?products_id=29&osCsid= 44bfac0b83fdedaca8ae Arahat Athersata. “The Precious One Who Contemplates. ARAHAT ATHERSATA (Sanskit) which means: “The precious one who contemplates the times” Excerpt from the inspired writing from a higher spiritform. Javier V. Maldonado ha descubierto este Pin. Descubre (¡y guarda!) tus propios Pines en Pinterest.

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But after that state of about 40 to 60 million years, the spirit no longer requires a purely material body and becomes a half-spirit body. But this, therefore, is also because the great masses of humans were hardly aware of this power until now, because it was kept secret from them, athersataa millennia, by those who were most exactly oriented about itand in the picture.

Billy describes the neurophysiological basis for, and psychological elements of. That is why this knowledge appears to him like a book with seven seals.

The genuine knowledge, the far reaching and very powerful, however, is completely foreign arahxt unknown to most secret societies, whereby they mostly indulge in nonsense and false teachings. My existence in material form has since ur-times ceased and has found itself in the Being of a to you foreign arahatt, which you are still far subordinate. Education of Children, Adolescents and Adults.

Introduction into the Meditation. They were often forbidden, under penalty of death, to give away their knowledge, understanding and ability.

Correct thinking and knowledge is such a monstrous power that it is able to ceaselessly attract and bring into being everything that the human thinks and longs for.

Als strengstens verbotenes Wissen wurde alles den Geheimwissenschaften einverleibt, zu denen, kein normaler Aussenstehender jemals Zutritt hatte. Please read this explanatory word about atbersata translations. Not logged in Create account Log in. Goblet of the Truth. Thereby the human would be scourged by ignorance, and deprived of, and kept distant from, his rightful knowledge. Yet also thereby, still always extreme caution is called for, because the most varied secret societies still always exist who keep the very great secrets athersaga the secret sciences — or at least believe that they keep these — that they want to keep in their circles with every possible means of force.

  78L05 SOT 23 PDF

Questions to Aghersata from May Nokodemion, his series of personalities.

Arahat Athersata

As the most strictly forbidden knowledge, everything was incorporated into the secret sciences, to which no normal outsider ever had access. Indeed here the question would now arise, how is positive thinking atherssta be achieved and attained; namely positive thinking in balance. Because knowledge means monstrous power and the correct formation of life. Where there is no more religion, because the human has finally recognized himself as God, there are also no more Popes, Ministers, bigwigs, Rabbis and Bishops, and so forth, who mislead the people and can demand their worldly possessions.

Yet why is that? Du bist verwundert, meine Gedanken in dir zu erfassen, doch wirst du bald verstehen, dass du deiner Verwunderung nicht bedarfst. aeahat

Meditation From Clear Visibility. Through Space and Time. The genuine secrets of the secret sciences are effectively only very difficult to gain access to, and are known to only a few initiated circles. Richtig denken und wissen ist eine so ungeheure Macht, dass sie restlos alles anzuziehen und herbeizuziehen vermag, was der Mensch sich denkt und ersehnt. It may contain errors. It then lives only in half-material form for an additional 60 to 80 billion years and in such lofty spheres that we can no longer communicate with it from the purely material human level, except when there exists a very high consciousness-related and spiritual level of evolution.

Arahat Athersata | FIGU-Shop

Excerpts from newspapers and journals about BEAM. As viewer of the times I recognised the truth of the things in their origin and in their effects, athsrsata I will now reveal through you in to you human beings arahatt words. Atbersata actions View View source History More.

Researching a Real UFO. Around the Fluidal Energy. A human being may become hundreds or even thousands of years old when he has reached a certain spiritual and consciousness-related state of relative perfection and a correspondingly high and sound way of living.

Where there are suddenly no more wars and is no more strife, no more materials of war would be needed, and where there is no more hunger and other evil, no unscrupulous business-makers can further launch their filthy finances. Law of the Love. Thus my thoughts follow and lay them down in lasting and good, readable text. Secrets of arahah Parish Priest. Darum wird der Mensch in Unwissenheit gegeisselt und des ihm zustehenden Wissens beraubt und ferngehalten.


It is also the name of a book transcribed by Billy Meier that contains advice to the Earth human from pure spirit forms on the Arahat Athersata plane. Laws and recommendations of the behaviors.

Meine Gedanken dringen zu dir, dir eine Schrift zu inspirieren, die du niederschreiben sollst. Therefore, how does one think positively?

Adventures of a Globetrotter. Before this question can now be answered and the correct way pointed out, still some things must first be explained; things that are of great significance; things that essentially are not permitted to be said, because they partially belong to the strict secret sciences, to which the so-called athersaga person has no access.

Consequently, they are therefore kept secret, whereby countless atbersata teachings of the most various sciences can be sustained.

The Arahat Athersata is also the first level or plane where dwell the pure spirit forms. Earlier these so-called average people were cruelly tortured to death even if they only caught sight of one of the books of the secret sciences, but these barbaric standards have partially loosened somewhat in the past centuries to The following is an unauthorized preliminary translation by Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg of www.

Teaching and Proclaiming the Truth. So folge meinen Gedanken und lege sie nieder in bleibender und guter, lesbarer Schrift. Human being of the Earth, I wish for you…. From the Depths of Outer Space.

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