Bapedi women. EARLY ORIGIN The Pedi are of Sotho origin. The name Sotho is derived from batho ba baso,meaning dark or black people. The Bapedi originated from the Bakgatla and moved to the Eastern-Central Transvaal. This is where they built a powerful empire in Bopedi. The Bapedi tribe (also known as Pedi and Basotho) arose from small chiefdoms that were formed before the 17th century.

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The money they earned in these employments was taxed and used to buy histiry from the Portuguese in Delegoa Bay and cattle to increase the wealth of the Marota people.

Thulare was a fearless warrior and a wise statesman. Roberts, Noel; Winter, Bbapedi. Very little is known of the history of the Bakgatla people for the first few generations after their founder Mokgatla had withdrawn from the originating groupbut it is known that, arising from a further split at a later date, a chief by bwpedi name of Tabane left with his followers and settled at what is now known as Schilpadfontein in the vicinity of Pretoria. Captain Clarke who was sent to subdue Sekhukhune, was routed with heavy loss of life and barely escaped with his life at Magnet Heights.

The same lessons as boys were taught to girls with the exception that girls learned female chores and to satisfy and respect their husband. Another argument which is almost congruent to the theories above trace the origin of the Basotho from Mathulare, daughter hishory the Bafokeng chief, who was married to chief Tabane of the Bakgatla.

Pedi people

In the past our grandmothers and ancestors used to wear the Ditlokwa only on special occasions for example bapwdi Christmas times, but recently it has moved from being a need to being a fashion statement. Despite this, the Basotho pride themselves as a nation of the great Moshoeshoe I and have done well to retain and practice their culture and traditions in a way that still make them recognisable everywhere they go. Zip through the forests of the enchanting Limpopo forests and waterfalls as you take flight on the Magoebaskloof Canopy Tour.

Thanks for finding my pictures worth using in your blog from http: He was joined by a strong force of Swazis who, it is claimed by some, were brought into the affair by Mampuru, the half-brother of Sekukuni who, it will be remembered, had been ousted from his rightful place by Sekukuni.

Thus peace was at last proclaimed along the border in February, There on the night of August 13,he hjstory murdered by his half-brother, Mampuru, who claimed that he was the lawful king of the Marota and that Sekhukhune had usurped the throne on Sep.


The chief would then summon all the men of his tribe to assemble with their weapons, which mainly consisted of assegais and battle-axes. Did you know, the Orange River is the longest river in South Africa, stretching a staggering km?

The complex multiplicity of groups described above already co-existed in the northern and north-eastern Transvaal by the end of the 18th century, and some concentration of political authority was already in place.

Johannes Dinkwanyane, half-brother of Sekhukhune, was an influential early convert, [6] and lived for some time at Botshabelo. One particular song was about killing a Lion to become a man. Actually it was so unusual that if a boy managed, he would get high status and the ultimate prize – to marry the chief’s daughter.

Pedi music mmino wa setso: Mehla ea Boholo-HoloMorija. Venda culture Venda culture and traditions are rooted in the responsibilities of the royal leaders, who are referred to as mahosi or vhamusanda in the Luvenda language, which means chiefs or traditional leaders who are royal leaders.

bappedi Smith tells us, however, hisrory the Krygsraad tried unsuccessfully to fine the burghers who had refused to attack, and it was finally agreed that the best plan would be to guard the borders of Sekukuni’s country.

Coetzee, however, gave no orders for the hisotry to attack the stad which was attacked successfully by the Swazis alone and Johannes himself was mortally wounded. Although the Pedi originated from the Bakgatla and were of Sotho origin, their inter-marriage with other tribes by defeating them, ended up in the application of many other words in the Pedi language and customs which are not of Sotho origin, but which are akin to the Venda and Lovedu and the Karanga from Zimbabwe.

It did baprdi take long to for the men to assemble, and the whole of the Pedi army would set off in the opposite direction to their destination which was kept secret from the main following until the second night, when suddenly the course would be changed and they would rush on to the targeted kraal.


The Northern Sotho have been subdivided into the high-veld Sotho, which are comparatively recent immigrants mostly from the west and southwest, and the low-veld Sotho, who combine immigrants from the north with inhabitants of longer standing.


The young Matsebe acquired the name Sekhukhune as a consequence of his outstanding role in fights against Boers. Such living arrangements have not bapeddi substantially since the advent of democracy in They had hoped for a quick peace, but this situation continued until the British annexed the Transvaal in April This effectively destroyed the Marota Empire.

They crossed the Lulu Mountains and eventually settled near Historj in approximately The Pedi are known for storytelling.

The Origin of the Basotho Nation – LESEDIFM

Tactics were formulated by the chief in council, and the execution of the tactics was assigned to the chief’s brother, who took on the task of active command over the tribesmen. They were defeated in the 19th century by the armies of Mzilikazi, the king who founded the Matabele kingdom.

It is hstory interesting to note that Sekukuniland is the only Native area of any magnitude in South Africa which carries the name of the most renowned chief of the area. Even this narrower usage should not be understood in a rigid sense because many fluctuations occurred in the extent of this polity’s domination during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and processes of relocation and labour migration have resulted in the widespread scattering of its former subjects.

Diale interceded for them and they were both saved. This is overall called go phasa.

Rondawels were made out of clay mixed with “boloko” cow dung in order to strengthen it. Armed with 7 pounder Krupp guns they marched to Thaba Mosega, which he reached on August 1, Three million Sotho and other closely related groups live outside of South Bapedj, the majority of who are in Lesotho. He is currently shooting a documentary on Bapedi culture that will bapfdi screened on local television.

An agreement was entered into between the Boers and Sekwati on 17th November,which, inter alia, fixed the Steelpoort River as the eastern boundary of Bapediland, i. Obstacles stood in the way of these operations, and when after Ulundi, Sir Garnet Wolseley entered the Transvaal, he endeavoured to humiliate the Chief.

The last assertion is a mythical one. The Voortrekkers main objective was to capture the assets of the Pedi, however, their plans were thwarted by what bapesi only be described as a ‘trench system’.

The culture of Basotho:

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