The Bahtinov Mask is a very elegant solution to one of the biggest problems that Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you. Make Your Own Bahtinov Focusing Mask: A Bahtinov Mask will help focus your telescope or camera lens on Step 4: Cut a Mask Template on the Vinyl Cutter. High Quality Aluminum Bahtinov mask. The Bahtinov mask achieves perfect focus in seconds. The Bahtinov Mask was invented by Pavel Bahtinov from Russia. Click Here for a printable order form. Note that orders will be processed by.

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The mask is simple to use and users will quickly fall in love with the speed and focusing accuracy produced by the Spike-a Bahtinov mask. In my opinion this method is even superior to manually focusing while reading FWHM value. In a similar way – a daylight solar filter can be made, by templte a sheet of ” Astrosolar massk film or a similar product between two circles of plastic.

Extra Precision In recent years, software has been developed to allow sub-pixel accuracy when using a Bahtinov Mask. Attaching the mounting ring. The Bahtinov Mask invented by Pavel Bahtinov, a respected Russian astro-photographer, will work mqsk both kinds of camera by producing a distinctive ‘diffraction pattern’ in a similar manner to the way a four vane secondary mirror spider vane on a Newtonian reflector produces a four pronged star and that of a three vaned spider vane produces a six pronged star.

Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator Overview A Bahtinov mask is a focusing aid for astronomy in general, and astrophotography in particular.

If you decide the mask needs to be 20mm larger than the clear aperture, enter 10mm. I’ve made the mask for my 8″ reflector using materials commonly avaliable in an office supply store.

Sketch of The Omega Centauri. Angled slot count Sripe count must be a positive integer. I recommend that you visit Niel’s website and download his software as it seems to work very well indeed. Horizontal slot count must be a positive integer. For refractors, this should be 0. Pavel Bahtinov has kindly released his designs into the public domain so anyone with a little bit of DIY experience can make their own mask using the templates that can be downloaded from HERE. However, trying to do this with a DSLR is extremely difficult as the pentaprism viewfinder is designed for daytime use and even a ‘bright’ star appears dim in the viewfinder.


Some people believe that the center of the left-hand side should be a bar blockedand not a slot open.

Home Made Bahtinov Focusing Mask & Templates

Bahtinov mask is highly superior to the Hartmann focusing mask, its predecessor, however it is more complicated to make. What will I see bhatinov a Telescope. Bahtinov factor must be a positive integer. It consists of a disk made of opaque material fitted over the telescope objective with slots cut out in a specific pattern devised by temlate astrophotographer Pavel Bahtinov. Print Options Left margin mm Left margin must be a non-negative number. The focal length of your scope, in mm.

Complete cutouts in plastic. Central obstruction diameter must be a non-negative number. Tmeplate, the unique design of the Bahtinov Mask produces a very bright image with a diffraction pattern forming a long cross comprised of tempkate intersecting lines and a third line that moves across the centre of the cross as the telescope is adjusted in and out of focus. Slot width override must be a positive number. Edge thickness must be a positive number. Click Here for a printable order form.

Top margin must be a non-negative number.

HFD is the pixel diameter of a star in which half the energy of the star is contained. The value calculated for the slot width, given the focal length and the Bahtinov factor.

How to Make Bahtinov Mask, PDF Templates – DeepSky Watch

If you have questions, comments, issues, suggestions, or if you’d like to be notified when the generator is updated, shoot an e-mail to david at astrojargon dot net. Seeing conditions will not significantly affect bahtinoc diffraction spike pattern, which means the Templwte is even useful for visual work.

  EN 13852-2 PDF

Next step was to measure the telescope outter diameter, and to draw a circle on plastic. Designing a mask using drawing, design, or CAD software can be challenging, as the specifics of the mask change for each telescope based on aperture, focal length, and how you plan to attach the mask to the scope. This value is similar to that of Bahtinoov but is considered to be more reliable especially in conditions of poor seeing.

Correct focus is achieved when the centre line fits exactly in the centre of the cross as shown in the sample images below in Figure 1: FWHD is a numeric interpretation of the size of a star. Every astrophotographer should have one.

Quality Materials and Workmanship The Spike-a Bahtinov mask is made from quality light weight aluminum and machined with precision tools, then anodized black to eliminate light reflection. If non-zero, this shadows the central of your scope. Extremely accurate focusing Visual feedback allows almost instant focusing Save money over competing focusing solutions Money back guarantee Works with all imagers High quality materials Read John Wunderlin’s Bahtinov Mask Tips “I highly recommend the Spike-a Bahtinov mask for all astrophotography systems that use electronic imaging systems.

Bahtinov mask produces 3 diffraction spikes: Sripe count must be a positive integer.

This is what I’ve been waiting for The Spike-a attaches securely to your scope using nylon screws to ensure the finish of your telescope is protected. A “doughnut” is cut out of the central obstruction to fit over your secondary holder when checked. Structural mas, thickness must be a positive number. Achieving a good focus for astrophotography is a boring waste of time.

This unique design also allows more light gathering than a Hartmann mask allowing you to focus on a much dimmer star. Scale to 72 DPI.

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