Civilian Inmate Labor Program The Civilian Inmate Labor Program is a program of the United States Army provided by Army Regulation [11 The. Installations: Civilian Inmate Labor Program (Army Regulation ) [ Department of the Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From: a reader Subject: Re: Army Reg # Civilian prison camps on Army installations Slaves are people who work involuntarily, typically for substandard.

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AR Civilian Inmate Labor Program :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Some features of ATS will be disabled reegulation you continue to use an ad-blocker. I recently downloaded a copy of the military’s Army Regulation —35 titled “Civilian Inmate Labor Program” and I wanted to share a little of what it contains, as well as my thoughts. It provides guidance on establishing prison camps on Army installations. The diamond—shaped boxes are decision nodes; the rectangular boxes are steps in the process to establish a civilian inmate labor program, establish a civilian inmate prison camp on post, or do both.

Civilian Inmate Labor Program – Army Regulation 210—35

Follow the arrows through the flowchart. My first question is this: What if we were to get carted off to those camps and then simply refuse to work? A tortured man quickly doesn’t fit those conditions, a beaten man isn’t fit for the labor, a starving man isn’t fit for the labor.

What exactly could they do? Bought “your” weapon and sufficient ammunition yet?

“Civilian Inmate Labor Program” – will we all be a part of forced labor camps?, page 1

This a great find, had no idea there was an actual manual for this type of thing. Sounds very similar to the FEMA camp scenarios Still a great find though. It would be illogical to comply with their demands when the end result is still death and enslavement. I will not comply with the illegal and unconstitutional dictatorship that our gov is pushing for with all the propaganda. Originally posted by AnIntellectualRedneck My first question is this: Ever see those few pictures of Guantanomo bay prisoners in time magazine?


Their”yard time” consists of social and “sense” ual deprivation: I found the manual online at Army Pubs R I served in the military and can assure you this is an actual military manual.

Civilian Inmate Labor Programs? Isn’t that no different than some other regimes Gulag’s or Stalag’s In a few years we may see Americans going to russia, china, nth korea, and burma asking for political asylum from their regultion government. Xrmy see the reply 2103-5 made to a similar discussionback over six years ago: That was then, and this is now, and I have been exposed to far more nefarious plans since I made that post. Despite all of the meetings, plans, training, drills, tabletop exercises, and actual incidents I have been involved in, I can assure you that the meaning of the term “Civilian Inmate Labor Program” has never wavered or changed in any way from the way that I explained it back in I love a good conspiracy just as much as arm else, and I am not a skeptic by nature, however as far as my great reserve of knowledge is aware, there is nothing sinister behind the program.

It is just a way to cut costs for labor on Army installations. Perhaps my old post was not as accurate as I now understand things to be– the inmates would most reegulation be federal inmates, not those who are held by state or local charges– however the general idea is correct.

Wow never heard of this before. I am atm looking at a video about FEMA camps. Where it talk about this dok: I am just Wow this isnt more importent then it has Got so reguoation. AnIntellectualRedneck My first question is this: They’ll shoot your wife, or one of your kids. They won’t hurt you if you are a valuable asset, but they will take everything away from you and dehumanize you.


If you give people a taste of power, they’ll run with it. They won’t see you as human, but sub-human. There have been some pretty high profile court cases over people being beaten to death in prison by guards.

Anyone have any proof this will take place or when? It is not like this is new or a secret. Yes if you are in the Federal Prison system and you are not in for a violent crime you might get lucky end up quarted on a military base building barracks etc. Not all the people will be forced into labor camps because the people will need to be depopulated There will be a list of people that must be put to death because they are not worthy to live in that world!

This rfid microchip is the actual “Mark of the Beast” that is mentioned in the Holy Bible during the days of tribulations after the asteroid apocalypse!!! Even the people that are initiated into the new world, will come to suffer, not only physically but spiritually as well, after they die for accepting a Satanic deception People who become ill inside of those camps will also be put-down, that is killed and there will be much pestilence and many dead.

The food supply will be cut-off and the water will also be greatly polluted because of the great destruction of the asteroid aftermath. People who have survived the asteroid apocalypse will also witness much paranormal activity, from both evil and good spirits, because of the many people who have died and also because of the great evil and wickedness of the world during those days!!!

If you would like to find-out more, please feel free to visit my threads about “The New Circular Order!!

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