol type dehydra- 5. Appi glycol enters the reboiler through above the tray, where most of the absorption takes the stili column.

A minimum length to diameter relieving capacity.

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