ASTM E 1381-95 PDF

ASTM Automation/Robotics LIS which are based on ASTM E / . In the ASTM-Serial interface, ASTM E and E “ASTM /”, operation should be performed in ASTM E mode. *2: IEEE e) Date/time test completed. This document describes the electronic transmission of digital information .. In , ASTM Committee E31 decided to restructure its operations, with the intent .

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The electronic file may not be reproduced in any way. ASTM grants you a license as follows: The client can send any number of messages without waiting for a result. Saturday, December 17, 7: So you probably need to find E, E and purchase or read from Scribd or some other source and I have no idea what Scribd is or if it is reputable the entire Host Interface Manual if in fact that is the correct Host Interface Manual for the “Roche Diagnostics GmbHElecsys Analyzer” which I’ve no idea if it is for the Sign in to vote.

No items in cart. And typically they would have an LED for each pin which provides a signal such that you would be able to see the various LED’s light up when voltage is being received from a pin on a serial port.

Turn the on and see which pins are doing anything and watch to see if the TD pin lights up which would suggest ENQ was sent perhaps. Coding example for a query to the host to get the orders for all specimen of a patient: This allows for analysis of the raw data transfer.

Serial Communication Interface to Laboratory Instruments

Well it could be possible the cable you had made is not correctly made. You currently cannot view this content.

What says that clearly in an error? Thursday, December 15, 5: Comm party does not respond Tx: And the wire from 7 to 8 in the bottom pic on the left DB9 connector does NOT also connect to pin 3 which it crosses over in the 1381-59 which in the image really doesn’t matter if the DB9 is male or female. And you really need to verify the accuracy of the information you have for the regarding pinouts and such before you go wiring things together using inacurrate information.


So if you really have zero idea of what you 1381-9 doing then get a professional to do things before something gets damaged or destroyed.

So i finally figured out what was the exact problem. E 97 High-Level Protocol: Now I am starting to doubt that the equipment itself has a problem maybe the whole 9DB connector is broken from inside so before I attempt any thing on the equipment itself I have ordered the Serial Tester you recommended just to know for sure that there is actually no signal sent out from the E at all.

If they have to actually be sent and are received or just represent where something goes and spaces between vertical bars being some null character or something. Well you should begin a new thread with a new question.

Used to transfers patient-oriented laboratory data in hierarchically organized records with several fields.

Saturday, December 3, Monkeyboy Friday, December 9, 4: This is a RS question, and it can get complex. Post on Oct views. But don’t expect anybody else to have the messaging scheme knowledge for the cause that ain’t gonna happen. Your code assumes that the device transmits text – that may not be the case. Receiving messages and acknowledge of successful transmissions are notified by callbacks to the client implementations of the driver-defined callback classes.

Hopefully other LED’s will light up letting you know status of other pins. E establishes a half-duplex connection between the host and the instrument, transfers data in frames up to characters and uses checksum and software handshaking logic to ensure correct transmission.


The right to access the electronic files of ASTM Standards is for purposes of viewing for individual use only. And since you don’t seem proficient in serial communications testing then it may be necessary to hire a professional to bring in a serial port protocol analyzer to test with the But who knows what the ‘s DB9 port is configured to. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

Plus serial port protocol analyzers can auto detect baud rates and other things in order to provide the tester with what the port is doing. A CRO is by far the best. The high-level protocol, E, relates to the packet content and format of the data that is transmitted.

ASTM Connector Information

Anyway I will keep trying and I will post any updates that could be useful. MonkeyBoy and also a big thanks to Acamar for your great help. He can choose to retry the failed message, continue with the next message or to discard all messages remaining in an idle state. So how can you receive anything if your PC’s com port isn’t configured correctly and who knows if you realize how to use all the apps from the web you used, which port to assign them to, etc, etc.

MonkeyBoy So i got a professional to make the exact cable which is required by the device manufacturer and I am seeing a different error now.

He can chooseto retry the failed message, continue with the next message or to discard all messages remaining in an idle state. There is a slight difference in the collision behavior; the driver takes care of it.

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