An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course. He is the author of Das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), which “The row of 18 “Armanen runes”, also known as the “Armanen futharkh” came. Meanings of the Armanen runes – including name, image, sound, casting meaning and what the rune stands for.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Yet others still, believe that only a rune-row armanenn on historical inscriptions and artifacts is worth consideration; ignoring, perhaps, that historically attested rune-rows are still fraught with a lack of contemporary definitions and interpretations, and there is precious little to indicate their esoteric meanings and usage in the many preserved runic spells carved into stones; there are three later medieval rune poems, two for the “Younger” Futhark, one for the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, all three of which were written down centuries after the heydays of these rune rows, by which point Northern Europe was largely Christianized, and these runes, shorn of much of their “pagan” meaning, were largely reduced to orthographic or alphabetical use and little more.

Publishers hurried to throw on the market book after book.

Click Here to Order. I have mentioned that in my original brochures back in when I started the order of the Knights of Runes, and I am repeating this here! Those good folks apparently were not aware that Karl Spiesberger’s book included a deck of Rune cards.

Armanen runes

As long as it’s not a commercial-use project, it’s not a problem to use the images. And even if they did, why would you need to cover up a Rune with a Christian image? An excellent publication which details the history of runic revivalism, which I highly recommend, is ‘Rune Might: Kasen [ citation needed ] have all furthered the effort to remove any racist connotations previously espoused by pre-war Armanen rune masters.


Seth Tyrssen 21 July at Runes allow you to flex your psychic muscle in the same way others may take advantage of their wealth, prestige, or position on the ladder of social success.

Armanen runes Introduction

There are, however, some disadvantages to this system. All forms of higher wisdom, all secret knowledge of the.

This technology is naturally superior to any traditional method, because there is simply no instance where people can generate life force continuously, no matter what methods they are trying to use.

The 18 Armanen Futharkh runes.

Runes are not just letters or verbal symbols. Mercer[15] Adolf SchleipferLarry E. In addition, it is said by some to just be a personal vision or even an outright invention of List’s, and is thus seen by those as not really being worthy of true and unbiased study, interpretation, nor ritual practice and application.

Indeed, List is the central figure, justifiably so in mine and eunes others’ opinions, whom stands out in, and over, the armanrn of occult runic revivalist mysticism and abstruse and arcane mystical-magickal esoteric workings.

This has brought to a head all those outward forms of modern life, whose vacuousness and corruption are now beginning to disgust us.

Although a student of “the occult” for over 40 years I tend to follow my own path I’m quite new to the Armanen runes, and all armxnen is associated with them. This is so because not one of these arrays is a true symbolism. This is a fact. Views Read Edit View history. In addition, they are the only system whose runes can all be manifested in the light refraction of a hexagonal crystal, which carries significant mathematical symbolism relating to the Eddic lore and the order of the runes themselves.

Far from being a modern invention of Guido von List, people familiar with the “Elder” and “Younger” Futhark systems will recognize nearly every rune in this table.


Category:Armanen runes

He claimed that these runes were the runes that all other rune-rows were based on. Those who accept the call are changed forever.

The Rune Master Radionics Program This extraordinary program boasts a numeric system with the base 18 on its radionic tuners. You could attempt to rework it to your whims, but then it would be your own invention, not Armanen, not historically based, and definitely not Spiesberger notation, and I won’t even begin to guess at the sort of negative wyrd you may unlock, as heeding Egil’s words warns us.

Do you know how to stain them? You just don’t need to repeat all three runes on each attached branch. Despite this fact, such detractors often claim the Armanen system was nothing more than a dream or even an outright invention of List’s, and thus not really worthy of study.

The division of the Armanen runes in particular into three “half-dozens” representing Yggdrasil’s three roots of Arising, Being, and Passing Away towards new Arising are the greatest representation of the Germanic view of life’s cycles of growth and regeneration.

Likewise, most mainstream heathenry and runology both “recon” and “new age” refuses to see history through anything but a literal secular humanist or “church-lite” lens.

Karl Spiesberger is credited with publishing the comprehensive positive and negative Armanen rune positions in his book Runenmagie ‘Rune Magick’published in Flowers they are better known even than the historical Elder Futhark:. Cyrus the Strong February 11, at 4:

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