11, , 11/12/, Layout as defined by Ato Cotepe 38 (part that is due on 01 .. , C ELECTRICITY NOTA FISCAL/BILL (MODEL 06) AND PIPED GAS . SUPPLEMENT TO THE ROAD TRANSPORT CONHECIMENTO (MODEL 08). 23 out. ATO COTEPE/ICMS 44, DE 19 DE OUTUBRO DE Publicado no DOU em Altera o Ato COTEPE ICMS 09/08, que dispõe sobre as especificações técnicas para a geração de . abril 30, às PM. 11 jul. TABELAS FORMAÇÃO DE PREÇOS. em R$/L. Ato Cotepe nº 11 de 08/06/ – DOU de 09/06/ – Vigência a partir de 16 de Junho de.

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This cogepe and the SHC field are required and cannot be left blank. Codes Description 01 In-state purchase. Free-Zone Discount Indicator Set up to indicate whether free-zone discounts apply to an item. For example, you can set up the codes shown cotdpe this table:. Percentage discount payable due to rules of advanced pricing.

The fiscal value codes for ICMS tax indicate whether transactions are taxable, exempt, or eligible for a reduced tax rate. For example, you might set up these document types for Brazil:.

When you set up this UDC table, enter the geographic location in the Description 01 field, enter the alphabetic characters in the Codes field, and enter the numeric characters provided by the IBGE in the Description 02 field. Codes Description 01 Description coteps 24 01 24 02 24 05 24 07 24 08 24 Values for electronic notas fiscais are: All other values are out of scope of this report. For example, you can set up codes to identify purchases as:.

Set up the purpose codes that are supplied by the government to specify the purpose of your tax reporting submittal. Set up values for each transaction nature code that you use. These values are hard-coded for Brazil: The value for the Tax ID field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the F table. The Ato COTEPE 11 of file must include numeric values for these types of notas fiscais, so you must set up this UDC to cross-reference the alphabetic code to the required numeric codes.


For example, you might set up a document type and special handling codes as shown in this table:. File remittance requested by specific citation. Code Description 0 Without centralized bookkeeping 1 Owner of centralized bookkeeping 2 With centralized bookkeeping.

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For the Payment process, the value for the Alpha Name field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the Payee Number field in the F table. The only value considered for the DIRF report is code The system uses these codes when calculating taxes for services that are on a nota fiscal.

Manual of Orientation republished in total. The system uses the values in this UDC table when you generate the block 0 registers to identify whether the reporting company uses centralized bookkeeping. For example, Z is the company tax ID and Z is the company name. The system uses the values in this UDC table when you associate neighborhood codes with address book records.

For example, you can set up codes to identify purchases as: You also set up some base software UDCs with Brazil-specific values. The record types for the electronic GIA are: L3 Production and Stock Control.

The system then uses these values to determine the neighborhood codes for the addresses reported in the NFe. For ctepe, you might set up this value:.

Setting Up UDCs for Brazil

You must create a bank cross-reference. For example, specify a value of D in the second position of the Special Handling Code field for approved responses. The only hard-coded value is 1A4MA1R.

  ASME Y14.38M PDF

This information is relevant when calculating applicable tax rates. Second Line Size Specify the size of cotfpe second line of the print coteps. The value for the Payment Amount field in the F table. The credit card information that the system reports must use specific values that the fiscal authority assigns to the different credit card companies.

The values for the Z and Z attributes, separated by a dash.


Set up this UDC table with atp codes that indicate the version of the layout that you use. Set up codes to represent the types of raw materials that you use.

Set up receive transaction status codes to indicate the status of the duplicata that you receive from the bank that is responsible for collecting the accounts receivable invoices. This table shows examples of values that you might set up: This 066 identifies the sequence of the number of payments for a payment group in the F table.

The system uses the values in this UDC table when you associate fiscal city codes with address book records. Enter 1 in position 4 when buying or transferring items for manufacturing purposes. Cktepe NFe transactions, the system uses one of these codes, depending on how the nota fiscal for a sales transaction is created: For example, you might set up these codes: IPI tax is 50 or percent recoverable, depending on the status of the ship-to and ship-from taxpayer.

Aro must enter the demonstrative code by which the tax amounts are summed in the Description 1 field.

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