2-Look OLL: 2nd Look (Orient Corners). Clockwise. Corner. Cycle. (A-perm). 2- Look PLL: 6 Algorithms x [ (R’UR’) D2 ] [ (RU’R’) D2 ] R2. (R U R’) U (R U2 R’). Then oll’s Learn them in the order they appear For learning 2-look oll and pll, I would say first learn PLL, then OLL. Of the 21 cases, only 6 are needed for 2-Look PLL (commonly Permutation is broken into 2 steps: corner permutation (two cases), and PLL · 2-Look OLL · 4LLL · Last Layer. External links. Badmephisto’s 2-look PLL guide.

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Here are some up-to-date 2 LOOK OLL algorithms that might help you out! : Cubers

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2-Look PLL

Should I learn oll and pll at the same time? Will I be better off learning them seperate? Go for PLL first.

Then learn OLLs, start with most common ones of course. What are common ones? You can’t learn pll first. Berry Member Jul 18, First learn two look http: Robert-Y Member Jul 18, Okay, so stop making threads, badnephisto up a cube, solve it.

Ok I will just use that thread. Just orient all the pieces using the beginner method and use PLL to finish it off.

Ellis Member Jul 18, If you know beginner’s method, you can do OLL without anymore algorithms, but I would consider learning the 6 after you get the cross.

You should know at least sune. It would be easy to learn the inverse, so really you only need to learn 4 algorithms. You must log in or register to reply here.

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