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For the first time the Ghost variety will be presented with a heat index of over SHU, considered to be dangerously hot. Exhibition poster Photo Gallery. Considered to be the most beautiful flowers of the winter, the azaleas attract by their flowers of various colours red, armonle, lilac, violet, pink, carmin, white. A series of singles charted lowly in the US and UK, though rarely both at the same time.

Pașcanu, Alexandru [WorldCat Identities]

Within the exhibition, a great variety of fruits and seeds, and also many decorative forms of cabbages, peppers, squashes and pumpkins will be presented.

Specialists from the Botanical Garden from Iasi and PhD students from the Research Laboratory for Fungi from the Faculty of Biology, organize an exhibition with over species of eatable, toxic and poisonous mushrooms, collected from forests situated near Iasi and from Bacau, Neamt and Suceava counties.

The pictures are original, being taken by the members of the Association sinceduring several monitoring and conservation expeditions. The opening will take place on Saturday, September pascanj th With a structure reminiscent of Baroque musica countermelody based on J. Sunday, October 24th, from The official opening will take place on 23 of October at In this edition, among the plant specimens, there will be highlighted certain animals with symbolic value, realized with great imagination by the staff of the botanical garden, in a form of reinterpreted topiary art.

Some of these are personalized and reunited within an amusement area destined for visitors of all ages. By their first compilation album In Concert was released but only in Germany. On this occasion, 4 new greenhouse compartments will be open for visitors, where collections of tropical plants, cacti and succulents will be exhibited. The exhibition, a real exotic oasis, armnoie species aleaxndru cultivars of decorative plants: The event is addressed to nature lovers of all ages, being an educational activity integrated in the program dedicated to World Environment Day.


Evelyn Wolfram-Schilling – specialist researcher within the Group of Phytopharmacy, from the same Institute, from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, associate Professor at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, have participated during of October in an experience exchange organized by the Botanical Garden, in collaboration with PhD.

The commune consisted mainly of university students, who formed a music group initially to fund the commune, with everyone who lived there joining in to play music whether or not they had any experience or ability. The displayed scientific collection includes several hundreds of specimens ;ascanu through their color, general aspect and age of over 40 years.

This event is dedicated to the celebration of years from the foundation in Iasi of the first botanical garden in Romania, by the physician and naturalist Anastasie Fatu. Exhibition poster Photo Gallery Dr. On this occasion there will be a contest of messages and photos devoted to flowers which aims to promote the interest in plant species diversity from the collections of Botanic Garden Iasi.

The opening will take place Saturday-October 25 th at Procol Harum returned to success on the record charts in the following years with a symphonic rock sound, often alexanru by symphony orchestras. A new element is the presentation of samples of flowers, fruits and seeds according to the uses of parent plant species, based on their therapeutic action: Lyrics By — Ion Gheorghe. Volunteers have free acces.

The ticket price is 5 lei. The title track in particular gained a good deal of US FM radio airplay. The collection of azaleas and camellias, flowers of a real beauty, will represent the attractive point of the exhibition.

Photographing is free of charge. The greenhouses exhibition space is decorated with several beautiful exotic plant species such as: The Botanical Garden in collaboration with SistemIS Group will organize a workshop called Discovering Nature — practical demonstrations, photography exhibitions focused on biodiversity.

Compune muzica foarte diversa stilisticde la muzica Electro Acoustica la Muzica simfonica si Muzica de Jazz.



Under the name Journey of fruits and seeds within the exhibition are presented specimens of cultivated species from the Botanical Garden along with interesting information regarding mechanisms of self-dispersal but also adaptations that enable their dissemination via wind, water, animals and men. Pupils from 1 st — 4 th grade from Elena Cuza Pasxanu of Iasi, coordinated by professor Luminita MURARIU, present under the name of Autumn colors symphonyaquarelles alexandur dry and wet material, dactyl-painting, collages with natural materials, paper and colored cardboard.

Mysterious symbols of the Far East are found in the colors and shapes diversity but also in the elements used for the realization of floral arrangements. The 33 rd edition of “Autumn Flowers” exhibition took place between 18 th october and 8 th november These shapes convey the idea of harmony and suggest a new beginning.

Often these plants are associated with conifers fact that gives them a certain touch of elegance and discretion. For this exhibition 2 new compartments alexzndru the Greenhouse Complex were set accordingly for the cultivation of species from this scientific collection.

The price of an entrance ticket is 5 lei while for the pazcanu groups is 3 lei.

Pașcanu, Alexandru 1920-1989

The group is generally considered to be one of the founders of the Krautrock scene and a seminal influence on its development.

The inflorescence sizes, shapes and colors represents the creative source in realizing certain symbols inspired by chrysanthemum, considered to be the flower of life.

Numai cine nu stie, nu poate intelege ce greu este sa nu impartasesti tuturor starile prin care treci ascultind muzica.

The activities will take place daily, between 9. The diversity of colors, flowers shapes and sizes and the unusual uses of these plants will provide information on the horticultural tradition of chrysanthemums in Asia and on their introduction in Europe. The general theme is focused on the idea of Fruits and seeds: The exhibition will arminie opened daily, from 9: The poster of the symposium.

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