Jan 5, Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Trio-Set Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 60 von ) (Deutsch. Das Handbuch ansehen und herunterladen von Audioline DECT Drahtloses DECT Telefon (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, DECT BASE STATION. On this page you find the Audioline DECT B manual. Please If you have any questions about your Dect / voip phone that are not Bedienungsanleitung.

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To exit the caller list. However, it has been shown that portable telephones can interfere with medical equipment when switched on. You are making an internal bedlenungsanleitung. Selected materials and highly developed technologies ensure trouble-free operation and long life.

Nur bei Anrufen mit dieser Rufnummer klingelt das Telefon. Remember that the settings will only work if your telephone connection has caller display CLID bedienungsanleiung the caller transmits his phone number.

Bei falscher Eingabe wird die Ansage wiederholt. The call will be automatically accepted after 10 rings even if the answering machine is switched off and you will hear your greeting message 2.

Then press the button and the internal number of the second handset required. When the phone book is full, an appropriate message will appear and a number must be deleted before bedienkngsanleitung can continue entering new phone numbers.


AUDIOLINE DECT Operating instructions |

Each time a button on the handset is pressed, this audiolne confirmed with a short signal tone. Der Telefonbucheintrag wurde wieder gespeichert. You will hear a signal tone and the phone number will be stored on the selected button. Press the 0 button.

Antworten und Nachricht aufnehmen Displayanzeige: Ihrer Familie, ein Memo hinterlassen. Page of Go. Parts or units that have been exchanged shall become our property. The Answering Machine – The answering machine – The answering machine The integral answering machine can digitally store up to 25 incoming messages with a total length of up to 9 minutes.

Setting Up The Special Phone Book – The phone book – Xudioline up the special phone book You can store a further 7 numbers in your telephone’s audiline phone book. Hinweise Zur Reichweite Don’t have an account?

Audioline DECT4801

Claims for damages shall not be entertained unless they relate to intention or gross negligence on the part of the manufacturer. The longer your greeting lasts, the less recording time will be available for incoming messages.

Deactivating baby call Press the button to enter the right menu level directly. Special Functions – Special functions – Special functions All further setting options are described in the following sections.


Bedienungsanleitung Audioline DECT (Seite 9 von 12) (Deutsch, Englisch)

Now insert the batteries taking care to ensure that the polarity is correct. Private exchanges – The telephone can also be connected to a private exchange.

Legen Sie nun die Batterien ein und achten Sie auf die richtige Polung.

Damage, which results from improper handling or use, incorrect positioning or storage, inappropriate connection or Installation and through Act of God or other external influences are not covered by the warranty. Press the call button The call duration in minutes and ajdioline is shown in the display during a call.

Then press the symbol will flash. Das Steckernetzteil der Basisstation muss immer angeschlossen sein. Page 60 – Wichtige Informationen Die aufgezeichneten Nachrichten werden sofort abgespielt. Text der bereits aufgenommenen Standardansage: Press the appropriate letter to directly choose an entry from the phone book bedienungsanleittung.

Connect the telephone cable to the phone socket intended for the purpose only.

Enter the required telephone number with a maximum of 18 digits using the number pad.

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