Examples and Tutorials for AquaLogic Service Bus™ These examples offer several approaches to learning about and working with AquaLogic Service Bus. BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials Illustrates how to use the AquaLogic Service Bus to do routing, transformation and to create proxy services that interact. Weblogic – Aqualogic Service Bus – EAI – Part 1 This blog is to gather my learnings and understandings about Weblogic(WL)’s Aqualogic.

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You must start the server before building the Web services. To deploy the Tutoorial service, enter antthen press Enter. Each pipeline consists of a sequence of stages, each stage containing actions.

Business service also helps to fail-over services. For example, consider a case, where you have web service, is contacted by two different vendors clients with two different XML requests.

Aqualogic Service Bus Tutorial | Oracle Technologies Primer

In this statement, replace the namespace java with the namespace lg: On systems using Windowsthe length of the class path prevents you from running ant tasks executed during the tutorial.

The resources required for this scenario are described in the following table.

A primary mortgage company uses AquaLogic Service Bus to route loan applications to appropriate business services. You must create an XQuery expression to do this. Document Conventions The following conventions are used throughout this document: The routing table now contains an expression that determines the routing behavior.

The credit rating information is added to the loan application and the application is then forwarded to the secondary mortgage company’s business service to be processed.

Oracle Service Bus

This article does not cite any sources. This directory has two subdirectories: Each pipeline consists of a sequence of stages, each stage containing actions. You can invoke the Configuration Wizard in the graphical mode or console mode. After ttutorial complete the steps required to set up the tutorials, you can proceed to Tutorial 1.


You will learn how to configure and use AquaLogic Service Bus to resolve the business scenarios presented in the squalogic use cases. In the configuration dialog, note the default name for the node is RouteNode1 ; click Save. Working through the tutorial you will:.

Articles lacking sources from July All articles lacking sources Articles with topics of unclear notability from January All articles with topics of unclear notability Articles with a promotional tutoriwl from January All articles with a promotional tone Articles with multiple maintenance issues. The determination of bjs operation is done through user-selected criteria. In this step, you will import the WSDL resource, and create the proxy service and the business service required for the tutorial:.

These tutorials highlight specific features available in AquaLogic Service Bus. The response processing starts with the relevant operation pipeline which then joins into a single service-level response pipeline.

A valid username and password is required aquallogic start the server, if a production mode domain is used. You will add a new namespace on this page.

Introduction to the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials

Change Domain Configuration Settings Step 4: Change to the normal directory: These tutorials show how AquaLogic Service Bus is used to route a loan application to appropriate business services based on the configurations set in the proxy service. This step includes the following tasks:.

The AquaLogic Service Bus Console also enables you respond rapidly and effectively to changes in your service-oriented environment. Note that no units are assigned to the loan amount; it can be dollars or any other unit of currency. If there are more than one target service multiple instances of same service for scalabilityall the URL can be added to single business service.

Recall that you configured the request message to the loanSaleProcessor business service to change the namespace to that required by that service. Subsequent steps Step 4: Hi Arun, Can you tell me the difference between a service callout,pubish and a route node and when to use what.


A primary mortgage company uses BEA AquaLogic Service Bus to identify and re-route loan applications that can be sold to secondary loan companies. The work you must do to accomplish the transformation and namespace replacement is the same regardless of the model you choose. The build script is used to build each of the services. Define a transformation on an XML message, based on XQuery, supporting a callout to a Web service to gather additional data for the transformation.

In the case of the tutorial scenario, it is easier to add the actions to the request and response actions of the existing route node rather than create a separate pipeline pair, add a stage, and then add the transformation actions to that stage. So, we have completed the installation of ALSB and before I start next topic, you could play around with various options in admin console to get used to it. This is an application could be web application that runs in an web container.

The files to be configured are located in the following directory:. The structure of the loan request document is displayed.

Installing Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 on Mac Os X

These are the WSDL resources. When server is up and running, it would open Weblogic Admin console automatically. The AquaLogic Service Bus Console is comprised of JSP-based portlets that support the configuration and design of the proxy service message flows and the associated resources.

You must execute the following steps to set up and run the tutorials:. This separation allows implementations aqyalogic evolve independently and dynamically, as driven by the needs of the business without requiring costly infrastructure development efforts.

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