The AX/TF Series of long range photoelectric detectors with selectable beam frequencies. The selectable beam frequencies can be used to avoid. The Optex AXTF is an outdoor 4-channel select dual beam photoelectric detector featuring a detection range and a form C relay output. Searching for a low cost Photoelectric Detector solution? The Optex AXTF is a great Photoelectric Detector within our Photoelectric Detectors product line at.

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The power supply may be malfunctioning, repair is required, or call power supply manufacturer. Optical, compatible control panel required.

Looking through the view finder, locate the other detector in the center of the sights by adjusting 650gf and horizontally.

AX-350TF/650TF – Selectable Beam Frequency Long Range Photoelectric Detector

When maximum voltage is obtained, place the blocking shields on both upper receiver mirror and transmitter mirror and adjust lower for maximum Monitor Jack Voltage. Operation of Alarm Memory If the units is triggered during an armed period, when the system is disarmed, its LED will remain lit to confirm that it reported the alarm.

Re-wiring of the alarm circuit wire 650ff required.

Change footing, pole 650td structure to insure a stable mounting surface. When stacking beams or installing more than one set in the same area.

Leading Sensor Technologies Manufacturer | Optex Europe

The junction box is universally compatible with. It shall illuminate when the beam strength shall be below an acceptable level due to heavy fog, rain, snow or other changes in the installation site, continuing as long as the 650tc strength is below an acceptable level. There is frost or snow 560tf the unit’s cover. Check for shorts, opens, grounds and high resistance on the alarm circuit wires. This symbol requires an action or gives an instruction. Is the control panel zone’s Loop Response Time” set to within 1 second?


This design shall allow beam passage even when the cover is completely frosted over. Adjust the interruption time, change the 560tf height or move the beams in order to avoid perching birds within the beam’s path.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. General 1 Detection range and installation height. The unit may be detecting a large bird. Always read and follow the manufacturer s instructions for the equipment you are connecting this product. For Bi Xenon kits only:.

Installation Method 1 Maximum distances between Receiver and Transmitter are listed below. This reduces false alarms due to accidental beam interruption by falling leaves and small animals. The detector shall utilize Twin Synchronized Pulsed Beams with size analysis technology to eliminate false alarms due to birds or flying objects.

Failure to follow the safety rules and other basic safety precautions More information.

OPTEX AXPLUS/TF COV Replacement cover AX series

Turn mirror base by hand to obtain the highest alignment level. FM Remote-Control Receiver 2. The detector shall also contain a tamper switch N.

Use of this site is subject to certain Terms and Conditions of Use which constitute a legal agreement between you and Sterling 650yf Service. Read and become familiar More information.


Sign up for price alert. To ensure safe use of this product, please. Change the lay-out of the beams or call Technical Support for further advice. Four M8 wall fixings 5. This function allows you to match the units sensitivity ti its surroundings. An anti-frost design shall protect the detector from the effect 650ttf frost or snow. See Features paragraph below for more details. The detector shall provide protection against rain, dust, and insects by means of a sealed enclosure housing.

Do not exceed the voltage or current rating specified for any of the terminals during installation, doing so may cause fire or damage to the devices.

Being only a part of a complete system, we cannot accept resposibility for any damages or other consequences resulting from an intrusion.


Monitor the beam strength Monitor Jack while adjusting beam to insure stable alignment. Replace or repair as necessary The control panel may be malfunctioning, call the control panel manufacturer.

650tc and user manual for the FX range of fire panels. Always read and follow the manufacturer s instructions for the equipment you are connecting this product More information. Long range 24m X 2.

They can be tower, pole or wall-mounted. Attach the “Beam Blocking Tool” to the lower mirror on both the transmitter and receiver.

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