· reference URL gaidar/. About Arkady Gaydar: Arkadi Petrovich Golikov, better known as Arkadiy Gaidar ( Russian: Аркадий Гайдар), was a Soviet writer, whose stories were very pop. This memorial is in memory of the famous writer and later partisan Arkady Gaidar who fell on 26 October Do you have more information about this location.

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In this story, the peaceful Soviet motherland is subjected to a perfidious sneak attack by bourgeois forces.

Real family name, Golikov. I used to be a regimental commander. A countrywide movement, known as the Timur movement, sprang up.

They appeared in print between and He was given 15 days to complete the job. And so he considered it his duty as a writer to prepare young readers for the grave trials ahead. Immediately upon finishing the script, Gaidar volunteered to reenlist in the army and be sent to the front. He accepted the offer and on 7 Novemberthe 8th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the paper printed his story Uglovoi Dom “House on the Corner”and for the first time he used the pen-name of Gaidar.

In Gaidar was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honour. In Decembernow a platoon commander on the Polish front, Arkady received a shrapnel wound to the leg. Accordingly, the pseudonym is constucted from the first letter of his last name Golikov Gthe first and last letters of his first name, Arkadii A, Ithe French possessive D’and the first two letters of his home town, Arzamas A,R.


On the second day of the Great Patriotic War, Gaidar was given an emergency assignment. A captivating account of an altruistic pioneer youth gave birth to the mass Timur movement among Young Pioneers and other children’s organizations all over the Soviet Union. He and his friends began to help dependants of men who were in the armed forces, but they did it secretly, so as to remain anonymous and to shroud their work in the aura of mystery so dear to children.

He retired from the army in due to a contusion.

Timur Gaidar – Wikipedia

Timur was a schoolboy, a member of the Young Pioneers, who thought up a splendid way of assisting the Soviet Army. Arkady’s son, Timur Gaidar published two versions of the pseudonym’s origin: Gaidar gaisar mainly feuilletons for Zvezdawhich printed of them between and In the fall ofGaidar and other soldiers were surrounded by German troops.

Fresh from the 7th Moscow Red Commanders’ courses Gaidar went to the Ukrainian later Polish baidar as a company commander. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Previous day Next day. He was capable of great rage and once, in a fit of anger, smashed up an apartment. This is my first novel. Arkwdy page was last edited on 1 Septemberat He is captured and tortured, but remains true srkady his word and does not reveal the great military secret of what makes the motherland and the workers xrkady the world so strong.

Inteams of timurovtsy all over the country, in addition to helping the families of soldiers, did large amounts of unskilled work: As ships sail past they wave to the boy, As planes fly past they dip their wings to the boy, As locomotives race past they whistle to the boy, As Young Pioneers march past they salute the boy. In Arkady, then 14, decided that he too would join in the fight.


Timur Gaidar

Retrieved 26 February Boris Yeltsin asked him to serve first as deputy prime minister, then as finance minister and then as acting head of government. In Augusthe became a party member and in December volunteered for the Red Armyhaving lied about his age.

As the Great Patriotic War broke out, Gaidar was sent to the front as a special correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. Back in school, he listed his favorite activity as “books”.

Arkady Gaidar – Wikipedia

However, the marriage broke up and in Gaidar moved to Khaborovsk to work for the newspaper Tikhookeanskaya Zvezda. Retrieved 26 February He had three sisters, Natasha b. During there were more than two million timurovtsy in Russia. This is my novel.

He took only 12 days. When World War I began and his father was drafted into the army, gaidzr young Arkady ran away from home and tried to join his father at the front.

Silver TrumpetsKonets imperatora taygi Russian:

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