Records – Nikomahova etika. . Ética a Nicómaco. Aristóteles. Ética. []: Julio Pallí Bonet & Tomás Calvo Martínez · Introduction Teresa Martínez. Aristóteles. Koloreei Aristotel. Nikomahova etika. Ética a Nicòmac: libres I, VI i X. []: Carles Miralles · Introduction – Comments Salvador Feliu Castelló. “Aristóteles y los publicistas. El anuncio de televisión como “Aristoteles Etica a Nicomaco” · “Aristoteles Etica Nicomaque ” – “Aristoteles over de vrouw [.

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And so practical ethics, having a good character, requires knowledge. According to Aristotle, akrasia and self-restraint, are not to “be conceived as identical with Virtue and Vice, nor yet as different in kind from them”.

According to Aristotle, contemplation is the only type of etiica activity it would not be ridiculous to imagine the gods having. In chaptersAristotle addresses some objections or questions that might be raised against his definition of happiness thus far.

Nicomachean Ethics – Wikipedia

Aristotle states that if recognition depends upon likeness and kinship between the things being recognized and the parts of the soul doing the recognizing, then the soul grows naturally into two parts, specialised in these two types of cause. Desire without understanding can become insatiable, and can even impair reason. Aristotle notes that the type of friendship most likely to be hurt by complaints of unfairness is that of utility and reminds that “the objects and the personal nikomahpva with which friendship is concerned appear [ By force assault imprisonment arisgoteles seizure, rape maiming verbal abuse slanderous insult.

Aristotle says that such a person would also be a serious spoudaios human being, in the same sense of “serious” that one contrasts serious harpists with other harpists. Lawmakers also eyica in this way, trying to encourage and discourage the right voluntary actions, but don’t concern themselves with involuntary actions.

Wisdom is aimed at for its own sake, like health, being a component of that most complete virtue that makes happiness. What is just in distribution must also take into account some sort of worth. This can sometimes be complex because parties may not be equals. EthicsMulticulturalismand Feminist Philosophy.


File:Aristotelis De Moribus ad Nicomachum.jpg

The vice that occurs most often in the same situations is excess with regards to pleasure akolasiatranslated licentiousness, intemperance, profligacy, dissipation etc. Aristotle ranks some of them as follows: As long as both friends keep similarly virtuous characters, the relationship will endure and be pleasant and useful and good for both parties, since the motive behind it is care for the friend themselves, and not something else.

So according to Aristotrles, anger can be virtuous and rational in the right circumstances, and he even says that a small amount of excess is not something worth blaming either, and might even be praised as manly and fit for command. Parts of this section are remarkable because of the implications for the practice of philosophy.

At one point Aristotle says that examples of areas where dishonest boasting for gain might go undetected, and be very blameworthy, would be prophecy, philosophy, or medicine, all of which have both pretense and bragging. The temperate person desires the things that are not impediments to health, nor contrary to what is beautiful, nor beyond that nikomahoa resources.

Aristotle also points out that we do not give much gratitude and praise at all to someone simply for not taking which might however earn praise for bikomahova just.

The vices then, are voluntary just as the virtues are. To truly be a virtuous person, one’s virtuous actions must meet three conditions: Chapter 4 states that while most would agree to call the highest aim of humanity eudaimoniaand also to equate this with both living well and doing things niklmahova, there is dispute between people, and between the majority hoi polloi and “the wise”.

Men are sometimes even called courageous just for enduring pain. Because he is aiming at a spectacle, a person with this virtue will not be focusing on doing things cheaply, which would be petty, and he or she may well overspend.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the Nicomachean Ethics. This is a similar subject to the last one discussed concerning surliness and nlkomahova, in that it concerns how to interact socially in a community.

He adds that it is only concerned with pains in a lesser and different way. So there are two ways that people lose mastery of their own actions and do not act according to their own deliberations.

Nicomachean Ethics – Wikidata

Aristotle mentions here that self-restraint is also not a virtue, but refers us to a later part of the book Book VII for discussion of this. But he does say that magnificence requires spending according to means, at least in the sense that poor man can not be magnificent.

But we must add “in a complete life”. Aristotle then turns to examples, reviewing some of the specific ways that people are thought worthy of blame or praise. The intellect is indeed each person’s true self, and this type of happiness would be the happiness most suited to humans, with both happiness eudaimonia and the intellect nous being things other animals do not have.

Taking this approach, Aristotle begins by saying that aristoteels highest good for humans, the highest aim of all human practical thinking, is eudaimoniaa Greek word often translated as well-being or happiness. Chapter 6 contains a famous digression in which Aristotle appears to question his “friends” who “introduced the forms”.

For one swallow does not make a summer Thomson: Aristotle appeals to popular opinion that pleasure of some type is what people aim at, and suggests that bodily eticw, while it might be the most obvious type of pleasure, is not the only type of pleasure.

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