Gobseck has ratings and 39 reviews. Το said: Στα ο δεκαεπτάχρονος Balzac μπήκε ως μαθητευόμενος στο δικηγορικό γραφείο του κυρίου Guyonnet. Complete summary of Honoré Balzac’s Gobseck. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Gobseck. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · by Honoré de Balzac. Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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As gkbseck experienced man, he wanted to give a lesson to young, to make them stronger: Yesterday it was a tragedy. The most convincing reason for considering Gobseck as a novella is that it has as its controlling symbol and metaphor that of avarice. My colleagues, like myself, have enjoyed all things, are sated with all things, and have reached the point when power and money are loved for their own sake.

Gobseck is supposed to be an emotionless puritan with no interests except self-interest and the relentless acquisition of money.

Trouble had withered that face already.

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac

Wicked people have tried to separate me from your father to satisfy their greed. Adversity is the greatest of all teachers; adversity teaches us to know the value of money and the worth of men and women. I deserved it; what call was there for me to trust her? I am naturally an observer of human nature, and instinctively I bring a spirit of analysis to the business that I transact in the interest of others, when human passions are called into lively play.

Her husband was as white and wasted as if he had risen out of his grave. He had a personal knowledge of the events of the American War of Independence. The Vicomtesse de Grandlieu, be it said, was one of the greatest ladies in the Faubourg Saint—Germain, by reason of her fortune and her ancient name; and though it may seem improbable that a Paris attorney should speak so familiarly to her, or be so much at home in her house, the fact is nevertheless easily explained.


I am an gobdeck, and I owe it to myself, and still more to my professional position, gohseck declare that the diamonds of which you speak were purchased by M.

Her tired face was an epitome of the room strewn with relics of past festival.

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac « La Comedie Humaine by Balzac

The first step to my door means that a man is desperately hard up; that the news of his failure will soon come out: The Comte agrees and promises to pay Gobseck for his own diamonds. She produced this feeling in me, because it was so evident from her manner and in all that she did or said, down to the very inflections gkbseck her voice, that she had an eye to the future.

There is good reason for considering Gobseck as an extended character sketch sandwiched into a short story. And — beneath all the glbseck and disorder, beauty and incongruity, I saw Misery crouching in wait for her or for her adorer, Misery rearing its gobsecm, for the Countess had begun to feel the edge of those fangs.

Yet his descriptions of his creditors and their domestic interiors are those of an aesthete. It shows greed and it shows superior intelligence of a man, who’s seen life from different views, but which takes its wrong turn, blinded by the greed. Some are depressed, others babble, one will turn monomaniac, repeating the same word over and over again like a bell set jangling; another tries to keep the tumult within bounds; the steadiest will propose an orgy.


The livid whiteness of his face was something horrible to see, enhanced as it was by the long dank locks of hair that straggled along his gobxeck, for he would never suffer them to cut gobsedk.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Gobseck is by no means in the wrong. Gobseck has reduced all of human society to one word: Maxime de Trailles is a brilliant link between the hulks and the best society; he belongs to the eminently intelligent class from which a Mirabeau, or a Pitt, or a Richelieu springs at times, though it is more wont to produce Counts balzqc Horn, Fouquier—Tinvilles, and Coignards.

These comparatively recent presents were put down, pell-mell, among chests of tea, bags of coffee, and packing-cases of every shape.

In the end, he offers 80, Can I in common decency lend a stiver to a man who owes thirty thousand francs, and has not one farthing? Throughout the story he appears to be consistent in his methods and the successful application of his principles. If your father were well, the division between us would soon be over; he would listen to me; he is loving and kind; he would see his mistake.

She could not speak for sobbing; vague, incoherent sounds broke from her parched throat. One of us looks out over the judicial world, one over the financial, another surveys the administrative, and yet another the business world.

But his explanation involves the potted life history of Gobseck, plus his complex financial dealings with the Restaud family.

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