former valid document ATV-DVWK-A The design software AQUA DESIGNER had to be totally rearranged and we used this requirements to improve the. Title: Activated Sludge Expert – Software for Standard ATV-DVWK-A E ” Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Plants” – Edition / ATV-DVWK-A E. Dimensioning of Single Stage activated Sludge Plants. Corresponding software „Activated Sludge. Expert“ is available on our website.

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Carl Franz Seyfried, Hannover Dr. A prerequisite for the secure function of the plant In the case of special conditions the dimensioning planned in accordance with this standard is that can often be carried out more correctly with the aid sufficient qualified, trained and permanently tech- of trials and operating results of existing plants.

Under operating tion of the walls, an enclosed construction and conditions ca. Below, general, negligibly small. Andreas Stein, Emsdetten Prof. With trickling filters the dimensioning depends on the filler material used. These should be substantiated With trickling filters with plastic filler material with a through trials see Chapter 1. With this the necessary oxygen is taken up passively. During the emergent phase of the material the biofilm can take up oxygen from the surrounding air and in the submerged phase the pollutants from the wastewater.

Helmut Resch, Weissenburg Chairman Dipl.

These should, however, be than 0. Smaller filler heights up to a in m. The re- avoid too heavy a cooling in winter the air open- quirements on characteristics, testing and installa- ings should be constructed so that they are ca- tion of the mineral filling are atv-dvw,-a in DIN pable of being reduced.

For this, as also for a treatment target. This is to be ensured when trickling filters, if recirculated effluent containing ni- necessary through suitable measures. The standard applies only for rotating bio- logical contactors without artificial aeration for the supply of the biofilm with the required oxygen.


Nitrification For other rotating biological contactors: Click here to sign up. A simultaneous sludge stabi- lisation is not possible as primary and secondary sludge is produced separately.


With rotating biological contactors the partially submerged filter material is rotated about its longitudi- nal axis with the application atv-rvwk-a energy.

For disc biological contactors: The following are to be mentioned as favourable characteristics of trickling filters and rotating biological contactors: This wtv-dvwk-a With the dimensioning of trickling filters with nitrifi- face loading rate should be at least 0. The necessary theoretical surface ARC is deter- mined as follows: For the dimensioning of the quirements and the sensitivity of the surface wa- wastewater treatment plant and the stormwater ters through parallel units, reserve equipment etc.

In practical dimensioning the following procedure has proved its worth: With the rotation of the rollers, following contact It can be an advantage to feed back from the efflu- with the wastewater on immersion, there is respec- ent of the last rotating biological contactor into the tively an aeration phase above the water level.

The ratio of effective through the filter material must be avoided at all surface to theoretical surface is defined by the costs.


Very high volumetric apart from the spacers, the distance may not have loadings and thus short retention times lead, how- any further bridging. It should be emphasised, with the dimensioning of secondary settling tanks for trickling filters and rotating biological contactors that, based on the results of new investigations, the necessary tank surface has been increased and the tank depth reduced.

Reinhard Beer, Cottbus Dr. The trials plants for this are to be es- comp. Then, on each roller, there is another growth to be found corresponding In a roller body which is permeable to water there with qtv-dvwk-a degree of pollution of the wastewater. The cascade type approximately with the biologically active surface.


Trickling filter and rotating biological contactor facilities enable the colonisation with micro-organisms which have long generation times. For procedural integration of denitrification with At-dvwk-a following dimensioning values are given afv-dvwk-a trickling filter plants there are basically three possi- denitrification in trickling filters: Karl-Heinz Rosenwinkel, Hannover Prof.

The effective surface is the surface of return pumps. Otherwise a courtesy translation is provided in square brackets.

From this result in part considerable differ- contribute to the prevention of odour nuisances ences between the theoretical, the effective and with very highly loaded trickling filters. As a continuous sludge recirculation is not necessary with trickling filters and rotating biologi- cal contactors, at most simple sludge scrapers sur- fice even with rectangular tanks.

The permitted Nitrification volumetric loading BR,TKN for the dimensioning is not identical with the volumetric efficiency of deg- For the dimensioning of mineral filled trickling filters radation. For the width of the tank values up to 7. With disc bio- to 4 sequentially arranged rollers in separate logical contactors the disc surface corresponds troughs cascade arrangement.

With denitrification trickling atv-dvwk-aa this is particularly important as the removal of faults there 3. With its application no one avoids responsibility for his own action or for the correct application in spe- In this Standard technical regulations are drawn up cific cases; this applies in particular for the correct for the dimensioning both for handling of the margins described in the Standard.

To be on the safe It can be an advantage to feed the internal recircu- side, the ammonium content in the effluent for lation via the primary settling tank.

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