Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — Republic Act , or The Law on Secrecy of Bank Deposits, is an act prohibiting the disclosure of or inquiry. While Section 2 of Republic Act (RA) , also known as the Secrecy of Bank Deposits Act, declares bank deposits to be “absolutely. Tag: RA Philippine Bank Secrecy law Cases. GSIS vs. CA (GR: ). Republic Act No. provides for four (4) exceptions when records of deposits .

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We, thus, hold that petitioner is not bound by the said provision. The policy as to one cannot be different from the policy as to the other. It does not seek recovery of the very money contained in the deposit.

The bamk deposited under Trust Account No. Funa is the current Insurance Commissioner. A case for violation of Republic Act No. The subject matter of the dispute may be the amount of P, Whether the discrepancy amount is the subject matter of litigation.

The bank-secrecy law

Whether or not respondent judge erred in allowing the examination of the bank accounts of herein petitioners. The AMLC can examine bank accounts, WITHOUT a court order, where there is probable cause that the deposits are related to certain crimes such as kidnapping for ransom, violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act, hijacking, destructive arson, murder and violations of RA acts inimical to civil aviation.

Petitioners moved for reconsideration but were denied. Failing to adduce further evidence in the instant Petition with respect to the banks purported disclosure of confidential information as regards his accounts, petitioner cannot be awarded any damages arising from an unsubstantiated and unproved violation of the Bank Secrecy Act.


Without needlessly expanding the scope of what is plainly alleged in the Information, the subject matter of the action in this case is the money alleged to have been stolen by respondent, and not the money equivalent of the checks which are sought to be admitted in evidence. Some of our pages use cookies and similar technologies. Moreover, there is no basis for applying the same in this case since the primary source for the detailed information regarding petitioners bank accounts the investigation previously conducted by the Ombudsman was lawful.

Whether petitioners Trust Account No.

RTC denied the motion. Note that Section 11 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act provided for an expressed exception to the bank-secrecy law, while Section 8 of RA and provided for an implied exception to the same law, as ruled in Philippine National Bank v Gancayco.

The bank-secrecy law | BusinessMirror

For more information, please refer to our privacy lae. Banks should also work closely with regulators on the effective implementation of new and existing regulatory guidelines to minimize exposure to anti-money laundering and counter financing of terrorism risks.

There is a pending bill in Congress to relax the Bank Secrecy Law. These are under any of the following instances: Some of the laws that have impliedly added exceptions llaw the bank-secrecy laws have been confirmed by Supreme Court SC decisions.

Respondent opposed and meanwhile, prosecution was able to present in court the testimony of one Security Bank representative.

Bank secrecy or transparency?

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This will be discussed in a separate article. Are there any exceptions?


Thus, to claim that the depositors must be considered is misplaced. Some of the documents pertained to the dollar deposits of petitioners.

Thereafter, Union Bank filed before the RTC banl petition for the examination of the account with respondent bank. Respondent was employed as a cashier, and was engaged, among others, to receive and account for the payments made by the various customers of the company.

The said Information makes no factual allegation that in some material way involves the checks subject of the testimonial and documentary evidence sought to be suppressed. All these exceptions bring to mind the historical observation that the Holy Roman Empire of the Middle Ages was neither holy and Roman nor an empire.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Petitioner only discovered the under-encoding almost a year paw.

The law expressly refers to deposits not to the identity, nationality, or residence of the depositors. However, it is more relevant on a practical matter.

RA | The Student and The Law

However, nothing in respondent Sarias Affidavit before the BOC showed that details of petitioner Bangayans bank accounts with respondent bank was disclosed. A circumspect review of the record shows us the reason. This Act shall take effect upon its approval. Respondent judge ruled in all the motions in escrecy of Sun Life.

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