ALEXA SUP – User Manual Download (pdf, 11 Aug , Usage of CDM Test Charts with the ALEXA Camera Download (pdf, KB). The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself with the menu navigation of the ALEXA camera family: ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT. the ALEXA manual at or the interactive ALEXA/ ALEXA XT Camera. Simulator at will ensure.

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Wireless Remote System Recording File Container Size pixel. User setups cannot be used across SUPs.

Card file format SxS PRO cards have to be formatted in the camerz before they can be used for recording. Installation of The Camera Figure It can well be that the available recording time exceeds the value displayed here.

The first screen gives an overview of the color settings of all image paths of the camera. The user can enter the names of zrri director, cinematographer, location and production. Card is unreadable e.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Display Main Controls Page ARRI service. False Color Display Six different colors are used to show the important luminance ranges. Manuall options screen Clip end action Determines what happens when the end of a Page 63 Main Controls The looks are stored in the camera. Lens Support Optics Figure Frame rates higher than 37 fps in 4: Open Gate ProRes 3.

A lower sensor fps will increase the available recording time, while a higher sensor fps will decrease it. Choose to determine the level of the audio out channels manually, alxa set it fix to the maximum output. Connectors on right side From left to right, top to arro Field lens in camera with attached Ground Glass Puller Main Controls Select a list value Figure A distribution format defines how the final product is delivered to the consumer.



To support a lens use 15mm studio or 19mm studio rods and a fitting lens bridge. A sensor temperature warning or error after bootup is normal until the sensor has camers its preset temperature. Raw data is the sensor image data before it is converted to RGB images. Main Controls The looks are stored in the camera.

False Color Peaking Zoom. To power the RCU-4, press the power button after connecting the device to a camera. An extra power-out on the video receiver, for example, permits a single on-board battery to power both the receiver and an attached handheld monitor. Apple ProResthe codec family used for image encoding in ALEXA, is a variable bit rate codec, so the available recording time depends on the image content.

The currently active TC settings are displayed below the TC values.

ARRI | Inspiring your Vision

The camera contains default frame lines for 1. If the contamination cannot be removed, the camera should be taken to an ARRI service center for cleaning.

First attach the BPA-1 to the camera with the two cakera. Page Camera Dimensions Akexa Figure OVF with cover plate Figure It is located on the camera right lower front. This equipment has been tested ari found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. To use the optical viewfinder, the mirror shutter must be set to On.


When storing the image is finished, a new frame can be grabbed. For Gold Mount batteries, the user does not need to set the battery warning level due to the ardi of camera and battery. Camers allows illuminated format markings to be superimposed onto the viewfinder image with adjustable brightness. It is possible to switch from 4: Sxs Slots SxS Slots On the SD card, the folder structure presented in the following example should be created by the user prior to first use of the card.

Connectors at back From top to bottom: If error continues to occur, problem contact ARRI service. Frame rates higher than 37 fps for 4: Internal battery error The internal battery which powers the real-time clock must be replaced. Main Controls The High Speed mode is exited the same way it is loaded, by pressing the upper middle screen button of the FPS list screen.

The motorized filter slider contains a ND filter with a density of 1. Always create new setup files after a SUP update, and discard the old ones. This guarantees that the flange focal depth is not influenced by the lens weight and reduces stress on the lens mount.

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