It seems like there is a surge in interest of people who are interested in investing in an arowana breeding farm. These investors are of course only interested in. The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) comprises several phenotypic varieties of . Captive-bred arowanas that are legal for trade under CITES are documented in two ways. First, fish farms provide each buyer with a certificate of . The Australian version of the Arowana is the Saratoga, both the Jardini and Leichardti are great additions, they uphold the same characteristics as the Arowana’s.

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Arowanas in the wild have been spotted jumping 10 feet or more to capture insects and birds. Arowana are extremely heavy eaters and tend to produce a lot of waste. The majority of researchers dispute this reclassification, arguing that the published data are insufficient to justify recognizing more than one Southeast Asian species of Scleropagesand that divergent haplotypes used to distinguish the color strains into isolated species were found within a single color strain, contradicting the findings.

While younger arowana prefer to be kept in fairly large groups of 6 or more, they can turn extremely territorial and aggressive towards one other when reaching maturity. The morphological similarity of all Scleropages species shows little evolutionary change has taken place recently for these ancient fish. They can be fed on a diet ariwana feeder vreeding, frogs and shrimp. Like other arowanasthey need a breexing cover to prevent escape.

Surface Suitable Tank Mates: Sometimes bgeeding to as the dragon fish, arowanas are one of the most beautiful and most fascinating species of fish in the aquarium trade.


Asian arowana – Wikipedia

Type what you see in the image: Shin Min Daily News. International Institute for Advanced Studies: In grey-tailed specimens, the fins are uniformly dark grey. Articles brewding ‘species’ microformats Articles containing video clips.

A well cared for arowana will often live for up to 15 to 20 years. Feeding arowanas can sometimes be a challenge because some adults only accept live foods. The name ‘dragonfish’ stems from their resemblance to the Chinese dragon. Arowanabonytoungesdragon fishexpensiveexperienced aquaristsfreshwater fishJurassic aeowana. Their bodies are also covered in large, heavy scales with a mosaic pattern of canals.

Arowana bresding are bright orange in color and the fry look like tiny marbles during the first few weeks of their lives. Mature gold crossback arowanas are distinguished from the red-tailed golden arowanas by having metallic gold crossing the back completely. Arowanas prefer aquariums with both large open swimming spaces and sufficient hiding spots. The gill rakers are stout. Unlike most fish, the Asian breedng reaches sexual maturity relatively late, after 3—4 yr.

Middle Suitable Tank Mates: The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. Ina study [6] proposed breaking S. Search results aroowana Osteoglossum formosum. They have several other common names, including Asian bonytonguedragonfishand a number of names specific to the different color varieties.

Arowana are mouth brooders and the males of the species carry the eggs in their mouths until the fry are hatched and their yolk sacks are fully absorbed. Views Read Edit View history.

This classification was based on both morphometrics and a phylogenetic analysis using the cytochrome b gene, and includes these species:. Kumazawa, Yoshinori; Nishida, Mutsumi 1 December The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology: Asian arowanas are distinguished from Australian congenerics Scleropages jardinii and Scleropages leichardti by having fewer lateral line scales versus for the Australian speciesarowama pectoral and pelvic fins, and a longer anterior snout. For this reason most arowana keepers prefer to keep arowanas alone.


Asian arowanas are carnivorous and should be fed a high-quality diet of meaty food, such as shrimp and crickets. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Several distinct, naturally occurring colour varieties are recognised as haplotypeseach found in a specific geographic region. Asian arowanas are considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity, especially by those from Asian cultures.

Bottom Suitable Tank Mates: Examples of appropriate live foods include scorpionscentipedesmealwormscricketsshrimpsfeeder fishaeowana frogsand earthworms. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies.

Second, each specimen receives an implanted microchipcalled a passive integrated transponder, which identifies individual animals. In yellow-tailed specimens, the fin membranes are yellowish with dark-grey rays. Due to their demanding nature and sheer size, the task of raising this fish should only be attempted by dedicated and experienced aquarist.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Complete Encyclopedia bteeding the Freshwater Aquarium. Scleropages macrocephalus Pouyaud et al. Aquarium Sciences and Conservation.

California Academy of Sciences. Adults feed on other fish, while juveniles feed on insects. Froese, Rainer and Pauly, Daniel, eds.

Asian arowana

Declining habitat is a major threat. Arowanas are carnivores and have strong predatory instincts.

Its popularity has soared since the late s, and hobbyists may pay thousands of U.

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