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Specifies general requirements for cranes as defined in AS Includes the design of cranes by the traditional working stress method and. AS Cranes, hoists and winches – Part 1: General requirements. View on Information Provider website {{ linkText }}. Abbreviation. AS . Visit our website and learn more about AS standards.

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For hoists, equipped with two independent wire ropes, failure of one rope shall not reduce the rope system coefficient of utilisation Zp below 3. Devices are available to record the rated life of a crane based on its working conditions and working hours, which enables an assessment of its remaining design life. Gear cases should be provided with lifting lugs.

The stress ranges shall be determined in accordance with the appropriate load combinations of Section 4. Where a number of magnets are zs in different combinations, a monitoring system shall be provided to detect a drop in magnet current below normal xs each combination ss to prevent reuse of the magnets until the fault is rectified. Pendent wire and flexible cables shall be supported to ensure compliance with this Clause see also Clause 14188.1. After the excess load has been shed, the controls shall permit restoration of full power.

The seat shall be capable of supporting the operator in comfort for a period of time equivalent to a workshift and shall permit changes of posture while still providing support particularly in the buttocks and lumbar region of 148.1 back. The dimensions of the gears shall be derived from the rated torque, material strength, and the driving gear groups. Correct combinations of rope lay and anchorage configuration are given in Appendix I.

The value of P W min shall be taken for load combinations 1 to 5 frequently occurring loads and in no case shall wind load be included. Where all switches called for in this Clause and in Clause 8.

Reservoirs should be located to facilitate cooling. Design of structural members by limit state methods, including determination of the partial load factors for individual loads, should comply with the appropriate Australian Standard, e. Testing facilities for checking the operation of the RCDs shall be fitted to the protective devices.

These bolts can be either a through bolt on the top flange of the runway girder, or integral with the clamp base plate which, in turn, has been welded to the girder top flange adjacent to the rail. The magnet cable drum shall be— i arranged so that the cable does not foul the hoisting ropes; ii such that the cable shall become neither unduly taut, nor slack enough to touch the hoisting ropes; and iii capable of accommodating and paying out the length of cable necessary for the magnet to reach its lowest position, including any fall below floor level when aas.


AS /Amdt – Cranes, hoists and winches – General requirements (FOREIGN STANDARD)

Fatigue assessment shall be carried out in accordance with AS Where the crane is exposed to sunlight, cabin windows may be of tinted glass.

The circuits shall incorporate the 14181. safety features: A stress cycle occurs at any position along a rail when the bearing stress in the railhead fluctuates through a cycle due either to movement of a wheel along the rail or to variation of loading through a stationary wheel when the crane load is handled through a load cycle with the crane, or part of the crane, stationary.

The loading factors specified in Table 4. Please note that material accessed via our on-line subscription services is not intended for off-line storage, and such storage is contrary to the licence under which the service is supplied. It is generally accepted that because the contactor is dedicated to xs purpose and only operates in the unusual circumstance of 141.81 emergency, then, if properly sized, its probability to fault closed e.

The four nominal values of load spectrum factor Kp shall be as shown in Table 2. It 1481.1 include any loading conditions that are known to apply but which are not covered under the loading conditions given in Table 7. Care shall be taken in the determination of the dynamic multiplier for hoisting, that it is not underestimated, especially where high-speed hoisting is an available option. The rope anchorage shall be 14418.1 taking into consideration the rope lay and drum rotation.

Where luffing motion is achieved by use of a hoist, the requirements of Clause 7. Isolators shall have the following: Manually operated isolators shall be provided, in convenient locations, to enable isolation of— a accessories, e.

Lockable means shall be provided to prevent the conductors of the isolated section from becoming energized while 1148.1 section is isolated. In some applications it may be necessary to consider also occasional loads such as in service or out of service wind, skewing and exceptional loads such as test loads and excitation of the lifting appliance foundation e.

Standards Catalogue

Where applicable, the advantages of hollow piston rods and the use of cushion-ended cylinders or deceleration valves to prevent shock loadings should sa considered. Further safety is frequently introduced by making the stop buttons latch in the open state mechanically and by requiring a reset by a start button to re-establish the contactor independently of the reset of the stop button contacts.


Where counterweights are designed to be attached or removed as an operational feature, each counterweight shall be marked with its identification and mass and shall be provided with means by which it may be lifted and secured.

It is recommended that fully welded continuous 14181. is used in these applications. This Amendment applies to the Preface, Clauses 1. Guidance on assessing a crane based on its actual rated life is given in ISO Diagrams or illustrations may be added for clarity. The means to manually reset the final-limit switch shall not be readily accessible to the crane operator, that is, the final-limit switch is to be manually reset only by service or maintenance personnel.

Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. Instructions for the operation of the manual release mechanism shall be provided on the hoist and in the operating manual.

AS/NZS 1418.9:1996

Electrical braking systems appropriate to the type of motor driving system and duty shall be used. Bare collector wires shall be guarded, where necessary, to prevent contact with hoist ropes, pendent controls and similar moving parts of the crane, and shall be out of reach of any person on the crane or a platform. Intrinsic safety could be achieved either by— a the installation of a secondary member or trussing elements, which could handle the load on a temporary basis while making it obvious that the primary member had failed; or b designing the primary single component to satisfy the necessary maximum probabilities of failure.

We need your help! Guidance should be sought from the following Standards: The other hoist drive shall be considered to be stationary.

Consideration shall be given to the frequency and aas of vibration in the design of cranes, ensuring 1418.1 vibrations do not affect the correct function of the crane.

Guidance on the fatigue design of mechanisms is provided in Appendix F. The maximum value of M Au from one of the following equations shall apply:

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