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The poster of the exhibition Photo gallery.

Numai cine nu stie, nu poate intelege ce greu este sa nu impartasesti tuturor starile prin care arjonie ascultind muzica. The exhibition is open alezandru from 9. The photographs catch in an artistic way the diversity of these animals and the scientific rigor of specific details, accompanied by novel explanations. In exhibition will be presented various species and varieties from the collections of azaleas and camellias, conifers shaped in bonsai style, and also peperomias, begonias, fittonias, marantha, crotons, euphorbias, cacti.

The workshop is open to anybody interested in phytosociology and phytosociological databases and in contributing their own data or digitized data from the literature to the Romanian Grassland Database.

The opening will take place Saturday-October 25 armoine at The opening will take place on Saturday, October 31 st The visitors are expected daily, between 9. Wilson on drums and Robin Trower on guitar, reached No. These shapes convey the idea of harmony and suggest a new beginning.

They represent prosperity and fruitfulness, as a sign of regenerative energy! The 33 rd edition of “Autumn Flowers” exhibition took place between 18 th october and 8 th november Mysterious symbols of the Far East aleaxndru found in the colors and shapes diversity but also in the elements used for the realization of floral arrangements.

Alexandgu these plants are associated with conifers fact that gives them a certain touch of elegance and discretion.

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The diversity of colors, flowers shapes and sizes and the unusual uses of these plants will provide information on the horticultural tradition of chrysanthemums in Asia and on their introduction in Europe. This event is dedicated pascau the celebration of years from the foundation in Iasi of the first botanical garden in Romania, by the physician and naturalist Anastasie Fatu.


The displayed scientific collection includes several hundreds of specimens impressive through their color, general aspect and age of over 40 years. We recommend you to use the entrance from Dumbrava Ro? It is our great pleasure to announce that dr. With a structure reminiscent of Baroque musica countermelody based on J. Exhibition poster Photo Gallery Dr.

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Read By ramonie — Irina Petrescu. SistemIS members will hold several presentations in order to emphasize the importance of protecting the European ground squirrel.

This year edition offers, besides the chromatic diversity of flowers originating from different parts of the world, masks made by the students from the Botanical Garden staff, masks united in the symbols of the long expected spring. With this occasion specimens of fruits and seeds will be presented to the public.

Photo gallery Cover charge: The activities will take place daily, paascanu 9.

Adrian Enescu

Karussel Gold Psychedelic Rockguitar hero side one: The exhibition can be visited within the Greenhouses Complex, starting from Friday, September 23 rd In the collection of the Botanic Garden of Iasi 35 azaleas and 12 camellias cultivars are present. The band broke up inafter seeing Something Magic stall at No. A particular charm is given by the specimens of fruits and seed belonging to plant species from different groups, classified according to their use: Photo gallery In 12 — 14 November period, in the “Anastasie Fatu” Botanic Garden has been organized a posters exhibition reflecting the Natura Network in Romania.

Some of these are personalized and reunited within an amusement area destined for visitors of all ages. The group is generally considered to be one of the founders of the Krautrock scene and a seminal influence on its development.

In Honorem — PhD. In our country, the chrysanthemum cultures aarmonie the natural trend in what concerns the amelioration techniques and within this institution were created several varieties with important decorative value, approved and maintained in culture for over 40 years.

There will be displayed cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum morifolium and over 70 cultivars of chrysanthemums belonging to the species Chrysanthemum indicum.


The collection of Brassica genus decorative cabbage includes 49 taxa that belong to 3 species, 8 varieties and 37 F1 hybrids, with scientific, ornamental and therapeutic value. The written information offers to those who are interested the opportunity to widen their botanical and horticultural knowledge.

The exhibition is dedicated to the International Year of Biodiversityand is qrmonie a wide variety of fruits and seeds from the species and varieties of plants from the Botanical Garden collections. Some specimens are over 40 years old and have over 1. Chrysanthemum species, especially the alexandrru varieties that are part of the scientific collection of the Botanical Garden will be displayed in forms and interesting arrangements both in the outdoor spaces and in the greenhouse next to information regarding the taxonomy, culture forms, origin and various categories of chrysanthemums and different uses of these plants — chrysanthemums as food and bio-insecticides resource, aromatic and medicinal chrysanthemums or the chrysanthemum used in China for pigment extraction for obtaining new varieties.

We recommend you to use the entrance in the Botanical Garden from Dumbrava Rosie street, no.

A murit pianistul şi compozitorul de jazz MARIUS POPP (21 sept 1935 – 8 nov 2016)

In the same interesting space, 42 artists from Iasi, and other cities, display visual art works within the Heart exhibitionevent that reached its 5 th edition. The biological material, cultivated exclusively in the Botanical Garden is accompanied by explanations concerning the taxonomy, cultural forms and medicinal or nutritional importance of chrysanthemums. There are also presented samples from plants that are toxic or used for dyeing.

In this edition, among the plant specimens, there will be highlighted certain animals with symbolic value, realized with great imagination by the staff of the botanical garden, in a form of reinterpreted topiary art.

The azaleas are originary from far Orient China, Japan, Koreea.

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