These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume Cover. Toradora vol10 jpg · Toradora vol10 jpg · Toradora vol These are the novel illustrations that were included in volume 2. Front cover & insert. Back cover & insert. Toradora vol02 jpg · Toradora. Toradora!-ish Sunday. Toradora Spin-Off 3 jpg. It was a peaceful and relaxed Sunday morning, 10 o’clock. “Riiiice!” So shouted Takasu.

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Tora Dora is really addictive.

Despite her diminutive appearance, Taiga has a very negative attitude and has left a “bloody trail” wherever she goes, hence her bska. Left with no other option, Ryuuji whispered to horse-mackerel, which would get cold soon, “Wait for me, okay?. Whenever toradoea raised a ruckus, the handle of that particular broom was used to hit at the ceiling; then the next day, while sweeping the footpath with this broom, she would most likely read a long and detailed lecture to Yasuko in a shrill, high-pitched voice.

You won’t find anything especially new or earth-shattering here, but what you will find is a gsuki enjoyable romantic comedy novel series with wonderful characters. Just as he was putting her chopsticks on their proper place on the rest.

And evidently so does yuyuko, she seems to like the school life theme. And I’ve enjoyed them profoundly. It’s not really shoved in the reader’s face, but gradually, through the excellent narration of the protagonist’s thought process, and always with the utmost subtlety.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Novel Toradora! No, I was just wandering if anything at all could be done about some ridiculously haughty women App Try out our new iPhone application! And yet you can’t be gentle to me again!


And so Taiga decides to let Ryuuji help her hook up with Kitamura as her “personal servant”, and in foradora, Taiga will help Ryuuji get closer to Minori. I may revise my rating after I read further, but I have really enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

Toradora!:Volume1 Illustrations

I don’t usually read this kind of stuff coz my tastes are more ‘seinen’, but some friends who live in Japan told me to try ToraDora, and so far, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. It is listed as 9 volumes and ongoing, but I don’t see how it can go on for much longer than that without really starting to be dragged out.

When I read volume 3, I noticed that the Author’s Notes was the one from volume 2 however, if I, instead of clicking on Volume 3, click on Author’s Notes, under volume 3, I get the right one. Views Read Edit Add topic View history.

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora. Retrieved from ” https: I’d like to see it.

Perhaps refer to some anime translations of some of the same scenes for reference on how some of these lines have been handled by others not that fansubs are perfect, of course. He already resigned himself to this kind of thing.

Talk:Toradora! – Baka-Tsuki

If the situation was reversed, the same thing wouldn’t happen. While spitefully complaining, he still made some tea for Taiga, who was bakw bad at waking up.

Its darkened state was not the weather’s fault, it was all because of the luxurious apartment building towering oppressively nearby and blocking the sun. I changed handphone to cellphone since I thought it sounds better but if you don’t toradira that then you can delete the edit.


Rather than continuing useless squabbles, it was a lot faster to give up, thus reducing a waste of time, as well as physical and mental energy.

Toradora!:Volume2 Illustrations

And Ami doesn’t figure at all because she was just the unused third wheel. I’ve only read what’s been translated by Baka-Tsuki who do a superb job but it seems like everything can be resolved within 3 or 4 volumes, but so far, 7 have been released with no end in sight. Taiga quietly mumbled, merrily stuffing her cheeks ba,a rice.

Hi, i just wanted to thanks everybody for your hard work, this novel is awesome, i can’t stopo reading it. But don’t expect such treatment every time, got it? But it was only a hereditary trait of his face and nothing more. Even the usual Sunday is not so bad. Was this comment useful?

Bakaa back hunched, she still maintained her fighting bzka she lived right below the Takasu residence; her main weapon was a broom. The feeling I have about ttoradora main couple is that it’s not just a meaningless romance, like with “blushing faces here and there”, but that there’s really love between those two.

With her son not resembling her in the slightest, she was known in the neighborhood as ‘a marvelous year-old lolita’.

This project is fantastic. To raise her only son she’d always been working until morning and could come home no earlier than at 3am.

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